How to reduce the pressure at home


Problems with pressure - a frequent problem of modern people. The rhythm of life is so fast that our body does not keep up with it. So many kinds of pressure jumps happen: many low, some high.

High pressure is most often the result of overvoltage, stress, fatigue. It has the scientific name of hypertension. Hypertension can be chronic or temporary. In any case, high pressure must be normalized, lowered it. For this, there is not only a number of medicines, but also traditional medicine.

Pressure Reduction Products

Pressure Reduction Products

Hypertensive patients (people with high blood pressure) will be interested to know that there are certain foods that lower blood pressure. These products they definitely need to include in your diet.

  • Water - The most indispensable product for hypertensive patients. After all, copious drinking is vital for any person, especially the sick. Drink water in its pure form during the day at least 2 liters.
  • A very effective product that reduces pressure is exotic fruits, which have long been familiar to us - bananas. They have a lot of potassium. And potassium, as it is known, is involved in cellular metabolism (along with sodium) and therefore has a downward effect on pressure. Eating one banana a day will noticeably improve your well-being.

Pressure Reduction Products

  • Chocolate also has the ability to lower pressure. Chocolate is made from cocoa fruit, so choose high-quality chocolate and preferably black, where the percentage of cocoa is higher.

Green tea - lowers blood pressure?

In addition to water, there are drinks that have become so familiar to us that we forgot about their healing properties. For example, green tea. Have you heard that he is able to lower the pressure? Is it really?

Green tea contains caffeine. In addition, there it contains more than black tea or coffee. And caffeine is a pressure boosting ingredient. Green tea also contains another pressure-lowering component, catechins. The effect of green tea on pressure is such that it is thanks to catechins that it gently reduces pressure, unlike coffee.

Green tea - lowers blood pressure?

Green tea facilitates blood flow, dilates blood vessels. This is a very effective tool in the treatment of hypertension. Regular use of green tea not only lowers blood pressure, but also lowers the level of harmful cholesterol in the blood. Drink green tea 3-5 times a day, one cup, and your pressure will return to normal!

Pressure reducing agents

  • diuretics. Their action is based on reducing the tone of the arteries due to the removal of sodium salts from the body.

However, do not forget that self-medication can harm! Therefore, resort to treatment with these drugs only as prescribed by a doctor!

How to quickly reduce the pressure at home?

Quickly reduce the pressure at home by using the following popular recipes.

  • Valerian tincture. Take a single 20-30 drops with water.
  • Prepare a decoction of valerian roots. To do this, 10 g of crushed mass pour a glass of boiling water. Let it stand. Suck out and after half an hour drink 1-2 tablespoons, it is advisable to drink the decoction after meals 3 times a day.

How to quickly reduce the pressure at home?

  • The following prescription for reducing pressure is very effective: 2 tbsp. Valerian root and the same herb motherwort, 1 tbsp. crushed fruits of anise and the same herb yarrow. All mix, pour 1 tbsp. the resulting mixture with a glass of boiling water. Let it stand for an hour. Take 3 times a day for a third cup.

Pressure reducing herbs

In folk recipes aimed at lowering pressure, there are such herbs as red clover (using its flowers), shepherd's purse (grass), fragrant dill (seeds), calendula medicinal (flowers), motherwort five-lobed (grass) and many others. From these herbs prepare broths, make infusions.

It is important to know that self-healing in hypertension is dangerous! Treatment of hypertension should be carried out under the supervision of a specialist. And herbs can only supplement the main treatment prescribed by the doctor! Do not mess with your health!

In addition, hypertensive patients need to control their emotions, to rest more often (a day rest or sleep is useful) and, of course, to give up bad habits. Observe a healthy lifestyle to normalize blood pressure and to prevent hypertension.