How to start running


Before you start jogging, you need to understand why they are engaged, what benefits it brings to our body and whether it is worth it to devote its time. And, of course, it is important to know - how to start running?

Why do I need to run?

Running a run helps to improve the body's performance and are an excellent means of relieving tension after the end of the working day. A really amazing fact, considering that everyone prefers to go jogging in the morning. But here it is worth reminding one famous phrase that the best rest is a change of activity. Running after work is an excellent way to relieve accumulated fatigue and irritability for the entire working day.. 20 minutes outside in the street will definitely not be superfluous before closing in your apartment until the next morning. In the morning, too, nobody canceled the run, if you want to get a charge of vivacity for the whole day.

According to the research running is considered an excellent defense for our muscles, mind and heart abilities. Runners rarely get sick, have a strong immune system, reduce the risk of atherosclerosis, reduce cholesterol, those who regularly run.

The immediate benefit for those who run is the extension of their lives for 5 years. For those who want to get rid of chronic fatigue, low blood pressure or vegetative-vascular dystonia, running is exactly what you need, what they say "what the doctor prescribed."

Contraindications for running

Of course, one should not forget that, unlike swimming, running has its contraindications and here, as in any kind of activity, a sense of proportion is necessary. This applies especially to people of 40 years and older, who first begin to engage in jogging. Any tension is reflected in the heart and is very important, it does not overload. Therefore, in order to avoid such problems at an age, it is better to start running at a run from an early age. AND Before starting a run, consulting with a specialist is a prerequisite for maintaining your health.

Jogging is also undesirable if you already have heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, eye diseases, especially retinal eyes. If you do not suffer from such diseases, but you are already over 35, do not forget to check with your doctor for contraindications for jogging. This will save you from future problems.

Now that we have warned you about caution, and older people about the need to consult with your doctor, we return to the benefits of running. For those to whom it is not contraindicated, we will talk about the reasons why running.

10 reasons to go jogging

Running takes us a lot of time and effort, but compensates for all our efforts, bringing great benefits to our body, health and well-being.

  1. Running compensates for a small activity of the heart, relaxes after a hard day’s work, helps awaken consciousness, instill confidence in yourself, nurture will and temper your character.
  2. Running, will allow you to strengthen your health. Improving your well-being and mood after jogging is guaranteed to help you regain your strength and find time for other things in your busy schedule.
  3. Increased performance for the next few hours will help you organize your day in the most optimal way.
  4. Those who work at night shift will help to regulate the body's recovery processes and reduce the adverse effect of lack of sleep. Running just a few hundred meters will improve your well-being after a night shift and relieve tension. Running will help reduce brain cell activity, and good sleep after a night shift is guaranteed.
  5. The sexual life of men improves markedly after jogging. So recommend your other half not to neglect the run.
  6. Running also has a positive effect on our character. Regular jogging affects our will, contributes to its development and improvement, it helps to reduce our temper
  7. As soon as something unpleasant happened to you, you were offended, you had a falling out with someone, there were troubles at work - stress is guaranteed to you. The best way to handle it is running. We quickly put on a costume, shod shoes and forward to the street. You run and all the hardships float off into the distance, having nothing to do with you anymore. All your adversity, anger, irritation, adrenaline burns with every meter that we run. Our emotions calm down and our thoughts clear.
  8. Running for long distances greatly increases the level of catecholamine in the blood, a decrease in which occurs during depression. Physical activity is an excellent medicine against stress, helps fight depression and prevents its appearance.
  9. Running contributes to the emergence of positive mood, which is an effective means to resist the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases.
  10. Rhythmic running contributes to the intensification of mental activity, and while running you can find a solution to any difficult problem that you could not solve for a long time.

If you want to stay always healthy, vigorous, strengthen your immune, cardiovascular system, reduce the risk of developing atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, stay always in shape - running is exactly what you need in order to achieve this. For more information about the benefits of running for our body, read the article What is useful running?

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