How to stop bleeding from the nose


The blood from the nose is not a pleasant sight, and if it went to the child, it is altogether frightening. Often parents who have no relation to medicine are on the verge of panic, and do not know how to act correctly. Most often, "spontaneous" bleeding occurs in children, and can be caused by several reasons. Irritation of the nasal membrane, dry air and injuries come to the fore. In addition, there is always a percentage of spontaneous bleeding, for no apparent reason that may indicate serious pathology.

Why is the blood from the nose?

The mucous membrane of the nasal passage is densely supplied with blood vessels, and most often the bleeding begins as a result of the integrity of these vessels. According to statistics, pathology is most characteristic of the anterior sections of the nasal sinus; nasal bleeding from the posterior sections of the nose is much less common. But just as they represent the greatest danger.

Among the causes of nosebleeds can be noted increased blood pressure, fatigue, stressful situations, heat stroke, both in children and adults. Do not overlook catalysts such as injury. In children, the cause of nosebleeds may be the presence of a foreign object in the nasal cavity.

How to stop bleeding from the nose?

What to do with nosebleeds?

  • The "grandfather's way" of stopping the bleeding from the nose is familiar to everyone - throw back the head and put cold on the bridge of the nose. Most often it is a handkerchief dipped in cold water. But doctors do not cease to remind that this method is not always suitable and can cause a number of complications. Blood running down the back of the pharynx can cause vomiting, or it can get into the lungs.
  • The correct action will not be throwing back the head, but on the contrary - omission. In this case, in the nostril, from which blood is flowing, it is necessary to insert a small tampon, previously soaked in cold water. The criteria for proper installation of the tampon will be the absence of bleeding, it will be completely absorbed into the tampon. It is very important to make sure that he does not bring pain. It is necessary to apply cold on the nose bridge, which will contribute to the narrowing of the vessels and reflex stopping of bleeding.
  • If the bleeding is not strong, then you can hold the wings of the nose, and stay in this position for several minutes. Meanwhile, breathe through your mouth. Such an event should not be carried out in children, only when stopping bleeding from the nose in adults. It is strictly forbidden to stack a person with bleeding and even more so to raise the legs above the head, in this position the blood flow will significantly increase, therefore, the situation will only get worse.
  • It is strictly forbidden to blow your nose, both during bleeding and after it, preferably within 8 to 12 hours. Otherwise, you can provoke a second reaction. In addition, it is best to refuse drinks that can stimulate the increase in pressure - strong tea, coffee, etc.

How to stop bleeding from the nose?

How to stop nose blood in adults? For moderate bleeding, in older children and adults, tampons that have been previously wetted with 3% hydrogen peroxide can be inserted into the nostrils. In case of heavy bleeding, it is strictly forbidden to perform such a procedure! The foam, which will be formed in contact with peroxide and blood, can stimulate the sneezing reflex, which will only intensify the problem, flow down the back of the pharynx and cause vomiting.

How to stop the blood from the nose of a child? Among the causes of bleeding in children, not only injuries or the presence of foreign bodies in the nasal cavity, but also poor-quality indoor air are in the first place: lack of ventilation and over-dried air. For these reasons, the most effective preventive measures are regular ventilation, the use of steam generators for air humidification.

It is imperative to discuss with the child the rules of personal hygiene of the nose, and that it is not necessary to strip off the crusts in the nose, and if they are formed, they must be softened beforehand. It is necessary to carefully observe small children - to stop on the vine all attempts to shove any objects into the nasal cavity, mouth, etc.

When is the doctor's help needed?

How to stop bleeding from the nose?

Abundant and frequent bleeding - a reason to think and contact a specialist for help. There are many reasons for such a picture; there may be defects in the vascular wall; in this case, cauterizing therapy is carried out with the help of liquid nitrogen.

If the cause of frequent bleeding is an increase in blood pressure, then such patients are observed with special care, since bleeding can signal an increased risk of stroke.

In addition, the blood coagulation system will not be overlooked. If there are any violations, it is necessary to take appropriate measures for treatment. In addition, the reason for calling an ambulance is the lack of results on stopping the bleeding for 15 minutes!

Despite the fact that nosebleeds may indicate serious pathologies, in most cases, nothing terrible happens to them. Compliance with safety measures, common sense and personal hygiene will help to forget what blood from the nose is, for a long time, and maybe forever.