How to raise testosterone levels in men with drugs and folk

The term "testosterone" is associated with male sexual functions. In fact, this androgenic hormone also contributes to the development of muscles, an increase in the potential of physical strength, and the manifestation of leadership qualities. How to raise the level of testosterone in men is an important question, because the lack of its production negatively affects all spheres of life.

How to raise the level of testosterone in men

The amount of testosterone in the body depends on the age of the man, the proper functioning of the endocrine system, and even on the season and time of day (its content in the blood may decrease in hot weather and by the end of the day). Do not pay attention to the deficiency of testosterone is impossible, because it will give about itself know:

  • deterioration of erection and sexual desire;
  • increase in body weight;
  • loose muscle;
  • reduction of hair on the face and body;
  • bad memory, inattention, irritability.

In severe cases, when androgen deficiency is significant and no measures are taken for too long to eliminate it, the growth of the mammary glands may begin, with the result that the breast will look like a woman's.

Both in folk and in traditional medicine there are many methods to prevent such troubles.

Doctors offer "courage shots"

According to the doctors, it is not difficult for a man to raise testosterone in a man: for this purpose, special preparations were created in the form of tablets, solutions for injections, patches and gels. Receipt of the drug directly into the bloodstream during the injection or absorption through the skin when applied topically is the fastest way to compensate for the lack of hormones. The best means that are available in different forms are:

  • Tribustan;
  • Testosterone Enanthate;
  • Undeconate;
  • Sustanon;
  • Adriol.

Drug treatment should be administered only by a specialist after a prostate-specific antigen test and rectal examination. But even after a prescription appeared in the patient’s hands, the doctor’s control over the drug intake is needed. Otherwise, malfunction of the hormonal system, the appearance of acne, reduction of the testes and other side effects are possible.

raise testosterone in men lifestyle changes

As a rule, the use of medicines is an extreme measure, it is advisable to try to increase testosterone in men by lifestyle changes and folk remedies.

Become a "real man" will help people's advice

By virtue of the habit, modern people solve any health problems with the help of chemical drugs, forgetting that medicinal herbs can not yield or sometimes surpass them in their effectiveness. Our great-grandfathers solved the problem of lack of testosterone, using:

  • Ginseng

This plant not only enhances the production of the male hormone, but also reduces the blood levels of substances that are its antagonists. The tonic properties of ginseng are conducive to increasing physical activity and improving mood.

  • Yakorets creeping

This aphrodisiac herb enhances potency, regulates spermatogenesis. Its action is due to the normalization of androgen production. Yakorets will help to forget about the threat of effeminate and conceive a child.

  • Eleutherococcus

Tinctures and extracts of a famous plant stabilize the metabolism, in particular, sugar and cholesterol, strengthen and activate all body systems, including the endocrine glands.

We create favorable conditions for testosterone production.

Any drugs will be useless if a man:

  • exposes itself to excessive physical and psycho-emotional stress;
  • sleeps less than 7 hours a day;
  • suffering from overweight due to improper diet;
  • has bad habits.

Making changes in the diet is also important as an additional way to help raise the level of testosterone in men. The daily menu should be:

a way to help increase testosterone levels in men

  • seafood: oysters, shrimps, crayfish, crabs, red fish;
  • nuts of different types: pistachios, hazelnuts, walnuts with honey;
  • pumpkin and sunflower seeds;
  • parsley, celery, dill, lettuce;
  • eggplants, cauliflower and broccoli;
  • garlic, onion, turmeric;
  • dried fruit, orange or red fruit, berries;
  • porridge, eggs, cottage cheese;
  • small amount of wine and fatty meat.

The use of foods that interfere with the secretion of male sex hormones should be limited. Harm is caused by:

  • sweet and salty food;
  • smoked meat;
  • semi-finished products (hormones and antibiotics are used in their manufacture);
  • soy products;
  • bread and pasta made from high-grade flour;
  • fast food;
  • beer, coffee, strong tea.

Of particular importance in testosterone deficiency is the replenishment of cells with liquid - you should drink at least 2.5 liters of pure non-carbonated water, it can be mineral.

To restore the production of male hormones, it is also necessary to devote about 1 hour twice a week to sports training. Choosing exercises, you need to dwell on those that are aimed at training large muscles:

  • squatting with weights;
  • breech;
  • running with weighting.

The main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise the effect will be the opposite.

To achieve an optimal result, a complex of methods is required - a combination of a healthy lifestyle and medication, preferably natural. But the main condition for success is a stable psychological state. Being interested in how a woman can raise the level of testosterone in a man, many expect to hear that regular sex life is conducive to this. This is correct information, but do not forget that communicating with a partner, taking care of her, performing “little feats” is also a way to a mood that has a positive effect on the endocrine system. Representatives of the stronger sex are encouraged to visit places where they can show competitive spirit and excitement, listen to energetic music, watch movies on military topics - in general, feel like a man!

The diagnosis of "testosterone deficiency" for a man is no reason to be upset. Rather, it is a signal that the time has come to change to think about your health, change your lifestyle, take advantage of the healing gifts of nature. If such action is not enough, official medicine will always come to the rescue.

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