How to quit smoking at home quickly and easily

Bad habits today are not in fashion, but because more and more people are trying to return to a healthy lifestyle. It is commendable that you decided to take on yourself - this is the first and most important step to success. Let's figure out how to quit smoking at home quickly and reliably.

Tell yourself: "I can!"

You decide to quit smoking and prolong your life.

You decide to quit smoking and prolong your life. This means that you should clearly realize and tell yourself that you will really do it and never go back. At first you will have a hard time, but you will be able to overcome everything, because this is not the strongest addiction. People successfully struggle with alcohol and even drug addiction. And what are you worse than these people? Nothing. You will definitely be able to refuse cigarettes, even if you have a decent experience.

  • The first thing you need to understand is that by deciding to “tie,” you should not give yourself any relief. No "one more and all", "this is the latest cigarette." You have already tied up.
  • Right now go and throw away all the packs that you have (better not in the bucket, but immediately to the garbage dump or garbage chute, so as not to get them).

Reliable rear

You will have a hard time also because for an organism accustomed to nicotine, rejecting it will become stress. Talk to your loved ones, explain to them that it will be hard for you (and therefore for them); that you will be irritable and nervous; that, perhaps, you will start to fall for someone, but all this is not from evil, it is a reaction of the organism. Ask them not to be offended by you. Let them help you, support in word and deed. Together you can do it.

Agree with your husband (wife), boyfriend (girlfriend), mother (father), some relative or with yourself (if you live alone) to become your ally. Agree that every time you have to pay for a cigarette. For example, the "price" of a single cigarette may be washing up, vacuuming an apartment and cleaning the toilet bowl with a cleaning agent. Perhaps the first time you agree to do all this for one cigarette. But soon you will get tired of it, and you decide that it is better to endure.


Most likely, at work you went out with other smokers for a break.

Most likely, at work you went out with other smokers for a break. Now it is necessary to refuse it. However, this is not so easy, because colleagues can seduce you and even chuckle at your idea to quit. “It will not work anyway,” “You will only do worse to yourself,” “Last time,” and so on - such remarks will surely be heard from them. You need to firmly stop the attempts of others to lead you astray. You can answer them with something like “I smoke at your funeral,” or say that you have asthma and, after smoking, you will go to that light. Or you can declare with the most serious and even formidable view that the next time such a proposal will be considered a personal insult. Sooner or later you will be left alone. Perhaps your example will even inspire someone.

Cause disgust

Well proven methods to develop aversion to cigarettes. Every time you feel like smoking, put something you don't like in your mouth (for example, liquorice, snail, etc.) and, sucking it, imagine that you smoke. After a few such sessions, associative thinking will do its job.

A method with a cigarette soaked in yogurt is very well known. Try to smoke this - if you do not vomit, then it will cause disgust for sure. Subsequently, every time think about this taste and remember that in fact, cigarettes and there are such nasty, even worse, just before you did not notice. Many advise this method as a quick way to quit smoking.

Other popular recipes

If you think about how to quit smoking at home quickly, folk remedies will help you.

Buy unpeeled grains of oats in a pharmacy or pet store and prepare this drink:

  1. Pour 100 g of grains with cold water and leave overnight.
  2. Next morning put the broth on the stove and boil for 1-2 minutes, then let it cool to room temperature.
  3. Strain and pour into jars.

Every time you want to smoke, reach for a jar and drink broth. It will reduce your craving for tobacco.

Traction to smoking subsides after rinsing the mouth with lemon juice. For this:

  1. Squeeze the juice of 1 lemon into a small cup of water.
  2. Rinse your mouth.

Instead of lemon water, you can also use salt water.

Gradual withdrawal

A sharp rejection of nicotine can be a real disaster for the body. Therefore, those who fear for their health, as well as those who have a decent experience in the field of smoking, it is best to gradually and smoothly reduce the dose of nicotine. Move to fewer packs. Every week, take out 1-2 packs of cigarettes, each time reducing the dose. Get a notebook and mark your smoked cigarettes, as well as those times that you could refuse.

