How to smear a burn


Any of us can get burned. Of course, this causes discomfort, and it is good when there is a special ointment or cream for burns at hand, but what to do in the case when you have nothing at hand?

First of all, remember that burns should never be oiled with oil, grease, urine, salt, laundry soap, chicken egg protein, alcohol or other products that traditional medicine recommends. Together with the urine, you can carry an infection, as a result of which the wound can fester. Fat and oil can only aggravate the patient's condition, because after applying the oil, a film is formed over the burn overlapping the access of fresh air to the wound, and in the end it will work like a thermos - that is, the film will penetrate the skin and tighten the thermal burn energy. Salt will only cause unnecessary pain, instead of alleviating the condition of the patient.

How to smear the skin after a burn?

The damaged area of ​​the skin should be placed in cold running water for 10-15 minutes.. Thereby you soothe the pain and slow down the process of tissue damage. In the case when blisters appear on the damaged skin, redness, or the skin begins to peel off, you must immediately call an ambulance and before the arrival of the specialists do not even try to do anything!

How to smear a burn? How to treat a burn?

When the burn is not so serious, and the redness or bubbles are very small, damaged skin should be wetted with a clean sterile bandage and apply anti-burn ointment on it. If the size of the burn is the size of a palm, then a sterile bandage should be made over the ointment.

The burn can not be smeared with kefir, sour cream, tea, do not put burdock leaves, cabbage and plantain, Since these products are not sterile, there is a risk of infection on the damaged skin area. If so you can not wait to experience the effect of using traditional medicine, then wait at least until the burn podzazhivet under the ointment and sterile dressing.

What can burn a chemical burn?

If the burn was caused by chemicals, the first, correctly rendered assistance to the injured person plays a huge role. Rinse the damaged area of ​​skin with cold water for at least 20 minutes, and after that neutralize chemical:

  1. the alkali is neutralized with citric, boric or acetic acid;
  2. acid can be well neutralized with soda solution;
  3. lime can be neutralized with a solution of simple sugar (before that, remove the remains of lime with a dry bandage or gauze and in no case - water!);
  4. Vodka or alcohol can neutralize phenolic compounds.

How to smear a chemical burn?

How to smear other types of burns?

  • When ironing iron can get a burn 1-2 degrees, that is, before the onset of edema, blistering and redness. To begin with, cool the wound with running water, and then sprinkle with an anti-burn spray or lubricate with anti-burn ointment. For the application of the drug, do not use cotton wool, use only gauze or a sterile bandage!
  • If a You burned with boiling water, and the area of ​​the burn formed the size of a palm, then immediately contact a doctor. To a greater extent, this concerns burns of the genitals, feet, and face — after all, if improperly treated, there is a high risk of scarring. First of all, wash the damaged area with running cold water, apply a gauze or bandage bandage, give the patient an anesthetic and wait for an ambulance. If the burn area is small, then rinse the skin with water and apply dressings with anti-burn ointment, do not forget to change them periodically.
  • Often burns can be obtained from a shot of hot vegetable oil, such burns can be up to grade 2, which means that blisters can form on the skin. Cutting or piercing them is strictly prohibited! Damaged skin needs to be cooled, treated with an anti-burn preparation and bandaged to the damaged part of the body. Change the bandage twice a day, and if the area of ​​the site is the size of a palm or more, then you need to contact a qualified specialist.
  • Most common antiburn drugs, which are sold in a pharmacy: Dermazin, Panthenol, Levosulfametakain, Solkoseril, Sintomitsin emulsion, rescuer, Olazol.

How to smear a burn? Burn ointment

After the burn wound begins to tighten, you can safely apply vitamin E (its oil solution) and sea buckthorn oil - they help accelerate the process of regeneration of damaged skin cells and prevent the formation of scars.

In order to prevent the skin around the burn can be lubricated with a solution of brilliant green solution (brilliant green) or iodine.

Be extremely careful with fire and flammable agents, because burns can lead to serious consequences and even lead to hospitalization! Health to you and your family!

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