How to remove alcohol from the body

Everyone knows that alcohol in small doses helps to relax and unwind. At the same time consumed in large quantities, it causes great harm to health. The consequences of alcohol intoxication can be of varying severity. Sometimes it is simply necessary to withdraw alcoholysis of the body.

How to remove alcohol from the blood?

There is no safety dose in the use of alcoholic beverages. Even the average amount of alcohol in your body, especially if you drank more than required, will raise in the morning with unpleasant consequences. Severe stomach, headaches, persistent dry mouth ... These are all signs of hangover. Alcohol strongly dissolves red blood cells that supply oxygen cells to a living organism when it enters the blood-forming vessels. As a result, a large tangle of dead erythrocytes is formed, and the blood ceases to be filled with oxygen. When alcohol enters the capillaries, an obstruction occurs. As a result, neuron cells die, and the person experiences a state of euphoria. The most harmful effects of alcohol are on the liver.

How to remove alcohol from the body?

Alcohol from the blood can be derived in several ways: with the help of medicines, droppers, folk methods and naturally. In the case of natural excretion, the amount of bad substances not processed by the body will be released through the urine and evaporate through the pores in the skin. The removal of alcohol from the body is necessary, because ethyl alcohol becomes, and for a long time, is itself excreted through the body. The rate of elimination varies for many reasons. So in women it is - 0.09 -0.1 per mille per hour. By the way, doctors advise to find out your threshold of sensitivity to alcohol. Some people have it pretty low. Because of this, they may have difficulty with its removal from the body.

If we turn to the popular method, it offers the following solutions:

  • It should be enriched in large volumes of body fluids.
  • Walk in the fresh air for a couple of hours.
  • Make sweet tea (it removes toxins)
  • Eat Oranges and Lemons
  • Well cope with the removal of alcohol from the body sorbent Enterosgel
  • If you feel unwell you need to wash the stomach with a solution of manganese, drink brine or mineral water without gas

To withdraw alcohol from the blood in a short time, you can resort to medicine. You will be offered to make a drip. Note that treatment should only be carried out by a competent specialist with high qualifications. Droppers are based on the content of insulin, glucose (5%), vitamins C, B. They can be combined with Reamberin or Trisol. The second option is tablets Glutargin. They act like this: getting into the body, stop the work on the absorption of ethanol by the liver. Those. he will come out through urine.

The time of removal of alcohol from the body. Calculation examples

How to remove alcohol from the body?

Scientists have found that the rate of elimination and the consequences of alcohol depends on the amount. So recently, doctors advise to drink fractional. A small amount will decay much faster. The more you take a dose of alcohol, the longer it will be excretion from the body. Also, how much alcohol is held depends on the strength of the drink and your weight. For example,

  • Beer, strength 4%:

Weight - 60 kg., The proportion of alcohol 100 gr. Removal time - 35 min.

Weight - 70 kg., The proportion of alcohol 300g. Time - 1 hour 29 min

  • Beer, strength 6%:

Weight - 80 kg., The proportion of alcohol 500g. Time - 3h.16 minutes.

  • Liquor, strength 30%:

Weight - 60 kg., The proportion of alcohol 100g. Time - 4h. 21 min

  • Vodka, strength 40%:

Weight - 80 kg., The proportion of alcohol 300g. Time - 13 hours 03 minutes.

How to cleanse the body of alcohol?

  • Limit the amount of ethanol consumed.
  • Drink milk. It has a beneficial effect on the stomach.
  • Eat starchy foods.
  • Induce vomiting. You will be much easier.
  • Do intellectual work. For example, solve the scanword
  • Lean on fruits more
  • Exercise
  • You can take a bath or shower. In this case, ice water is contraindicated
  • Do not abuse overeating. The liver will not sustain such loads. Eat some fatty foods.
  • Dilute 10 ml. ammonia in ½ st. water. Drink every 20 min.
  • Brew herbal teas with chamomile or mint
  • Be sure to take the time to sleep
  • Drink Raw Chicken Egg
  • Pour yourself a glass of kefir, yogurt or ryazhenka

The time of removal of alcohol from the body depends on its strength, quantity and your weight. In order to speed up the process, you can resort to the help of doctors or use popular methods. If you feel unwell it is recommended to drink herbal teas, take a shower, take a walk through the fresh air. You can also use different sorbents like Enterosgel.

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