How to raise body temperature to 38 and other numbers at

Life is full of paradoxes. When one has to look for ways to reduce the numbers on the thermometer to normal, others try to learn how to raise body temperature. It is possible that someday tips on how to quickly simulate a fever will come in handy. Know about the methods of raising the temperature is necessary and those who keep it below 36 ° C. Do we deal with anti-cure?

Why raise the temperature?

How to raise body temperature?

Usually everyone is happy if the thermometer is 36.6˚. But in some cases, a person dreams of a mercury column rising to at least 37.1˚. An adult is looking for workarounds, if he urgently needed a sick-list, you must leave work or stay at home for a couple of days. Often students are looking for them in order to have grounds for skipping lectures, and scholars, if a test is scheduled or has not learned a lesson.

The reasons for the increase in temperature can be more compelling. One of them is if a person has suffered from hypothermia (peremerz or fell through the ice). The reason for bringing the indicators back to normal is their chronic decline, which lasts no less than a week.

Depending on the reason, the method of how to raise the body temperature is selected. The important thing is: is it necessary that it be high only on a thermometer, or does a real fever really be needed?

Temperature without temperature. How to cheat a thermometer?

If a person does not plan to get really sick, but simply wants to deceive the thermometer (and someone else), such manipulations will help:

  • take a few napkins, dip them in hot water. Squeeze, put in a plastic bag, using a patch to attach to the body in the armpits. When measuring the temperature, apply a thermometer to warm napkins. Cons - if you have to sit in a queue for a long time, then napkins can soak your clothes or cool them down;
  • Buy a new thermometer, heat it to the required temperature and attach it in the armpit area. When the doctor will give a thermometer, you just need to put it in your inner pocket, and get your own. Disadvantages - you have to spend money on buying a thermometer (and it should be exactly the same), one of the thermometers may fall;
  • In order for the thermometer to show an increased temperature, it is enough to rub its head (where mercury is) for 10 seconds on a blanket, sofa surface, or other fabric. If you are too zealous, you can break the thermometer or it will show 42˚. It will be difficult to see a doctor in this case, as he can just touch his forehead. If he believes the thermometer, he can write out a referral to the hospital instead of the hospital one;
  • You can hold the thermometer on a hot battery for some time (put it in hot tea or coffee) and then place it under your arm. But in the presence of a doctor it is impossible to do.

All of these methods will make the thermometer a "partner" of deception. But, to put them into practice, you have to be creative (to distract the doctor) and caution (so as not to break the thermometer).

Imaginary patient: how to raise body temperature quickly and permanently

How to cheat a thermometer?

If it is necessary that the temperature of a healthy person really rises, such methods will do:

  • "hot armpits". The essence of the method is to rub the armpits with salt, pepper, garlic or onions. This will cause a local increase in temperature. Disadvantages - you can earn an allergy, you have to endure a strong burning sensation in the armpit, it is impossible to kill the smell of garlic and onions with the most resistant colognes and deodorants;
  • "edible slate". Dangerous to health, but in most cases an effective way is to find a domestic simple pencil, remove the core, grind the slate, eat 2 spoons. After 15 minutes, the temperature will jump to 37.5-38˚ and will remain that 3-4 hours. Cons - you can get a strong poisoning or choking;
  • "iodine sandwich". This tool is guaranteed to help those who are looking for how to raise body temperature in 5 minutes. Take a piece of refined sugar or a slice of bread, drop 1-2 drops of iodine on it and eat. The temperature will stay about a day. Warning: in addition to poisoning, this method can cause heart problems or lead to fainting;
  • coffee on an empty stomach. Those who do not suffer from hypertension, as a means of provoking a temporary fever suitable coffee. Only it should not be mixed with water, but simply chew the granules. Disadvantages - disgusting taste, the way does not affect all;
  • hot bath If you sit in hot water for a long time, and then put on a warm sweater, socks, wrap your neck with a scarf and lie down under a warm blanket, then the temperature will rise to at least 37.5%. What can go wrong? The pressure may rise sharply and an arrhythmia will begin;
  • workout up a sweat. Severe physical exertion can cause a short-term effect of increasing temperature.

Fever on request: 2 ways to really get sick

If you need a long vacation and the question arose, how to raise body temperature to 38 degrees a week for two, you have to get sick. Immediately warn: the consequences can be very sad!

If you do not feel sorry for your health and there are no chronic diseases, then mock your body in such ways:

  • buy in the pharmacy "Rondo" or "Hols", put under the tongue, open the window and breathe through the mouth with frosty air. It takes about 10 minutes to start the inflammatory process in the throat, and the temperature of 38.2 ˚ does not take long;
  • pour ice from the refrigerator into a glass, add 1/6 of cold water and drink (the effect is guaranteed if you swallow a glass of ice milk by gulp).

Other ways to get sick are invented, but we strongly advise against using them.

Serious problem: low body temperature. How to lift?

Low body temperature

If the decrease in temperature is associated with overwork, lack of sleep or hypothermia, then the safest way to bring it back to normal will be a visit to the bath. Bath procedures can raise the temperature by 2 degrees. After steaming, drink herbal tea with honey.

To improve the condition, you can drink hot tea with sugar, lie under a blanket and sleep well.

Massage or a contrast shower will help restore strength and raise the temperature to 36.6˚.

The fastest method that solves the question of how to raise body temperature at home (if it has dropped to dangerous levels) is to artificially warm the body by overlaying a person with bottles or hot water heaters. Then wrap it well and give hot tea to drink with raspberries or honey or decoction of St. John's wort (1 tablespoon per 1 tablespoon boiling water).

To warm up in a stationary state, it is necessary to take 4 deep breaths, strain the diaphragm and hold the breath for 40 seconds.

Why the body temperature rises: the mechanism

For a person, the normal temperature is from 36˚ to 37˚. If an infection gets into the body or inflammation begins, it actively reacts to this danger and includes special mechanisms: it increases blood circulation, stimulates the production of red blood cells, and increases the body temperature.

It is known that many pathogenic microorganisms die already at 38˚. Therefore, it is extremely undesirable and dangerous to interfere with the activities of your body and artificially raise or lower the temperature, especially without extreme necessity.

If you are thinking about how to independently raise the temperature to 38 ° C or other indicators, then remember that none of these methods is safe. Better not to joke with your health. The benefits of such dangerous games can be disproportionately small compared with the possible consequences!

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