How to quickly get rid of nits at home

Lice, although they are rather unpleasant and in some way dangerous problem, are easily derived: insecticidal shampoos and sprays, and even simple tar soap, can quickly and reliably expel them from the scalp. But the eggs they lay are much more difficult to eliminate. For this reason, getting rid of nits on long hair often means that you have to get rid of the hair itself. Is it possible to somehow solve the problem without compromising length and density?

Pharmaceutical preparations for home use against nits

Pharmaceutical preparations for home use against nits

Before talking about medical methods, it is worth saying that no matter how powerful the tool is, after that you will still have to manually remove the dead larvae. The difference between its use and the purely mechanical way is that after chemical intervention from nits, only a dry shell remains, which is much easier to remove than a live larva.

  • Make sure you louse your head off. It’s useless to think about how to get rid of nits, while those who are able to produce them are present in the hair. Therefore, the main step here is the choice of shampoo against pediculosis. Remember that it is necessary to apply it only strictly according to the recipe and at persons older than 3 years. Treatment of young children should be under the supervision of a physician.
  • There are limitations for medical drugs against lice: they need to be alternated. That is, if after the 3rd use the desired effect did not appear, it is required to purchase another means, and not to try to achieve a result from this. Only one drug may be present in therapy, unless the doctor has indicated otherwise in his prescription.
  • The most effective today are products based on anise, lavender oils, as well as clearol: Paranit, Pediculen-ultra, Lavinal. You can also use drugs containing permethrin, phenotrin, but they have a large number of contraindications.

All pharmaceutical tools of this kind are rather caustic, therefore they are unacceptable for use in people with asthma, scalp injuries, and pregnant women. At the time of the procedure, it is necessary to protect the mucous membrane of the nose and throat, remove contact lenses, wear gloves on your hands. Do not let the product in the eyes.

Can I get rid of nits at home for 1 day with these drugs? Definitely not. In order to get a quality result, the procedure will have to be repeated in 5-7 days, even if it seems to you that you killed all the lice and were able to comb all their larvae.

What does traditional medicine offer?

a lot of products that affect lice and nits,

The bulk of the funds that affect lice and nits, affects the nervous system of parasites, leading to their paralysis. There are very few such ingredients in the recipes of traditional medicine, so most of them are really useless. It makes sense to use only some essential oils and herbal extracts, but it is better to forget about the methods using mayonnaise, egg yolk and other foods.

  • In 1 tbsp. apple bite dissolve 3 tbsp. salt, add 1 tsp vodka. Spread the mixture over the gauze, put it on your head, cover it with a handkerchief and keep it for 24 hours. Wash your hair the next day, and then repeat the procedure.
  • At the initial stage of the appearance of lice, you can add geranium or lavender oil to the shampoo, as well as anise oil: about 3-4 drops. They are recommended to soak the comb when combing.
  • Olive oil leads to suffocation of parasites, so it can also give some results. For reliability, it should be mixed with anise oil (7: 1 or 8: 1), put this mixture on the roots and length, leave for 6-8 hours.

Regardless of what means you chose - home or pharmacy - after using it, it is advisable to wash and treat the hair with a conventional conditioner, after which it is good to comb it with a wet comb with metal teeth when wet. It needs to be constantly rinsed so that the dirt that has already been removed with it cannot be brought back. After the hair is dried (without using a hair dryer), the same comb should be walked over it, removing the dry larvae.

  • As for the recently appeared electronic crests, they do not exceed the usual ones, but they have a very high cost. In fact, the result depends only on how tightly the teeth are and also on the width of the strand: it should not exceed the width of the ridge itself.

Summing up, I would like to note that whether you can quickly get rid of nits depends on how much lice turned out to be: in some cases, 2-3 days is the maximum for which all eggs can be removed by mechanical cleaning, and sometimes the process is stretched for 10-14 days. But no matter how much he takes, be sure to take preventive measures so that he no longer faces this problem.

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