How to quickly cure a cold on the lips at home


It's no secret that the sooner the manifestations of the disease are noticed, the greater the chances of not getting complications, and simply less time is spent under a blanket and with a pile of medicines, falling from the usual rhythm of life. However, it is not always possible to catch the "enemy" is still on the way, so you have to deal with the situation on the fact of its occurrence. How to treat a cold at home, to quickly get rid of the disease, and how to prevent relapse?

How to independently and quickly cope with a cold?

How to independently and quickly cope with a cold

Any viral infection that suddenly manifests as fever, weakness, nasal congestion or active rhinitis, sore throat, cough, voice loss is the result of a fallen immunity, the “walls” of which were missed in the body of the enemy, most likely picked up by airborne droplets. Most often, a person starts a war with external manifestations: runny nose, cough, fever. But if this gives a result, it is only short-lived, after which either complications appear or a new virus is added, and the disease is already much more difficult than the first time.

  • Therefore, if suddenly you have symptoms of acute respiratory infections, acute respiratory viral infections and similar troubles, take care of 2 things: good antiviral therapy and a way to strengthen the immune system.
  • If you have a fever (above 37.5 degrees), you will not be able to cure a cold in a day. First, it is impossible to knock down such a temperature, since the natural "burning out" of the virus occurs; secondly, even if it falls, the body will not recover overnight, and the immunity will not get stronger, so the chances of “catching up” the virus are again incredibly high.
  • For the overall strengthening of the body during the whole time of illness, it is necessary to enrich the diet with foods rich in ascorbic acid. These are sour berries (currant, viburnum, cranberry, mountain ash, raspberry, sea buckthorn, rosehip), as well as kiwi, apples, sweet peppers. Honey will also be beneficial. As for citrus, in the presence of abundant rhinitis, it is better not to include them in the menu. Try to eat food light, animal proteins eat less, especially at high temperatures when dehydration occurs.
  • Inhalation makes sense if the respiratory tract is damaged, but their steam variants are unacceptable at high temperatures. The same applies to mustard and salt foot baths, which are good help, being held at bedtime, to cause the body to sweat. With a strong cough, which begins to go to the lungs and / or bronchi, you should rub your back with honey or menthol ointment, which will warm up, or apply a yellow card.
  • Regardless of how you decide to treat acute respiratory viral infections at home - with traditional medicine or medicines (up to antibiotics), remember that the body needs plenty of fluids: drink clean water (warm!), Berry compotes without sugar, broths. The more you drink, the better you will feel, because it allows you to better transfer the heat and actively cleans the blood, not allowing it to thicken.

to treat acute respiratory viral infections at home - traditional medicine

If we talk directly about the methods of traditional medicine, here the emphasis is on the frequency of use of various decoctions and therapeutic procedures. For example, with a strong cough and sore throat, it takes every 30-60 minutes. rinse, alternating alkaline and acid solutions: in particular, salt water and any herbal extracts like chamomile, sage, calendula, birch buds are well suited. In case of copious rhinitis, it is recommended to frequently rinse the nose with salt water and put turunda with kalanchoe / aloe juice, contributing to a better separation of mucus. But the real effect will be noticeable only if you systematically perform these actions for 2-3 days.

  • As for pharmaceuticals, they are best taken after consulting a doctor, even if we are talking about those that are sold without a prescription. This also applies to antipyretic drugs, which should be used only with large numbers on the thermometer (above 39 degrees), and antiviral drugs of the type “Arbidol”, “Anaferon”, “Kagocel”, “Otsillotoktsinuma” and the like. If they had to be resorted to, strictly follow the instructions and do not spend the therapy for more than 14 days, since the accumulation of active substances occurs.

Remember that it is impossible to cure ARVI quickly while being at work or school. Even if you use a strong pharmacy drug, you only stop the process, but do not kill the virus, as a result of which complications will appear even in a more serious form than they could. Better to take 1-2 days as a hospital and devote them to thoughtful and active therapy.

How to quickly cure colds on the lips?

Most often, women have a question - is it possible to get rid of herpes on the lips in 24 hours, because it delivers even more inconvenience than any skin rash, and almost does not disguise it. In addition, it is accompanied by itching, and sometimes even pain in the affected point, and it actively grows over time, until finally it starts to dry out and die off. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to get rid of the external manifestations in a day, even if therapy is started at the moment when the first bubbles just swell on the skin surface. However, the sooner you start to fight with them, the less will be the duration of their life.

  • However, experts note that by pinching the disease in the embryo, it is possible to significantly reduce the likelihood of its external manifestation. But it is not always possible to notice the signals of the body: few people are able to understand that itching and redness in a certain area are bubbles that are about to appear.
  • As soon as you notice that herpes begins to swell on the lip (or on another part of the mucous membrane), it is recommended to set it on. Traditional medicine practices the application of a hot metal or aluminum spoon, but this is not entirely reasonable: it is better to use alcohol, but not in its pure form. Any heart medicine that promotes vascular relaxation is suitable: Corvalol, Valocordin, etc. They are soaked with a cotton swab, after which they apply it to the affected area for 2-3 minutes, until a strong burning sensation appears. The procedure is repeated several times a day.
  • From simple improvised means to help cope with herpes can and toothpaste, but it should contain fluoride in large quantities. It is applied to the bubbles in a dense layer and left for 6-8 hours: it is best done before bedtime. After some time, the paste dries, it will tighten the affected area, while often there is some cooling. This procedure is enough to do 1-2 times a day.

How to quickly cure colds on the lips

In some cases, such methods can really quite quickly get rid of colds on the lips, however, if the process was started, it is better to trust pharmacy drugs. Again, one should not expect an instant result from them, but the effect from them will be more noticeable than from the above measures.

  • The bulk of these drugs work due to acyclovir - antiviral and antiherpetic substances. It does not allow new cells to develop a rash, speeds up the process of extinction of existing ones, minimally supports immunity. Being a means for outdoor use (mainly gels and ointments), acyclovir is absorbed, but not teratogenic and not carcinogenic, has no contraindications except for individual intolerance. It is possible to use it in pregnant women, but during lactation it is recommended to consult a doctor.
  • Antiherpetic ointment can be applied to the affected area up to 5 times per day, the course lasts no more than 10 days, as there is an addiction and decreases the effectiveness of the drug. In addition, this period is usually enough to cope with the bulk of the external manifestations of herpes, or else to understand that the drug does not have the desired effect and must be replaced.
  • For premium use, drugs based on acyclovir, penciclovir or famciclovir may be prescribed: these are mostly tablets of the same name. Less commonly used solutions for intravenous injection. The course is shorter than with ointment, and is only 7 days, the daily dose depends on the specific substance, but usually does not exceed 1500 mg in total (3 doses), and to get rid of relapse drops to 750 mg per day.

I would like to note that the herpes virus is present in the body of each person and makes itself felt only with significantly weakened protective forces. To get rid of it, you need to fight not only with the external manifestations, as with the internal, and actively strengthen the immune system. Otherwise, new bubbles will take the place of old bubbles, and all actions will be in vain.

Thus, when treating a cold, it is required to include in the therapy not only antiviral drugs, but also immunomodulators, since a weakened organism, from which one virus was expelled, will easily grab a new one and suffer another infection more difficult. Therefore, first of all, watch for immunity, follow the rules of prevention.