How to remove parasites from the human body

Worms, parasitizing in our intestines, cause a disease such as helminthiasis. Depending on the type of parasite worms and their number, the patient may experience a variety of complaints. Worms affect various human organs: from the liver to the eyes. How to remove parasites from the body?

How to detect invaders in the body?

How are parasites removed from the body?

There are three main types of worms that affect various human organs and thus provoke a variety of symptoms. Helminthiasis can be caused by:

  • ascarids or, as they are also called, nematodes - roundworms, which include ankilostomidy, anizakida, angiostrongilida, toxocara, pinworms, spirurids, rhabditis, powerheads;
  • worms or cestodes - tape parasites, which are represented by chains, echinococcus, tapeworms, tapeworms;
  • trematodes - a detachment of flatworms, which includes schistosomes and flukes, paradoxical leucochloride and fluke.

Symptoms of the disease vary according to the type and different worms of the same type. Consider the main signs of helminthiasis.

Nematodes preferentially infect the human intestinal tract. In enterobiasis, anal itching is mainly felt at night, there may also be inflammation of the intestines, and in women - the vagina.

When ascariasis affects the lungs, small intestine, gallbladder and pancreas. There is a cough with bloody sputum, pain when breathing. The patient suffers from loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, stomach cramps or even intestinal obstruction.

Symptoms of infection with cestodes depend on the specific representative of this species. Tapeworm can cause abdominal pain and weight loss. The chain affects the muscles, heart and brain. There are headaches, convulsions. In the case of echinococcosis, large cysts form in the organs. Liver and lungs are affected. Infection with tapeworm causes vitamin B12 deficiency.

With trematode or fluke invasions, abdominal cramps, diarrhea, nausea, fever, headaches, myalgia and allergies are observed. Parasites of this species can provoke hepatitis C, cholangitis and urinary tract carcinoma. In the lungs, flukes form cysts, which can result in an abscess and pleurisy. Schistosome larvae penetrate a person through his skin, and then migrate through the blood vessels into the bladder, liver, spleen, intestine, where they lay eggs.

In most cases, helminthiasis is diagnosed by the presence of eggs or whole worms in the feces. However, depending on the type of parasite, infection can also be detected as a result of blood tests, ultrasound, tomography and x-rays.

We remove parasites from the body

How to remove parasites from the human body

How to remove parasites from the human body? You can use anti-helminth drugs - the so-called anthelmintic drugs. These are drugs that interfere with the quality of poison in the metabolism of worms and kill them. They are then excreted from the feces.

Tablets for removing parasites from the body contain toxic substances and have side effects, so you can always resort to alternative and more benign folk remedies.

What medications will help in the fight against worms?

For the removal of parasites from the body, both prescription and non-prescription medications are used. Preparations of the first choice are products based on such active ingredients as:

  • mebendazole - for the treatment of nematodes, roundworms, pinworms;
  • praziquantel - when infected with worms, trematodes and flukes;
  • Niclosamide is effective against chain sticks and tapeworms.

Folk remedies for helminthiasis

Since helminths have existed since time immemorial, even before the invention of potent drugs, during this time quite a few ways were found how to excrete parasites from the body by folk remedies:

  • Alcohol tincture of wormwood effectively cope with tapeworms, Ascaris and Giardia. Take it for 30 minutes before meals, 20 drops three times a day.
  • Raw pumpkin seeds in a purified form will cure helminthiasis, provided regular ingestion for two weeks.

How to treat children?

Principles of prevention of helminthiasis

Before removing the parasites from the body of children, it is necessary to determine the type of invasion, because each drug has a predominant effect on a certain type of worms. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the toxicity of this group of drugs, therefore, along with them, reception of enterosorbents and antihistamines of prolonged action are usually prescribed.

For removal of parasites from the body of children use these drugs:

  • "Piperazin" - the least toxic agent, the best choice for children. Acts against pinworms and ascaris.
  • "Pirantel" - suitable for infants from 6 months. The drug is indicated for the treatment of enterobiosis, ascariasis, necatoriasis, and hookworm.
  • Nemozol is an anthelmintic agent with a wide range of applications. Allowed for children over two years old.

Of the folk remedies for the treatment of helminthiasis in children, pumpkin seeds are the best choice.

Principles of prevention of helminthiasis

To prevent helminthiasis, you must adhere to the following principles:

  • do not eat raw fish and meat;
  • ground vegetables, various fruits, wild berries and mushrooms should be thoroughly washed;
  • pets should be periodically checked for worms;
  • Immutable requirement - washing hands after going to the toilet and contact with pets, especially children;
  • when a family member is infected, all those who came in contact with it must receive prophylactic treatment;
  • infected should take a shower in the morning to remove the worms eggs from the anal area;
  • it is important to avoid swimming in standing water;
  • Do not drink water from open sources.

From all this, we can conclude that helminthiasis is an unpleasant disease with bad consequences, and sometimes with prolonged treatment. In order to avoid these troubles, you should take seriously personal hygiene and prevention of intestinal parasites.

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