How to quickly cure barley on the eye at home

Eye barley - a phenomenon that is quite common and delivers a lot of inconvenience. With timely treatment of this disease, you can quickly get rid of and prevent complications. Incompetent actions, on the contrary, can aggravate the situation. How to quickly cure barley on the eye with the help of drugs and home remedies, and which of them are the most effective?

Barley is an inflammation that has developed in the lower or upper eyelid. It appears due to infection in the ciliary follicle or sebaceous gland, located near the ciliary bulb. In most cases, the causative agent of such an infection is Staphylococcus aureus. The first signs of barley are itching, swelling and reddening of a separate area of ​​the skin of the upper or lower eyelid, the subsequent occurrence of an abscess.

Usually, all this is accompanied by pain and fever at the site of inflammation. Often after ripening (after 3-4 days) it happens that the barley itself is opened with the release of pus. And sometimes it is absorbed at the initial stage.

The following factors can cause this unpleasant disease.

The following factors can cause this unpleasant disease:

  • reduced immunity;
  • diabetes;
  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • severe hypothermia;
  • furunculosis, carbunculosis;
  • hypovitaminosis;
  • the use of other people's personal hygiene products, as well as cosmetics;
  • touching your skin with dirty hands;
  • presence of demodex mite

With the wrong treatment or its absence, complications can often arise:

  • headaches;
  • fever;
  • swollen lymph nodes;
  • conjunctivitis.

If these symptoms occur, you should consult a doctor to avoid serious consequences.

How to quickly cure barley on the eye?

How to treat barley on the eye at home?

For the treatment of barley, official medicine usually offers the following remedies:

  • Ointment. From barley on the eye will help get rid of hydrocortisone, tetracycline, erythromycin;
  • Eye drops. Levomitsetin, penicillin, gentamicin, albumin - the action of substances (most often antibiotics) contained in these drops, is aimed at the destruction of Staphylococcus aureus;
  • Furatsilina solution for washing;
  • UHF treatment;
  • In severe cases, surgery is used.

Barley regularly popping in front of their eyes is a signal that the body needs help at a deep level. The most effective and safe methods of getting rid of the infection causing them are bioresonance therapy and homeopathic medicines.

Their advantage is that they not only destroy the pathogen, but also remove toxins from the body. The help of qualified specialists in this field is necessary for the individual selection of a homeopathic remedy, as well as treatment with the help of bioresonance devices.

Since the main cause of the manifestation of the infection is a weakened immunity, it should be strengthened. A sufficient amount of vitamins consumed, a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise will help to correct this problem.

How to treat barley at home?

Quickly cure barley on the eye at home, using simple means in several ways. Here are the most effective ones:

  • treatment of the affected area with alcohol, brilliant green or iodine;
  • tea compresses. A bag of black or chamomile tea is applied to the barley;
  • washing with extract of hypericum, calendula, cherry flowers or warm compresses using these healing herbs;
  • lotion with aloe, plantain juice or clove tincture.
  • dry warm. Warming up may serve a good service at the initial stage of barley development, before the formation of an abscess. To do this, you can use a warm hard-boiled egg or a bag of warm salt, flaxseed or croup.

do not touch the site of inflammation with dirty hands, scratch it

To prevent an increase in the inflammatory process, as well as reduce the risk of complications, doctors recommend that you follow the following rules:

  • you can not squeeze pus out of barley or try to accelerate its output by piercing a pus;
  • do not touch the site of inflammation with dirty hands, scratch it;
  • it is necessary to abandon the use of cosmetics, contact lenses until full recovery;
  • when applying ointment, solution, iodine or other medicines, you must use clean disposable cotton swabs or other tools each time;
  • you can not do warming steam, and in the presence of an abscess should not warm up the barley at all.

Barley baby: what to do?

The treatment of barley in a child is almost the same as the tactic of action against an adult. But you must be especially careful to ensure that the baby does not rub or scratch the site of inflammation. Here are some more tips to help save the little ones from an unpleasant sore.

  • The safest and often the most effective treatment for barley in children is chamomile compresses. Such procedures can be done even for babies.
  • It is necessary to choose medicines very carefully, it is advisable to consult with a doctor beforehand.
  • When burying the child’s eyes with drops, it is necessary to take extra care and use a glass pipette with a round tip to avoid injury.
  • When instilling eyes it is highly undesirable to touch the pipette or the tip of the bottle to the barley itself.

If barley on the child’s eye is not a phenomenon, but a frequent problem, the well-known pediatrician Komarovsky advises getting rid of the inflammatory infection with antibiotics. Also, the pediatrician recommends paying attention to the work and condition of the baby's sweat glands.

Following all these tips and starting treatment in a timely and competent manner, you can easily get rid of barley at home, as well as prevent its development. But with self-treatment, it is necessary to carefully monitor the course of the disease. If the inflammatory process lasts too long (more than a week), as well as new symptoms appear, it is necessary to contact a specialist to prevent complications.

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