How to reduce the volume of the stomach


The stomach is rarely from birth has a large size, in most cases it is stretched due to the abundant use of food. Its walls are very elastic and easily subject to change, but to return it to its former state is already more difficult. Every person at least once in his life felt a feeling of unpleasant heaviness in the stomach from overeating - this means that your stomach stretched to unusual sizes.

This may be when you ate a normal portion of food, and then drank it with carbonated water, or else they talked a lot for food and ate in large chunks in a hurry. In these cases, a large amount of air enters the stomach, and it is as if inflated from the inside. Also, the stomach can stretch if you have consumed too hot food and the stomach, trying to cool it, is filled with air.

People who have a large amount of stomach more often than others suffer from obesity, as they are forced to absorb more food. And, of course, they are wondering - how to reduce the volume of the stomach? Many advise them to resort to surgical removal of part of the stomach, but there are still less radical ways to solve this problem.

Reduce the stomach - taking enzymes after eating

If you do not sin by frequent overeating, and stomach overcrowding syndrome caught you by surprise, then you should not sound the alarm. Just lie down after a meal and massage your stomach with light circular movements in a circular arrow, so reduce pain with colic in young children. Then drink enzyme preparations, such as Mezim or Smekta. The next day, try to arrange a light starvation, but without fanaticism.

Reduce the stomach fractional nutrition

If you notice signs of stomach overcrowding all the time, after eating you suffer from belching, and you take much more food than other people do for normal food intake, then your stomach is probably already stretched to large sizes. More precisely, you can find out the size of your stomach with a special procedure. At the time of its holding a person drinks a specially prepared fluid that fills your stomach. After that, an x-ray of your stomach is taken, which can be used to determine the real volume of your stomach. But for such a procedure it is necessary to have medical indications, since they simply do not carry it out.

In the case of a small increase in the volume of the stomach, it is easy to return it to its previous state in six months or even less, if you follow the fractional nutritional system. Plus, you lose weight and improve the overall condition of the body. The nutrition system consists in splitting all your food per day into small portions, bringing your regular meals up to 6 times a day.. The interval between meals should be no more than two hours, and the volume of food at a time should be about 200-300 ml, this amount includes liquid. Food is best eaten in a mushy or grinded form, so it will not overload the stomach.

Reduce the stomach by surgery

The most radical method of surgical intervention is cutting out a part of the stomach. Incredibly stupid and blasphemous operation on his own body, which could come up with. Having cut out a part of the stomach for themselves, people think that they will lose weight in an instant, but the weight is lost slowly or not at all. Of course, there are people whom such an operation helps, but this does not justify their mockery of their own bodies. All our organs and parts of the body were formed in the process of a long evolution and, cutting off part of your stomach, you set up an experiment on your own body.

When your stomach is stretched several times and without the help of doctors you can not do here, The best intervention would be balloon therapy. A balloon filled with liquid is injected into an enlarged stomach, and it fills a part of the stomach, thereby preventing a person from consuming large amounts of food. Of the drawbacks of this procedure is the need for daily intake of drugs that reduce the secretion of gastric juice. The procedure of balloon therapy is prohibited to carry out in case of diseases of the stomach, esophagus or during pregnancy.

Tips for reducing the volume of the stomach

  • Pay attention to what and how you eat. The stomach, as a rule, swells from rich and fatty foods, sweet and flour. Note that if you eat fruits or vegetables in the same amount, there will not be an unpleasant feeling of overcrowding in the stomach. So when you once again want to grab some piece, take an apple or a banana, and instead of soda, drink a glass of pure water or cold tea.

  • Try to have a hearty breakfast, and then at lunch you do not want to overeat to hell. But tightly, this does not mean cramming everything at once in one meal, portions of porridge with low-fat cottage cheese will be quite enough.
  • When you begin to gradually return to your normal diet and stop consuming huge amounts of food, the main thing - to hold out until the end, and it will become a habit. At this time, you may be called on various feasts purposely, but once you give yourself a break, the stomach will begin to stretch again under the influence of a large amount of food.
  • To reduce the volume of the stomach, eat a teaspoon, and not the dining room, so you will quickly feel the saturation, and the food will be better chewed and ground. And if the food comes in a more liquid state in the stomach, then it is easily digested, and therefore the stomach will not be in a state of fullness for a long time.
  • It is very important to remember and food culture. Do not eat on the run or while watching TV or at the computer, but eat in designated places. Concentrate on the process of eating, learn to distinguish the taste of each dish, and you will notice how many colors there are in the food.

Following these tips and recommendations, you can achieve a reduction in the size of the stomach, become slimmer and will feel much easier. All these methods do not have a negative effect, on the contrary, you will develop self-discipline and self-confidence.