How to raise the immunity of the child


Immunity is the ability of the body to resist various viruses and infections and is the result of the work of the entire immune system of the body.. The formation of immunity occurs in the process of confronting the immune system with various diseases.

Children's immunity has some peculiarities., which make the child's body weaker during the onslaught of various infections. By reducing the level of the immune system (in other words - immunodeficiency), the immunity must be improved.

How to raise the immunity of the child?

Types of immunity

Immunity can be specific and nonspecific.

  1. Specific immunity- an individual feature of any organism is made up of diseases that a person suffered, as well as vaccinations that have been made to a person in the past. This type of immunity works only against a specific infection or vaccine and does not protect the body from other viruses (for example, if you have had chickenpox, you no longer catch it, but the likelihood of whooping cough does not decrease).
  2. Nonspecific immunity- on the contrary - almost identical in all people. It protects the body from diseases such as otitis, bronchitis, sore throat, etc.

Features of children's immunity

As mentioned, children's immunity is more vulnerable to viruses and infections.

Infants - up to 6 months of age protected by immunoglobulins, that got into his blood during intrauterine formation. After 6 months, immunoglobulins dissolve in children's blood, which makes the child vulnerable to many viruses. Independent production of immunoglobulins in children begins at the age of 6-7 years, and the cells of the immune system are formed up to the period of puberty.

How to raise the immunity of the child? Features of children's immunity

In the process of growth, the children's body is faced with various viruses, and it begins the formation of specific immunity. The state of non-specific immunity is determined by the disposition of the child's body to resist various diseases. Children, whose immunity is weakened, get sick much more often than children with normal immunity.

Reduced child immunity: causes

The causes of reduced immunity in children can serve: violation of the diet, stressful conditions, chronic diseases of organs and body systems. To settle the child's immunity, it is necessary to adjust the baby’s nutrition, begin taking a course of vitamins, try to temper.

Factors determining the level of immunity in a child

If you notice that your child has lowered immunity, then it is urgently necessary to raise it.

Here are a few signs that the child begins to develop immunodeficiency:

  1. the kid often gets sick - more than 6 times a year;
  2. the child suffers from a common cold, after it there are complications in the form of sore throat or otitis;
  3. diseases last longer than usual, the child’s body does not respond to medication. The first thing that needs to be done in such cases is to show the child to a specialist - immunologist. He will prescribe you drugs that are ideal for the features of the body of the baby.

How can I raise the immunity of the child?

How to raise the immunity of the child: hardening

  1. One of the main ways to improve the immunity of a child is hardening. You can teach your child to temper by inventing some kind of game, but this must be done after the child reaches 4 years of age. Never force a child to harden! To begin, start doing morning exercises with your child, just make sure that at this time he feels cheerful. After 10 minutes of warm-up, you can start water procedures (water should be at room temperature, then its temperature can be gradually lowered) - rubbing the body with water for 2 minutes, after some time the intervals can be increased. After rubbing with water, wipe the baby’s body with a towel and rub the skin until warmth appears. Then warm up the baby. Do not forget to ensure that it does not freeze!
  2. The next way is use of vitamins and minerals, because the children's body needs them much more than an adult. The best period for the use of vitamins and minerals is winter and spring, because it is during these seasons that immunity is at risk of decline. But remember that you should be prescribed vitamins by a qualified specialist; do not take the risk of starting to take a course of medication yourself.

How to raise the immunity of the child: vitamins

Maintain normal immunity in a child is easy- Watch your baby’s diet, go outdoors more often, temper and do not forget that the child should not be under stressful conditions, keep his moral health under control.

Be healthy!

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