How to restore the vocal cords and voice at home


The vocal cords are the most important human organ. With their help, we communicate with each other, we can express our opinion, tell about our experiences, sing ... If they are damaged, it’s simply impossible to talk, so you need to know the basic ways that suggest how to restore the vocal cords, and do it as soon as possible.

What causes the vocal cords to be damaged?

How to restore the vocal cords

Most often, the voice disappears as a result of acute laryngitis, sore throat, bronchitis and even banal colds: in such diseases the mucous membranes of the larynx are inflamed, which leads to damage to this organ. But in order to determine the method of treatment and decide how to restore the vocal cords, you need to know that there are other culprits for this problem, except for the cold and infections:

  • loud and long conversation. If you have to raise your voice for a long time, this leads to a strong tension in the vocal cords. The teachers are familiar with this problem firsthand;
  • psychological problems. Strangely enough, stresses can block the ligaments and also lead to loss of the ability to speak;
  • harmful food and drinks. Spicy foods and carbonated drinks cause irreparable harm to the voice, so it is better to refrain from them;
  • addiction to tobacco. People who smoke more than 10 cigarettes a day are at risk to seriously damage this important organ. No wonder they say that a smoker can be recognized by his voice.

All these reasons belong to the category of bad habits or lifestyle features - although it is difficult, they can be fought.

How to quickly restore the organ of speech and singing?

How to restore the vocal cords?

A person who has ever lost his voice knows how unpleasant it is. The recovery process sometimes takes a long time. However, there are well-known ways, studying which you can understand how to quickly restore the vocal cords. Here are a few of them.

  • Call a phoniatrist. This doctor is professionally and purposefully engaged in the treatment of the vocal cords. He will not only examine them with special devices, but also prescribe a treatment that will help to significantly speed up the recovery process. If there is no such specialist within reach, you can contact an ENT doctor.
  • Do not strain the vocal cords. After they are already damaged, it is better not to talk at all. Some people mistakenly think that, speaking in a whisper, they will heal faster. However, doctors have proven that it puts even more strain on the ligaments. Therefore, if you become a victim of this uncomfortable problem, warn your loved ones that you will be silent for several days.
  • Take antiallergic drugs. With a cold, when the ligaments become inflamed, allergy medications can relieve swelling. The main thing - do not overdo it and take the correct dosage specified in the instructions.

It is not always possible to turn to doctors for qualified help. Especially when an unpleasant event occurred at the weekend, and by Monday you need to be in shape. In this case, time-tested folk recipes will come to the rescue. They were successfully used by our grandparents, who knew exactly how to restore the vocal cords at home.

How to restore the vocal cords?

  • Drink warm milk with honey. Not to be confused with hot: such a shock therapy is unlikely to enjoy the damaged ligaments. This natural drink can be used not only with a beekeeping product. You can add to the milk a decoction of herbs, mineral water and even an egg.
  • Make a steam inhalation. The most effective are herbal or soda. To do this, steamed dried medicinal herb. Chamomile, licorice, sage, etc. are perfect. Soda inhalation is made even simpler: a tablespoon of sunflower oil and as much soda are added to boiling water. After that, you need to cover the head with a blanket and lean over the pan. However, those who have high blood pressure, it is better not to abuse this way.
  • Gargle as often as possible. For this procedure, suitable aqueous solution of soda and salt, which is added to the glass for half a teaspoon. Useful herbal infusion (the same plants as for inhalation), special preparations for rinsing, bought in a pharmacy. This method will eliminate inflammation and, as a result, restore ligaments. As in the first method, it is worth remembering in the temperature of the solution: it should be comfortable.
  • Put on the throat a warming compress or simple mustard plasters. You can alternate these methods, but not more than once within an hour and keep the heat no more than 15 minutes.
  • Beat the eggnog. This tool is especially important for those who are interested in how to restore the vocal chords for singing. To save the recipe you need only a couple of eggs (guaranteed fresh, otherwise there may be problems of another kind), which must be thoroughly whipped using a mixer or a conventional whisk. The resulting mixture will have to drink several times a day. People who are professionally involved in singing say that this simple "drink" works wonders.

Do not forget that in case of damage to the vocal cords, in addition to the recommendations, there are contraindications. You can not abuse alcohol, eat too salty and spicy foods, smoke, go out in cold weather with an open throat. After you have successfully managed to restore your voice in case of a cold (or in other circumstances), do not forget about these recommendations - and then these problems with speaking and singing will be a thing of the past.