Then you can switch to an electronic cigarette with a lower nicotine content. Gradually, when the body gets used to the lowest dose, you can finally put aside this gadget.

Nicotine patches

Nicotine patches will also help you (

Nicotine patches ("Nikorette", "Nikoderm" and others) that you can buy at the pharmacy will also help you. Thanks to them, the so-called nicotine withdrawal syndrome is not so painful. In addition, they help to reduce craving for smoking and reduce the number of cigarettes smoked. The pharmacy will help you find the patch that is right for you. It is best to consult with a therapist before buying it, especially if you have an ulcer, liver failure, diabetes, or have a cardiovascular disease.


You can get rid of addiction with the help of hypnosis. However, not all this method is suitable. If you think that hypnosis can work on you, then you should try. If you mock in such a way in advance, sincerely believing that you are not susceptible to suggestion, it is better not to even try: just throw your money away. Having decided on hypnosis, you need to find a good specialist in this area and not stumble upon scammers, of which there are very, very many (it’s understandable: no investments, no one can guarantee the result in advance). Hypnosis is designed to help instill aversion to smoking in consciousness.

Books to quit smoking quickly and easily

In addition to the main therapy, connect reading useful books. This, for example, Allen Carr "Easy way to quit smoking", Sergey Zaitsev "How to quit smoking in 3 days", Rushel Blavo "How to quit smoking", Yuri Goncharov "How to quit smoking in Russian", Vladimir Zvyagin "Quit smoking! SELF coding on the SOS system. "

Important Tips

In addition to the main therapy, connect reading useful books.

  • Going to the store, make a list of acquisitions and take the money "under the calculation", so that the cigarettes are no longer there. And it's better to pass the purchase on to someone else.
  • Buy nuts, seeds, candied fruits or dried fish. When you want to take a smoke break, nibble your snack instead of a cigarette. She, too, will relax and divert your attention.
  • Every time you successfully skip a smoke break, praise yourself and tell yourself how strong you are. After a week, make yourself a gift - for example, buy the thing you have long wanted, but it was a pity for the money. You've saved for this week. In general, encourage yourself.
  • Minimize contact with smokers. If there is an opportunity not to go to a meeting with comrades or to visit, where, as you know, they will smoke, do not go. People from close surroundings can be asked to smoke in secret from you. If they wish you well, they will support you and unquestioningly fulfill your request. And if not, then consider whether you should communicate with such people at all.
  • Perhaps you have a friend who knows how to quit smoking at home quickly and easily, from experience. Chat with him and ask what helped him and what he can advise you.
  • Try to relax more and saturate your life with positive emotions, so that the body quickly comes out of a stressful state.
  • Eat well and fully. At this stage it is especially important for your body.
  • Refusing to smoke, you started a new life. Why don't you add more novelty to it by changing something else? Make a new hairstyle, update your wardrobe, sign up for yoga. The more new the better. Look at yourself - you have changed, and your habits too. Adjust your lifestyle. You can sign up for a healthy lifestyle course, start eating right. This approach will be most effective.

Down with despair!

Remember that you have taken an important step towards eliminating your addiction. Even if you did not succeed, do not give up, in no case do not tell yourself: "I could not (la). I am weak (th)". You could - you started the fight! And this is very important. You can not stop, because you promised yourself that there would be no going back. Make, as in school, work on the errors, analyze what and why did not work, and start anew, eliminating these errors. The next time you can do much more and achieve better results.

Smoking kills - everyone knows that. But not everyone is able to take the will into a fist and fight the addiction. You have already begun your struggle, which means the result will come. Remember that the most effective and fastest way to stop smoking is to use all the tools in the complex. Believe in yourself, work on yourself - and you will definitely succeed.

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