How to quickly lower hemoglobin in the blood of women and


Causes of poor health can sometimes be covered in too high hemoglobin. Everyone knows that a low level of a substance is bad, and what is the risk of an overabundance? How to lower hemoglobin in the blood and whether to do this? When can this wholesome protein turn into the worst enemy?

Too red blood - a danger or a sign of good health?

How to lower hemoglobin in the blood?

Hemoglobin is a natural pigment, due to which the blood becomes bright scarlet. He is involved in transporting oxygen from the lungs to the tissue and delivering carbon dioxide to the lungs. It would seem that such an important component should be in the blood as much as possible.

But the organism is a complete system. Lack or excess of any substances can cause malfunction. This also applies to hemoglobin. Its high level is an extremely dangerous condition that makes blood too viscous. The result of such violations is very sad: the formation of blood clots (can be fatal), hemorrhagic complications, ischemic pain in the limbs, gangrene. Vital organs such as the heart, brain, liver, and kidneys are affected by elevated hemoglobin. Therefore, the answer to the question of how to lower hemoglobin in the blood, should be found as quickly as possible.

Is it easy to normalize protein levels? You can do this if you use a set of measures: medication, folk remedies and adjustment of lifestyle and nutrition. But before starting measures to reduce hemoglobin, it is important to establish the cause. Certain illnesses (intestinal obstruction, cardiac pathologies, diseases of the blood, kidneys, tumors, diabetes, cholelithiasis) can provoke such consequences.

Medications: action and features of the appointment

Only a doctor can prescribe drugs that will bring hemoglobin back to normal. Their function is blood thinning. There is no significant difference between how to lower hemoglobin in the blood of men and women. Today, the following medications are used for this.

Drugs that will lead hemoglobin to normal

  • Aspirin and its improved versions: Cardiomagnyl, Aspirin-Cardio, Trombot Ass. Aspirin is not suitable for those suffering from gastrointestinal diseases.
  • Trental. Effectively thins blood, has anti-inflammatory effect. Not appointed until the age of 18, is contraindicated for pregnant and lactating women.
  • Curantil. Not only eliminates blood viscosity, but also strengthens the walls of blood vessels, improves blood microcirculation. The drug can even be prescribed to expectant mothers. Not applicable for the treatment of patients with serious pathologies of the heart and kidneys.
  • Clopidogrel. Reduces the formation of platelets. Not assigned to minors and pregnant. Contraindications are ulcers and severe liver disease.

Medicines cannot be prescribed for oneself (even prophylactically), since they can cause serious side effects. The dosage can be selected only by a doctor.

The most radical method of reducing hemoglobin, which is resorted to in exceptional cases, is erythrocytopheresis. The procedure is nothing more than a blood transfusion. In this case, all the "extra" red blood cells are removed from it, and then returned to the patient.

How to lower hemoglobin in the blood quickly and safely: folk methods and bloodletting

If the increase in hemoglobin is not associated with serious pathologies, then informal medicine can be used. Connoisseurs of unconventional methods recommend 3 ways on how to lower hemoglobin in the blood by folk remedies:

How to lower hemoglobin in the blood: folk methods

  1. It is necessary to cook more often salads from herbs: slyti, wood lice, fireweed.
  2. A good effect provides eating lemons. Sour citrus must be washed, cut into slices (along with zest), brew in water. This drink should be replaced by water for 1 month.
  3. The natural component that tends to reduce hemoglobin is mummy. It should be taken on an empty stomach 1 time per day (before bedtime). The course of treatment is 10-12 days. Then a 5-day rest is prescribed, after which a blood test should be taken. If necessary, treatment is carried out for another 10 days.

Mumiyo can not be combined with alcohol. If it is used as a means to lower hemoglobin in the blood of women, then another important aspect needs to be considered. Representatives of the weaker sex often suffer from neurosis and insomnia. If they are taking sedatives or sleeping pills, then you can not use mummy. This may provoke an undesirable reaction.

An effective alternative method is hirudotherapy - treatment with leeches. They stick to the skin and thin the blood, adding to it the special enzymes that their body produces. To hemoglobin returned to normal, enough 5-7 sessions of therapy with the help of medical leeches.

It is necessary to give a "day off" to your digestive system and arrange fasting days once a week. At this time, it is permissible to drink water, non-sour juice and weak tea (green is best). You can for 1 day to sit on the curd-kefir or vegetable diet.

What to remove from your desk? Under the ban fall dishes containing large amounts of animal protein - pork and beef. It is better to abandon the butter, smoked meats, liver, fatty milk.

If a woman has exceeded 140 g / l, and a man has 160 g / l, then it is right to first find the culprit for this problem, and then find out how to lower hemoglobin in the blood. A healthy lifestyle, sufficient physical activity, fresh air will make the work of the bone marrow that produces hemoglobin. And the result of the tests will never again dishearten you!