How to relieve muscle tension


Many of us, as soon as we feel ill, go to healers and doctors, immediately try to take medicine or herbal infusions. Few of us think about what kind of power lies in ourselves, in our body.

Without our efforts, our power is blocked, so she needs help!

Tibetan recipe for longevity and health

Do the whole complex with your eyes closed. Start by rubbing your palms until you feel the heat in them. So, we proceed:

  • 1. Lying back in the morning, do an enhanced massage of the ears with your palms 30 times from top to bottom. We hold the thumbs behind the ears, the index fingers move along the auricles. Regular holding of this massage helps to protect the face from wrinkles. Improving the function of the facial nerve, strengthening the teeth. In the temporal part, blood circulation improves.

  • 2. The right palm is on the forehead, the left palm is on top, the little fingers are above the eyebrows and make movements 30 times left-right. After the end we lay quietly for 2 minutes, closing our eyes and focusing on the area of ​​the forehead. Thanks to this exercise, dizziness and headaches disappear.
  • 3. This exercise will protect the eyes from diseases, and will have a beneficial effect on the nervous system. Massage eyeballs 15 times with the back of your thumbs.
  • 4. We place the right palm on the thyroid gland, the left palm on the right palm. From the top down to the abdomen do 30 movements. This will help improve the functioning of internal organs and metabolic processes.
  • 5. Put palms in the same way on the stomach. Clockwise make 30 circular movements. Then do the same counterclockwise. This exercise helps the bowels work.
  • 6. We pull in the stomach to the spine, then we stick out. We do 20-30 times, weakened starting from 5-10 times. This massage helps to eliminate stagnation of bile and shelter, strengthens the movement of lymph, helps to get rid of excess weight, has a beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract and liver.
  • 7. Next, alternately tighten one leg to the chest, then the other and then unbend them. We do the same thing together at the same time with both feet 30 times. This exercise has a positive effect on the endocrine glands and internal organs.
  • 8. In order for the foot to have a positive effect on the internal organs through biologically active points, the heart function was regulated and vascular diseases were eliminated, and we sat down on the bed. The right foot is placed on the left foot. Palm massaged 30 times the notch of the foot. Repeat the same, putting the left foot on the right foot.
  • 9. Put folded hands on the back of the head. Make 15 horizontal and vertical movements. This will increase blood circulation in the large blood vessels of the brain, increase the movement of cerebrospinal fluid. This massage will be beneficial for the neck.
  • 10. Put your hands with your palms on the back of your head, and with your fingertips take turns tapping on the back of your head. This exercise will relieve headaches in the neck, help get rid of tinnitus.

After doing this complex, drink a glass of water and lie down for three minutes, completely relaxing.

How to relieve stress?

A few exercises - and tension, as was the case.

  1. Push the tips of your fingers behind the ears.
  2. Use your fingertips to make circular motions on the border of the hair roots.
  3. In order to concentrate a little, with the middle finger, three nose from top to bottom.

12 "magic" points of health

This acupressure will help strengthen the immune system.

Per day, three times with your index finger, make 9 circular movements counterclockwise and along it. Gently press on the necessary skin areas. Massage simultaneously with two hands paired points.

Their location:

  1. On the border of hair growth on the forehead in the center.
  2. Nose bridge in the middle.
  3. From the wings of the nose to the sides.
  4. At nose bridge on eyebrows.
  5. A small cartilaginous protrusion covering the external auditory meatus forward, at the base.
  6. Slightly below and behind the earlobes in the fossa.
  7. The place where the neck passes into the back behind, where the spinous process of the seventh cervical vertebra is felt just when the head is tilted.
  8. In the middle of the occipital fossa line above the hairline on the finger.
  9. Between the collarbone in the fossa.
  10. Below this place on two fingers.
  11. At the base of the folds, appearing between the compressed forefinger and thumb, on the back of the hand.
  12. The outer corner of the hole is a big toe.

Relaxing finger massage

One of the effective means of healing the internal organs is a simple finger massage..

Your fingers and internal organs are connected. With the brain - the thumb, the stomach - index, with the intestine - the middle, with the liver - the nameless, and with the heart is a little finger. If you feel unpleasant sensations, hypersensitivity of any organ, use the right finger organ, massage it. They do it this way: with the index and thumb of the other hand, clasp the finger and begin to massage, pressing lightly from the nail to the base, and then vice versa for several minutes. Then change hands.

So, massaging the finger, you will improve the work of the body associated with this finger.

  • Massage of the thumb and index finger helps relieve incipient headache.
  • Massage the middle finger, and you quickly calm down with irritation, frustration and, easily cope with depression.
  • For a long period of time, doing a regular massage of the ring finger will help you reduce your sensitivity to weather changes, improve overall health during the days of magnetic storms.
  • Massage your little finger regularly and often. This will help your heart beat faster, and this will prolong your life. It is best to make finger massage the rule of every day.

It is useful to perform wise. Read more about this in the Mudra article - the yoga of fingers.

By doing these exercises, you can improve your health, strengthen the immune system, relieve tension and relax without much effort.