How to start cleansing the body


Today it is fashionable to be healthy, but taking care of yourself is only for this reason stupid. We live in an age when all the conditions have been created in order to pollute your body and to cleanse it. Overweight, bad skin, heart disease and gastrointestinal tract - this is a small list of quite serious diseases that can make life difficult. In order for the body itself to fight the external threat, it needs an eye and an eye, so get ready for a massive cleansing of the body.

It's no secret that cleansing the body of toxins and toxins is the key to longevity. In order to clean the body - no need to spend on this procedure a lifetime. It is only important to occasionally shake yourself and not be lazy in matters of health.

What is the body cleansing for?

Harmful substances come to us from everywhere - through the digestive tract, lungs, skin, mucous membranes. The body is programmed to self-purify, but this is not enough. From time to time a person should help his health himself. After all, the percentage of dirt that is not automatically excreted from the body remains there, “living” on organs and tissues, in the blood and lymph. It is not worth making the state critical, you can simply and painlessly direct your health to cleansing, and send slags and toxins back home. But before the procedure, consultation with a doctor is required.

Types of cleansing the body

The most popular cleansing - with using fasting. This method is under the force of the few. The point is simple - 3 or 5 days you just stop eating. The organism will be cleaned itself, living at the expense of accumulated resources. Such a hunger strike can be arranged once a month under the strict supervision of a specialist. The result of such a hard method is not only cleansing, but also getting rid of excess weight. Here the most important thing is getting out of the hunger strike. On the first day after a week of fasting, it is dangerous to pounce on food - you need to use two tablespoons of vegetable salad with lemon juice or vegetable oil, you should forget about mayonnaise.

One more kind of purification - with using dietary supplements. Be careful and do not believe in the beautiful advertising of dietary supplements. On the vial must necessarily be the inscription - "Not a medicine." High-quality drugs compensate for the lack of trace elements, bifidobacteria and nutrients. One thing is important: do not neglect the help from the pharmacy, because our food cannot boast a sufficient amount of vitamins.

Phased cleansing: how to start?

Bowel cleansing - basic procedure that can be done at home. To do this, you must perform certain procedures, follow a diet. Food should be separate. This means that proteins should be consumed separately from carbohydrates, they, in turn, are best combined with vegetables, herbs and fats.

Further - liver, one of the dominant organs that is involved in digestion. This procedure should be done only after the completion of the first. To cleanse the liver, you will need to give up dairy products and continue to separate food. After the procedure is not recommended to take alcohol for a month. It is better to refuse to clean the liver for people with stones, high acidity of gastric juice, and pregnant and lactating.

Next in line - kidneys. Stones and sand may not get into your kidneys if you do the cleaning in time. This procedure should consume more vitamin A, but reduce the proportion of meat products in the diet, as well as drink water.

Vessels also can not be circumvented if you decide on a full course of purification. On their walls can be deposited cholesterol, which, to put it mildly, is harmful. Cleaned vessels will become flexible, elastic, migraines will pass, your hearing and vision will improve. Plus, this will reduce varicose veins, as well as the likelihood of getting atherosclerosis, seizing a heart attack or paralysis.

Incredibly, but the fact is that you can even clear joints. To do this, boil potato broth: a kilogram of unpeeled, finely chopped potatoes and boil for 80 minutes in three liters of water. Then you need to strain, squeeze. Drink whenever you want.

And if you decide to do cleansing the body at the cellular level, then you should drink a decoction of pine needles. The recipe is this: five tablespoons of fresh pine needles pour 500 ml of water, add three tablespoons of rosehip, two spoons of onion peel. Boil the mixture, boil for 10 minutes and leave to infuse overnight in a warm place. Take the broth is not recommended for more than four months, as your body can get used to it.

And that's not all. In ways of cleansing the body, which are very many, everyone can find something to their liking, compare them with their health and strength. To start cleansing the body, you need to listen to it.. If you hear something disturbing you, do not pull, try to get rid of this feeling. But remember, your first step should not be medicine encyclopedias, but a trip to the doctor. Good luck, lady!