How to quickly remove puffiness under the eyes

A rare person looks attractive, just waking up. Many need to make an effort to acquire the "human" appearance. And the most unpleasant thing that you have to contend with is edema of the eyelids, which do not allow to look with wide eyes and immediately add years. Let's see what this phenomenon is, why it occurs and, of course, how to remove the swelling under the eyes.

Edema is an excessive accumulation of fluid in organs and tissues. Edematous may be the skin at any site, but the eyelids are the most vulnerable area, since here the skin is thinnest and the vessels come close to the surface. Edema can affect only the upper eyelid, only the lower or both at once, be one-sided and two-sided. Chronic edema most often indicates a disease that may not have other manifestations at this stage. In this case, it is recommended to exclude heart disease, kidney, thyroid, donate blood for proteins.

Where does swelling of the eyelids come from?

Consider the reasons that can lead to the appearance of puffiness.

Consider the reasons that can lead to the appearance of edema, - their identification will help to say goodbye to the "bags" more efficiently and quickly.


If one of the parents is prone to edema, then children are more likely to have the same problem.

If one of the parents is prone to edema, then children are more likely to have the same problem. The structure of the upper and lower eyelids may contribute to the accumulation of fluid. For example, in the "eastern" section of the eye, the skin under the lower eyelid is overly stretched, which emphasizes even a slight hyperemia. In addition, with age, the cell membranes become thinner, the skin elasticity decreases. But this does not mean that nothing can be done. The recommendations that you find at the end of this article will tell you how to reduce the "bags" under the eyes. And in the most severe cases, a plastic surgeon will help.


Edema may be associated with the body's response to flowering, dust, wool, cosmetics or chocolate. Such swelling occurs suddenly and does not cause discomfort (although it does not look too aesthetically pleasing). The solution to the problem is to limit the contact with the allergen as much as possible and consult a doctor who can determine the cause and prescribe antihistamines and ointments.

Diseases of the heart, liver, kidneys, endocrine system

When violations of the activities of these organs can occur stagnation of fluids in the tissues, and on any part of the skin

When violations of the activities of these organs can occur stagnation of fluids in the tissues, and on any part of the skin. But the swelling under the eyes with kidney disease, for example, is especially noticeable, because the skin here is the thinnest! You can help your body by taking quality treatment. For example, diuretics will make the face more "dry" and rested in appearance. Only you should not take medicines without consulting a doctor! This is especially important for pregnant women who are at risk. In their case, edema is not just a cosmetic defect, but a possible symptom of very serious violations of the hormonal system and kidneys. And a visit to the doctor in this case is not a whim, but a necessity!

Inflammatory diseases

Perpetrators of edema may be rhinitis, sinusitis, sinusitis, and so on. They all cause dilation of blood vessels. How to remove the swelling under the eyes in such a situation, it is best to tell the doctor. Until recovery has come (and it is 5-7 days), you can use soothing, anti-inflammatory and vasoconstrictor drops. Antibacterial ointments can quickly solve a problem such as puffiness under the eyes, the causes of which are conjunctivitis or barley.


Dealing with depression, trusting your pillow secrets, is a bad strategy in the long run. Time is a bad doctor. Of course, there are black lines in the life of each person, but if yours dragged on, then you should make an effort to regain a good mood. Help can be found from friends, a psychologist or a psychotherapist or in support groups.


Fans of spicy, salted, smoked food are encouraged to enjoy their favorite delicacies.

Fans of spicy, salted, smoked are encouraged to enjoy their favorite treats in the morning, because all these products prevent the removal of fluid from the body. But the best solution is to eliminate these foods from the diet. And by the way, alcohol and cigarettes are also in the "black list"!


No matter how trite it may sound, the main condition for external attractiveness is a healthy sleep. Any woman will do much more for her beauty, if instead of taking tedious procedures and masks in the evening hours, she will simply get enough sleep!

Prevention and ambulance

So, tomorrow morning is an important event where you need to look your best. What to do?

  • Apply night cream 2 hours before bedtime so that it does not clog pores and allow the skin to breathe. For the area around the eyes, use specialized creams: they contain less oil and less spread. In addition, their action is aimed at lifting the skin, rather than moisturizing. Before going to bed, remove the remnants of the cream with a napkin.
  • Do not get enough of the night, especially prohibited foods.
  • Drink only pure water: it quenches thirst best.
  • Sleep on high pillows, preferably on the back.
  • Use a special mask for sleep - it will create pressure on the eyelids and will prevent stagnation.

If all these recommendations did not help, then “resuscitation” in the morning should be aimed at restoring venous blood flow and lymph outflow. Here are some tips on how to remove puffiness under the eyes quickly.

tomorrow morning is an important event where you need to look your best

  • Contrast shower for the face.
  • Massage. You can finger massage the area of ​​the nose, temples and - very carefully - to slap the eyelids. Or you can simply press your eyelids with your hands and try to open your eyes in this position, using your facial muscles. Good for this cooling gels for the eyelids, having a massage roller.
  • Compress from potatoes - uncooked, raw, sliced ​​or grated, cucumber application or parsley mask with sour cream - choose what you like and eat at hand.
  • "Ice" mask - plastic, filled with gel. Keep it in the refrigerator, if necessary, put on a few minutes. The same effect will give rubbing the skin with pieces of ice made from decoctions of herbs (calendula, sage).
  • Salon procedures will help to achieve a significant effect: methods of electrostimulation of the lymphatic tract, microcurrent therapy, mesotherapy, dermotonii and the use of cosmetic masks.
  • In severe cases of persistent edema, not related to internal diseases, blepharoplasty may help.

Edema around the eyes is a signal from our body that requires close attention and often medical attention. And sometimes - just a more careful treatment. Most readers can handle the "bags" and home methods. And the achievements of modern cosmetology and medicine will help everyone else.

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