How to refuse flour and sweet

Flour products and sweets - the main enemies of our harmony. It is "thanks to" the habit of having a bite to eat, to eat candy, or to treat yourself to a cake, and we cannot part with the hated kilos. But there comes a moment when you decide for yourself: "Everything, I no longer eat flour and sweets!". Say something easy, but do - not very. Why give up flour and sweets altogether and how to make it the easiest thing?

Why give up flour and sweet?

  • Doctors, having conducted numerous studies, concluded that the use of sweets in large quantities can be the cause of infertility! The thing is that because of sugar, the balance of hormones responsible for fertilization, testosterone and estrogen, is disturbed.
  • The use of flour and sugary foods provokes the development of thrush. Those who eat sweets in large quantities suffer from thrush more often!
  • Excessive consumption of sweets can contribute to the formation of cancer cells in the intestine. This is due to the fact that when there is an excess of sugar in the body, insulin production for sugar processing increases. And insulin, in turn, stimulates the growth of cancer cells in the intestines.

  • Sugar and sugar-containing products are detrimental to the human brain.
  • For those people who use flour and sweet foods in large quantities and regularly, their mental abilities are reduced. This fact is reliably proven by scientists!
  • You can not eat a large number of sweets and pregnant. Due to the excessive absorption of flour and sweet, their future children may develop allergies and even some diseases of the nervous system!
  • And, of course, it is impossible not to say once again that the constant use of sweet inevitably leads to weight gain, and even obesity.

How to abandon the craving for flour and sweets?

  • Sweet sparkling water can be successfully replaced with mineral water, it has more benefits from it, and the feeling of thirst goes faster.

  • Do not try to abandon sweets immediately and abruptly, once and for all. It is so hard that it is almost impossible. First, you need to gradually replace the usual sweets and flour with lower-calorie sweets, for example, marshmallow, marmalade.
  • Try when you want sweet, eat a few nuts and dried fruit. In dried fruits, too many calories, but there is no sugar, only fructose.
  • Before you give up sweet, drink a course of vitamins. Who knows, maybe you want sweets because of the lack of any vitamin in the body.
  • Change the variety of tea that you drink now to a more expensive and high-quality. When the tea itself is tasty, you will less want to complement its taste with sweets. And when you get used to drinking tea without sugar, you yourself will wonder how disgusting the taste of tea with sugar will seem to you.
  • Eat as much fruit as possible, they will help you to replace at least some of the sweets. Read the article How to eat fruit ?.

  • As mentioned above, you should not give up sweet once and for all, allow yourself once a week, for example, to eat your favorite sweet or a small bun. So your body will be easier to wean, knowing that on a certain day, a tasty treat awaits him.
  • If you can’t live without sweets at all, for example, drink tea only with sugar, replace sugar with honey. About how useful honey is in the article How to choose the right honey ?.
  • Sweet may still want when your body lacks protein. Therefore, eat foods that contain protein: fish, meat, eggs, dairy products.
  • If you want sweets very much, you can eat a little in the morning. Calories that are ingested in the morning are consumed during the day.
  • Take tests to eliminate the possibility that hemoglobin is not enough in your body, and also to eliminate the possibility of hormonal disorders. If the tests show that you have one of the listed factors, set aside a complete rejection of sweets until you have resolved any health problems.
  • If you start your day with healthy breakfast, your body is nourished, and there will be less chance that you will want a large amount of sweets. A proper healthy breakfast should consist of complex carbohydrates, proteins and fiber. This may be, for example, porridge, cereal, muesli. You can read about it in the article Recipes for a healthy breakfast.
  • Break the main meals into several. Just try not to bite and not to intercept. If you used to eat three times a day, now start eating five times, but in smaller portions.

  • Try to protect yourself from temptations. No need to lay out sweets, bought for children, in a vase, for example, and put it in the center of the table. It is best to have sweets and floury in your eyes as little as possible.

The main thing is your attitude. The most difficult stage is disaccustoming, but when it develops into a habit, you will be surprised how easily you tolerate the absence of sweet and flour in your diet. And those incredibly sweet foods that you have previously consumed with pleasure will only cause you disgust.

Have a good fight!

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