How to stop eating and want sweet and flour


On the way to the perfect figure, the most formidable obstacle for almost every woman is sweets. Sometimes it is not difficult for us to renounce fatty, fried and other junk food, but the rejection of favorite chocolates, sweets and cakes becomes a real challenge - it is sweets that are the culprits of most breakdowns. How to stop eating sweets and how you can pamper yourself instead of high-calorie desserts?

To understand why sweets are so attractive and how to stop eating sweets and flours, you must take into account 2 components of your love for sweets: the physiological aspect and the psychological one.

Rebuild your diet!

It has long been proven that sweets are so attracted not only by their taste, but also by the content of amino acids tryptophan.

It has long been proven that sweets are so attracted not only by their taste, but also by the content of amino acids tryptophan. It contributes to the development in the body of a hormone that is responsible for our good mood, vigor and a calm, concentrated state of mind - serotonin. Women especially feel this effect on themselves during critical days or other periods when hormones change in the body. It is necessary to eat a little sweet - and the mood improves again, there are forces to do something. But besides sweets, the necessary amount of tryptophan can be obtained from other products: cheese, nuts, bananas, dates, fish and seafood, soybeans, some low-fat meats, and cottage cheese.

Another property of desserts is high glucose content. Entering the brain, it instantly returns the tone and mood. But, besides sweets, rice, rolled oats, corn, buckwheat, pearl barley, and all sweet fruits and berries do a wonderful job of this task. Saturation of glucose after consuming these products gives a longer and even effect, and there is no reason to speak of health benefits.

There are several other reasons why there is a constant craving for sweets. This is a deficit:

  • B vitamins;
  • magnesium;
  • calcium;
  • estrogen.

Adjust the diet in such a way that it can replenish the resources the body needs - and perhaps the question of how to stop wanting a sweet will disappear by itself.

Psychological causes of failure

So we are arranged, that for maintaining mental and physical health we constantly need positive emotions.

So we are arranged, that in order to maintain mental and physical health, we constantly need positive emotions. And, if they are not enough in everyday life, we turn to the most accessible source - food. In the minds of most people since childhood, the relationship "positive emotion - delicious dessert" remains for life.

To get rid of such psychological addiction, try to rebuild your thoughts, indulge yourself in other ways, not related to food: arrange yourself a spa procedure, buy some pleasant trifle, take a walk in your favorite place - do something that gives you pleasure and uplifting .

Another reason for which women have been struggling unsuccessfully for years with desserts is the question “How to stop eating sweets for good?”. When we try to place tight bans on anything, our subconscious mind begins to protest and demand even more forbidden things. Most often this leads to the fact that after one or several days without a single crumb of sweet, the woman eventually collapses. And from the point of view of health (especially for the weaker sex), a categorical rejection of any sweets is not good: a person becomes tense and irritable. In addition, you will begin to compensate for this with a large number of other foods, which in terms of calories and harm will certainly be more dangerous than a small piece of chocolate. It would be much more correct to set yourself to think that you can afford any dessert at any time, but still try to replace harmful sweets with useful ones (fruits, honey, dried fruits) or other products in general.

How to say no to sweet?

Here are some specific tips on how to stop eating sweet

Here are some specific tips on how to stop eating sweets.

  • Find motivation. Clearly explain to yourself why you need it (gaining slimness, the risk of diabetes and other ailments, etc.), watch motivating films, for example, documentaries, which describes in detail the harm done to sweets.
  • Remove all sweets from sight. A vase with sweets or cookies located near the workplace will definitely attract attention. It is best to remove harmful sweets from your home or office in general, so that in case of strong cravings for such products, you know that you have to go to the store on purpose.
  • Never eat a sweet on an empty stomach - so you eat it much more.
  • Eat desserts (and the rest of the food) very slowly, sucking and savoring each piece for a long time. Then you will notice that in order to quench a strong craving for sweets, 1 cube of chocolate or a small candy is enough.
  • Eat small meals several times a day.
  • Eat sweet only before noon: it is fully absorbed during the day, not turning into fat, and will give strength and vitality for the whole day. This is especially important for women. Try to eat a small amount of sweet fruits, dried fruits, and the remaining half of the day you will stop thinking about sweets every day until 12 o'clock, and your mood will be great all day.

Eat only sweet until noon

  • Find recipes for light low-calorie desserts and learn how to cook them or buy sweets in the departments for diabetics. But even such delicacies must be eaten sparingly.
  • Never go shopping for food hungry.
  • Find interesting activities for yourself: needlework, a foreign language, sports, dancing, vocal classes - everything that will fill your day with pleasant impressions.
  • Pay special attention to sports: during high physical activity, hormones of joy are also released. In addition, after running a few kilometers or doing 100 squats, you are unlikely to want to spoil everything by eating too much dessert again.

Make your life interesting and rich, learn to see the positive in every detail - and then the need to satisfy your emotional hunger with sweetness will disappear. In addition, try to understand why certain types of sweets attract you so much. Perhaps there are components that are really necessary for your body, but which can be easily found in other - harmless - products.