How to remove papillomas


Sometimes on our body there are growths of an ugly form: some are similar to warts and have a light color, others - remind points on the legs. They arise from nowhere and often disappear without treatment. Such skin formations are called papillomas, the cause of which is the pathogen human papilloma virus, ingested from the outside.

On our planet, up to 80% of people are carriers of such a virus. This prevalence is due to the fact that the virus enters the body through tactile contact, so it is very difficult to avoid infection. Not all carriers of the virus give it due attention, not all turn to a specialist, for this reason removal of papillomas at home is very important.

The causes of papillomas

Buy papillomavirus can anyone, but there are several factors that make it almost impossible to avoid infection:

How to remove papillomas?

  • mother to newborn transmission of the virus;
  • unprotected sexual intercourse with a carrier of the virus;
  • tactile contact with a person infected with a virus;
  • infection in the process of using shared household items;
  • visiting public pools;
  • the virus can enter the body through a wound on the skin.

Often the patient lives for years and does not even suspect that he is a carrier of the papillomavirus, this becomes noticeable when immunity is weakened. It is then that the virus wakes up and is selected on the skin surface in the form of flattened plaques and genital warts, and a person’s life becomes unbearable - after all, being a papilloma carrier is very uncomfortable and unaesthetic.

The most effective treatment for papillomas is their removal.But it is necessary to carry out such a procedure correctly. In no case can not trim the legs papillomas or try to tear them. This can serve as an impetus for the rapid growth of growths on the patient's body, and sometimes even papillomas can be reborn from a benign to malignant tumor.

As soon as you detect papillomas, go to a doctor immediately or try to remove them yourself.

How to remove papillomas at home?

Independently, such growths can be removed, but it should be remembered that in this way only the surface part of the growth is removed, and not its core. For complete removal of papilloma, it is necessary to undergo a course of treatment by a dermatologist.

Here is several recipes for removing papillomas at home.

  • Celandine. Often the juice of this plant cauterizes warts. You can also do with papilloma. There are two options for using celandine for such purposes: first, tear off the leaf of the plant and smear the papilloma with the juice, then glue it with a plaster. The buildup must be lubricated every two days, and after a while the papilloma will dry out and disappear. Method two: you need to make a mixture of chaga, train and celandine. Then the mixture should be frozen in ice tins and applied to the growths three times a day for a few minutes.
  • Use Kalanchoe pinnate. It must be cut lengthwise, attached to the papilloma, bandaged with a bandage and left overnight.
  • Cooking cream of garlic. To do this, you need to press the garlic and mix the resulting gruel with any cream in the house in the proportion: 1 to 2. After a bit of this mass, put on a piece of bandage and apply to the papilloma, glue with a plaster and leave for 3 hours. After removing the patch skin should always be washed with soap.
  • Taking healing baths is not only useful, but also a very pleasant procedure. It is necessary to take half a bucket of chestnut leaves, pour boiling water over them and bring them almost to the boil. Insist such a decoction should be 12 hours. And after this broth you need to prepare a bath, topping up to a bucket of water broth for a comfortable temperature. It will take two weeks for treatment in this way, if 7 treatments are performed daily.
  • Onion Husk Dry onion peel should be mixed with vinegar. Tie a jar with parchment or cloth that does not allow air to flow. A jar with such a mixture should be kept in the dark for 2 weeks, and after that, the husk must be removed and dried. To remove growths, the onion peel dried using this method must be tied to growths overnight, and in the morning, after removing the dressing, you should soften the skin area with a fat cream.

How to remove papillomas?

  • Treatment of papillomas using a flower collection. We need to take one part of the tricolor violet, 3 parts of the plantain, 1 part of wormwood, 2 parts of clover flowers, calamus root, St. John's wort and fennel seeds. Collect the need to pour boiling water so that one part of the flower collection was 7 parts of boiling water. It is necessary to insist such a decoction for a day and then strain. It is necessary to use inside on one spoon 3 times a day.
  • The use of cologne from dandelion flowers. Glass bottle must be tightly filled with heads of dandelion flowers. Then you need to pour triple cologne into the bottle and insist everything in the dark for two weeks. After the infusion should be poured into a dark glass bottle and put in a dark cool place. Such infusion of papilloma must be lubricated 4-5 times a day until they disappear completely.
  • Another papilloma can be lubricated with egg white, but only that part of it, which after pouring eggs remains on the walls of the shell. To collect such a protein you need a piece of bandage and apply it to the growth.

Old methods of removing papillomas

In addition to traditional methods of removing papillomas, there are also practically mystical methods of removing growths, recipes that have survived to our days. Here are the most curious of them.

  • Above the growths you need to tie the knots with a silk thread, then the thread with the knots should be placed in a cut potato and hidden in a secluded place so that no one can find it. After a while, the potato will rot, and the papillomas, according to legend, will disappear.
  • Raw potatoes need to be cut in half, and then with each half in turn, rub the papilloma. Then halves of the vegetable should be put together and put it in a dark place and try to forget about it. And again - when the potato rot, then the papillomas will disappear.
  • Removal of papillomas in the moonlight. In the late evening, in the light of the waning moon, the growth should be rubbed against the surface, which will be illuminated by moonlight, and then the papilloma will disappear.

In ancient times such interesting methods of treatment of papillomas were practiced with might and main by various healers and, surprisingly, they gave a positive result, it was proved by repeated repetitions of such cases!

To date, there are many ways to remove papillomas - both with the help of medicines and with the help of folk remedies.But it is best to consult with a qualified specialist when choosing any method of treating such growths.

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