How to remove a beer belly for a man and a woman

Not everyone can wear a swimsuit without hesitation, go sunbathing, and generally just bare in public. The reason for this - those extra pounds. This problem is especially acute with the so-called beer belly.

Mostly men over thirty face this nuisance. Women, unfortunately, are also not insured for the problem. Many believe that the stomach appears from excessive drinking beer, but this is not quite so! It contributes to the deposition of fat. The result is a growing belly. But it can appear also because of usual overeating and insufficient physical activities. So, if you are still faced with this problem and do not know how to get in shape, do not despair! Let's first understand why a beer belly appears.

Beer belly: causes

How to remove a beer belly for a man and a woman?

  • The first important reason is simple overeating, as well as excessive consumption of beer. Very often, without even noticing it, many men and women cannot recognize the feeling of fullness. We eat some kind of dish, get pleasure, eventually eat up, but we are visited by the idea to eat something more tasty, and then another and another. At the same time, we no longer have a feeling of hunger, but simply gobble up our favorite treats on both cheeks! It is such a meal is erroneous. We must eat only as much as is necessary to satisfy the feeling of hunger. Everything else will already be superfluous and will be deposited in the body in the form of unwanted fats.
  • As for beer, the situation here is even simpler. Due to frequent use in the abdominal cavity fat is deposited. In addition to this, many of us are distinguished by weak abdominal muscles, and this is also of great importance! Everyone knows that beer is consumed with various snacks: salted fish, calamari, chips, pistachios, etc. All these products are harmless only at first glance! In fact, they have a high calorie content. Few people take into account these factors. Do not forget that the beer itself increases the appetite.
  • The next reason is age. A hanging beer belly can often be found in mature men who have crossed the thirty-year threshold. This is due to the slowing down of the metabolic process in the body and a decrease in testosterone levels. But sometimes this problem also concerns younger people.
  • It is important to note and a sedentary lifestyle. Mostly modern men and women, due to working conditions, lead a sedentary lifestyle. In addition, due to daily work and fatigue, many people are too lazy to do physical exercise or even ordinary daily exercises. All this is detrimental to our weight.

But still the main enemy of the figure is beer. Frequent abuse of this intoxicating drink is dangerously high in it phytoestrogen, affecting the hormonal background. This applies to both men and women. So, for ladies who often drink beer, one can notice male traits in appearance. Among them, the appearance of excess vegetation, a rough voice. In addition, beer directly affects infertility and menstrual disorders. Therefore, women should try to limit themselves from its frequent use. In addition, it adversely affects the kidneys and liver. As a result, the skin may turn yellow, and also begin to break hair and nails.

But perhaps the greatest danger of beer is that no one takes this drink seriously and does not consider it as strong alcohol. This opinion is wrong, because beer alcoholism is the most dangerous. It is difficult to treat.

How to remove a beer belly man?

There are not very many methods and you are all very familiar with them. The most important rule is the assignment of a large role to sport and physical exertion.

The main methods of dealing with a beer belly that helps a man lose weight:

  • Limit the use of beer, snacks and alcohol in principle. You can afford such pleasures no more than once every 2-3 months.
  • The next stage is healthy food. Avoid harmful fatty foods. It includes: sausage, mayonnaise, cheese, fast food, sweet, flour, fried, etc.
  • Immediately abandon the usual products will not be easy, but the result is worth it! Due to the fact that your stomach is stretched, you will constantly want to eat and replenish energy. Eat small meals, but often! Wait for your belly to regain its normal size. Be sure to drink plenty of water. It dulls the feeling of hunger and allows you to last longer.
  • Replace bread with loaves, do not fry meat, but cook, simmer and bake in the oven, eat more vegetables and fruits. Stop eating when you feel full.

And what should a woman do?

To begin with, as in the previous case, you need to adjust the food and abandon beer.

How to remove a beer belly for a man and a woman?

Sport is undoubtedly beneficial to our health and appearance in principle. It is worth paying particular attention to exercises specifically aimed at the abdominal muscles. You need to choose only those that will help bring the press into shape, and also give it a flatness and elasticity. First you need to start with more simple loads, and then, gradually, increase and complicate the exercises, using, for example, dumbbells, hoop, and other weighting. It should be borne in mind that the exercises should be chosen to engage all muscle groups, because loads should be evenly distributed.

Beer belly can also be removed with the help of surgery (pumping excess fat). But here it is important to think about everything, put all the "against" and "for" and only then make a decision.

Counting calories is also important. It will be good if you get a special table by which you can calculate the calorie content of food. This will help more correctly and correctly make a daily diet.

Do not be upset if you do not see results for a long time! Remove the beer belly is not an easy thing! Even if you eat and exercise for a month, the changes will be small. The main thing here is to be patient, not to retreat and clearly go to the goal. Do not forget that after reaching the normal form it is impossible to switch sharply to the old way of life, otherwise all efforts will be in vain. Try to continue to lead a healthy lifestyle, eat right, exercise, relax more in the fresh air and, of course, limit yourself from frequent abuse of beer.

A beer belly is much easier to prevent than trying to get rid of it. If he still appeared, you need to adjust the diet. The methods for getting rid of the problem are the same for men and women. First you need to abandon beer and fatty foods. Then come to the aid of abdominal exercises.

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