How to squat


Squats are an effective method to pump up the muscles of the buttocks and legs, get rid of cellulite, and also lose weight. Depending on the squat technique, you can eliminate many of the flaws in your body. You can make a whole set of exercises, using almost all muscle groups.

How to squat to lose weight?

Squatting is recommended to start with a warm-up - do 50 times quickly with the arms raised up. Thus, you will bring your body in working condition, increase blood circulation and wake up the muscles.

How to squat?

  • For elasticity of the muscles of the buttocks and thighs, you can try the following exercise. Spread your legs wide and do very slow squats down 4 counts and climb 4 counts up. In this case, the knees must be spread to the sides, at the lowest point of the thigh parallel to the floor. Need to do 10 squats.
  • You can complicate this exercise: crouch in the same way as in the previous version, then climb onto the socks, dropping down, return to the starting position. During squats, arms should be held parallel to the floor and pulled to the side.
  • Squats can be supplemented with loads on the thigh. This exercise will help pump up the front thigh muscle. Put your legs shoulder-width apart, your toes looking forward, arms stretched forward. Start to squat down as low as possible. The distance between the knees should remain unchanged, and the knees themselves do not go forward by the socks.
  • Take an exercise from yoga, which is called chair posture. Squat the same way as in the previous version, but keep your legs parallel. At the lowest point, linger and lift the right and left knees up alternately. Return to the starting position.
  • Squats must be performed daily in 2 sets of 8 - 20 times. If you can not sit down even 8 times, do not torture yourself. You have to understand that business alone should not be limited. Include in your mode proper nutrition, tune in to a positive wave. The main thing is that you have enough for the first 2 weeks, then you yourself become involved in the process.

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How to squat?

While squatting, you must look strictly forward or slightly up. It is impossible to look down, because during the exercise the back will be round, which can lead to injuries. It is important that during the squats the back is straight and the natural curve in the lower back is maintained.

Fully sit down is not necessary - such squats are more characteristic of men. For balance, move your pelvis back and lean forward slightly. The more you work your back, the more the buttocks are trained.

During exercise, the knees should not go beyond the toes, otherwise the body weight and load are completely transferred to the knee joints. When lifting up, do not straighten your knees until the end, otherwise you will transfer the load from the gluteus muscles to the hip joints.

As for the position of the legs - they must be set wide enough. Swivel the socks toward the knees, i.e. where your knees are pointing. In this case, the optimal load of the head.

Squat with support on the heels and the outer side of the foot.

Professionals recommend beginners to start with a landing on a low bench - this will make the squats more profound, which is necessary for the load on the gluteal muscles.

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How to squat?

Be sure to include in your complex exercises with weighting. So you create an extra load and burn more fat. Power squats burn calories not only during exercise. With their help, the metabolism is triggered, forcing the body to expend energy even after exercise.

For starters, you can take a small load, such as dumbbells. Work with them for a week. Do wide squats and squats with parallel legs on the thigh. Every week it is recommended to gradually increase the weight. On average, women can squat with 30 kg of arms on their shoulders. If you cannot master one or another weight, go back a step. Instead of barbells and dumbbells, you can use bottles with sand or water.

Now you can go directly to the proper squatting technique:

Stand straight, legs slightly wider than shoulders, feet slightly turned to the side. Keep your back straight, look up or forward in front of you. When doing barbell squats, look up all the time - this will keep your back straight.

Squat, move your pelvis back a little. Take a deep breath while lowering and exhaling while lifting. Do not remove your feet from the floor, otherwise you may get serious injuries. Watch your knees - they should not get close to each other. They should diverge to the side and not stand for the line of the big toes.

At the end of the squat, return to the starting position.

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Squats are an excellent tool in the fight against obesity, as well as an effective exercise that will make your buttocks, stomach and legs more elastic and sexy. Follow all the rules regarding squatting, regularly conduct classes and be sure that after 2 - 3 weeks of training you will notice a significant improvement in your figure.