How to remove salt from the body


Salt deposition is a fairly common problem faced by many people. It is especially enhanced with age. Interestingly, salts do not infect any particular organ, they do not have localization, so they can form almost anywhere. The main source of salt is food and drink. There are products and methods that stimulate its excretion from the body.

Products that bring salt out of the body: a list

For the human body, salt is a vital component of cells. Without it, the normal functioning of internal organs and systems is impossible. A lack of salt in can lead to an imbalance of salt balance, which negatively affects digestion, blood formation, etc.

How to remove salt from the body?

Despite this, a surplus of salt threatens more serious diseases, such as vascular, kidney, heart, and hypertension. The body can only absorb the amount of salt it needs. Deposited in the joints, salt contributes to the formation of osteochondrosis, gout and arthritis. Excess accumulates in the vessels, joints and tissues.

Solyameet property to retain water in the body, because of what many people swell.

Among the main causes of salt accumulation are several:

  1. Improper nutrition;
  2. Metabolic disease;
  3. Disease of the excretory system.

There are foods that can excrete salt from the body. Each hostess has a bay leaf, from which you can make a decoction. At 0.5 liters of water you need 5 bay leaves. Put the pan with the ingredients on the fire and cook for 20 minutes. Cool the prepared drink and drink 3 times a day for a sip.

  • Bay decoction has a strong cleansing effect and strengthens the bowels, so do not take it for more than 5 days.

How to expel salt from the body: folk remedies

  • Potatoes - This root vegetable contains a large amount of starch, which has absorbent properties. Thanks to the starch, the potato absorbs not only excess salt, but also other harmful substances. To make it function, it is recommended to boil it or bake it in the peel.
  • Citrus fruits - not only cleanse the blood vessels, enrich the body with vitamin C, but also remove salts from the body. You can mix freshly squeezed citrus juices (for example, orange and lemon) and drink in the evening. Lemon juice can be replaced with black currant juice, because the berry has similar properties. In addition to juices, you can simply use fresh citrus fruits.
  • Buckwheat and kefir. Pour overnight 2 tbsp. l ground buckwheat 1 tbsp. kefir. Eat cooked porridge the next morning. It is recommended to eat within 5 days. This method significantly reduces the amount of salt in the body and promotes weight loss.
  • Beet - this vegetable binds and converts into an inert form of salt and heavy metal compounds. With its help you can remove harmful substances in a natural way. You can eat beets boiled or baked, preparing broths and salads.
  • Sea kale - it contains alginates that neutralize salts and remove them from the body. It is better to buy such cabbage without various additives, but it is in its pure form. Then it will benefit and further enrich the body with iodine.
  • Rice - it is prepared according to a specific recipe. Soak 1 tbsp. l rice in cold water overnight. In the morning, rice is boiled without salt in the usual way. Eat it in the morning on an empty stomach along with a decoction 4 hours before meals. This treatment is carried out during the week.
  • Spruce or pine cones - they contain turpentine, which has the properties to destroy the connection of salt deposits with tissues. From cones prepare broths or tinctures and take in the morning, on an empty stomach during the week.

Products should not contain preservatives and dyes, they should be as natural as possible. In addition to the products listed above, salt remove fresh vegetables, berries, fruits, cereals, cereals and legumes. Among the drinks that bring salt out of the body are citrus and berry juices, as well as green tea.

For the prevention of salt deposits, you need to follow a few simple rules:

  1. Drink at least 2 liters of pure water per day;
  2. Salt the food as little as possible;
  3. Exercise every morning;
  4. Once a month, visit the bath or sauna.

How to expel salt from the body: folk remedies

How to expel salt from the body: folk remedies

Tea from young shoots of pear. Pour 2 liters of water into a saucepan and place 3 finely chopped young pear sprouts. Boil the product for 15 minutes, then pour it into a thermos and leave for 1 hour. Drink it as usual tea.

A decoction of sunflower root. Pour 1 tbsp. cut into pieces of sunflower root 3 liters of water. Put the tool on the fire, bring to a boil and cook for no more than 5 minutes. Cool and strain. Within 2 days, drink the broth half an hour after a meal. The course of treatment is 2 months.

Infusion of watermelon peels. Pour 200 g of watermelon peels with 1 liter of boiling water and leave until cool. Prepared infusion drink 4 - 5 times a day for ½ tbsp. In addition, you can eat 2 kg of watermelon on an empty stomach, thus arranging for yourself fasting days.

Black radish juice. Wash the black radish thoroughly and cover it with manganese solution for 15 minutes to disinfect. Rinse the radish again under running water and prepare the juice by passing the vegetable through the juicer along with the peel. Store the juice in a tightly closed container in the refrigerator. Black radish juice is a strong choleretic agent, so drink it no more than 1 tsp. per day after 1 h after meals. The course of treatment is 2 months.

Salt deposition is a serious problem that many people face. To minimize the intake of salt in the body is to limit the use of certain foods and beverages. The amount of salt that enters the body should be especially followed by the elderly and people suffering from blood pressure, diseases of the cardiovascular and urinary system. Take care of your health!