How to remove mercury from the body

Mercury - heavy silver-white liquid, liquid metal. Its evaporation begins already at 18 ° C. Vapors of this substance are extremely dangerous for health! Therefore, the devices that contain it (thermometers, mercury lamps) must be handled with particular care.

Mercury in the human body: pathways

  1. Mercury enters the body through the skin
  2. Gastrointestinal (digestive)
  3. Inhalation of vapors through the respiratory tract (the most dangerous route of entry)

How to remove mercury from the body?

The effect of mercury on the human body is extremely destructive:

  • damages the cardiovascular system
  • depresses the central nervous system.

What is dangerous mercury for humans?

  • Acute poisoning

Occurs when heated uninsulated mercury outside the fume hood, for example, when using complexes with heat-transfer fluids - oil, glycerin, into which mercury from a damaged thermometer has fallen. Harmful compounds of mercury vapors are formed during damage to glass installations containing mercury heated to high temperatures. At risk are people working with mercury on an industrial scale.


General weakness, poor appetite, headache, pain when swallowing, taste of metal in the mouth, excessive saliva, bleeding gums, nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, diarrhea, fever up to 38 - 40 ° С. When analyzing urine, a large amount of mercury is found. If you do not seek medical help in time, the person may die.

  • Chronic poisoning

It comes with a long stay in the room where mercury accumulates. The central nervous system is affected.


Great fatigue, drowsiness, weakness, headache, irritability, forgetfulness, distraction of attention, trembling hands, eyelids, lips, whole body. In mercury poisoning, special attention is paid to skin sensitivity, unusual taste sensations, keen sense of smell. There is sweating, frequent urination, low pressure. In women, menstruation is disturbed, mastopathy develops, miscarriage, premature birth can occur.

Removal of mercury from the body

Consequences of chronic poisoningmay occur several years after contact with mercury has ceased.

  • Micromercurism

Chronic poisoning, which is cumulative, affects a small concentration of mercury vapor for more than 10 years.


Decreased performance, fatigue, irritability.

If the effect of mercury vapors on the body does not stop, chronic mercury poisoning occurs with typical symptoms.

So, if you broke a thermometer in your home and removed the remnants of the device yourself, carefully monitor your well-being. If anxious symptoms appear, immediately consult a doctor!

Important! If you have a child, be sure to explain to him the importance of proper handling of the thermometer. Never scold for damage to the device! Your baby can hide the truth from you, fearing punishment, hide the broken thing. In this case, mercury fumes can poison your home for years.

Removal of mercury from the body

  • Mercury can be removed from the body with a special diet.
  • Sea kale and beetroot - they contain substances that neutralize mercury, making it inert.
  • Potatoes in their uniforms - high starch content has a neutralizing effect.
  • Rice - has the ability to cleanse the body. If you decide to use a rice diet, then you will definitely need to exclude salty, smoked, fatty foods, because it slows down the effect of rice.
  • Taking algae - chlorella.
  • Cilantro - take as a tea for 3 months. It can not be cooked in metal dishes, because The plant absorbs toxic substances. Also this plant can be added to salads.

Removal of mercury from the body

  • Alfalfa - take as an infusion. To prepare it takes 2 tsp. crushed alfalfa, poured 1 tbsp. hot water and infused for 30 min. Take 20 minutes before meals for 2 tbsp. spoons.
  • Apples - they contain a natural absorbent, pectin, which removes harmful compounds from the body.
  • Garlic, ginseng, sesame kernels are products that help relieve mercury intoxication.
  • Daily tea from chamomile, rosehip, calendula and sea buckthorn, will help create a protective barrier that protects against mercury penetration.

Remember! If mercury enters the body through the digestive tract (this can happen with small children), then it is urgent to cause vomiting and call an ambulance, if this is not done, then inaction can lead to death!

Mercury is a dangerous substance that we constantly encounter in everyday life. Remember that a broken thermometer can be a serious threat to your health and the health of your family! If trouble has occurred, do not try to deal with the problem yourself. Ask for help to specialists, for example, employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

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