How to remove a spike on the leg


Spikelet called a wart, which is formed on the sole. Most often it can be found in the heels or thumbs. In general, the appearance of the spinosa is similar to the corn. The difference lies in the fact that the wart has bunched filiform papillae. The spikebill brings painful sensations to its owner; moreover, it is much more difficult to remove it than a callus. There are tools that can help you get rid of this trouble once and for all.

Shypitsa: causes of appearance

The occurrence of spines on the soles of the feet most often occurs when the human papillomavirus is present in the body. This virus can get to you in many ways. For example, sexual or domestic way. Directly in the form of spines, the human papillomavirus manifests itself with a decrease in immunity. The reason for this may be a long illness. In addition, the occurrence of these formations is often due to the exacerbation of chronic dermatological diseases, weakening in the period after surgery, or even the presence of HIV infection.

How to remove the spiny dog ​​on the leg?

The spines appear regularly in children and young people. In addition to internal factors, external factors can also affect the formation of this type of warts.

Wearing uncomfortable or too open shoes. In this case, the wart will form in the place of constant contact with the skin of the foot. Most often a thornfish appears on the toe.. Gradually, this place begins to get rude, and then becomes painful. To prevent this from happening, it is recommended to wear shoes of your size and only the one in which you are comfortable.

Foot sweats. This phenomenon can be caused by a hereditary tendency to sweat, wearing shoes made of artificial materials or poor hygiene. Thus, buying high-quality footwear, using deodorizing means for the feet and following simple rules of hygiene, you can avoid the formation of spines.

Permanent stay in shoes. Do not forget that you should not wear shoes all the time. At every opportunity, let your foot rest. Even slippers can create discomfort, so it is sometimes preferable to walk around the house barefoot.

Treatment of the Spinea on the Feet: Methods

In most cases, the spines pass on their own within 2-3 years. But there are cases that require immediate treatment. It can be done in several ways.

How to remove the spiny dog ​​on the leg?

With the help of "cantharidin".This remedy is widely known in dermatology. The plantar wart treated by it should dry up a little. Then a porous dry dressing is applied on it. After a week or two, a blister forms on the treated area, which the doctor removes, after which the damaged area is again smeared with a solution. It should be remembered that this procedure cannot be performed by yourself. If the bubble is punctured incorrectly, the virus can infect other areas of the skin.

Cryotherapy - another effective way to remove warts. Its essence lies in the freezing of the formation of liquid nitrogen. The advantage of this procedure is painlessness and the fact that it does not leave scars. However, one-time exposure may not be enough, so the manipulation will have to be repeated. Repeated procedure is usually carried out in 10-14 days. In order for the resulting wound to heal faster, the following rules must be observed.

  1. The mechanical pressure on the place of the removed spinach should be reduced as much as possible;
  2. You can not walk barefoot. Be sure to wear socks;
  3. Do not use pumice stone when washing your feet;
  4. To avoid infection, use a clean foot towel.

"Imiquimod"- another drug that can help you deal with the arisen warts. This tool will allow the most natural way to get rid of the spinach. The action of this drug is aimed at the destruction of the virus. Adverse reactions are swelling and tissue inflammation. This method of treatment is good for children, because it is painless, does not leave scars, and it can be done at home.

Scalpel or electronic needle.Now this method is used extremely rarely. Surgery leaves scars. In addition, this method requires anesthesia.

How to remove a spike on the leg: folk remedies

How to remove the spiny dog ​​on the leg?

Take onions and rub it until gruel. Pour the resulting mass with vinegar. At night, make a compress. To do this, stick a patch with a hole on the site of the spinousness, which is similar in diameter to the damaged area. Apply a mixture of onion and vinegar to this plaster and secure with another one on top. As a rule, 2-3 such procedures are sufficient.

Young nettles need to be rubbed so that it stops burning and impose it on the affected place. Then wrap your leg with a burdock leaf, over which put a sock. In this condition, the leg must be left overnight. In the morning the spines should peel off.

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There are a lot of methods for spike breeding. Which one to choose is up to you. However, it must be remembered that the appearance of spitz is caused by human papillomavirus. Therefore, it is best to go to the hospital when this education is found.