How to quickly bring down the temperature for adults and

Increased body temperature is not considered a disease. This condition indicates the body's struggle with developing pathology or an infectious disease. Often, seeing a high performance on a thermometer, we rush to take antipyretic drugs that deal with the problem superficially and do not eliminate its cause. How quickly to bring down temperature and in what cases it needs to be done, you learn from this article.

Should I churn the temperature?

There are several ways to quickly bring down the temperature at home.

There are several ways to quickly bring down the temperature at home. However, first you need to decide whether to bring it down. Each person has a strictly individual temperature threshold, but on average it is 37 °. As practice shows, what doctors are talking about, a person can quite well tolerate a temperature rise of up to 38.5 °. But for people suffering from cardiovascular diseases or disorders in the endocrine system, the fever should be shot down immediately. Otherwise, it can provoke the development of complicated consequences.

It is not recommended to self-medicate. When the temperature rises, many people mistakenly think that it is a symptom of a cold, but this is not always the case. The temperature threshold rises as a result of the active production of interferon. The natural forces of the body are struggling with diseases, and knocking down temperature forcibly, without knowing it, we weaken the immune system.

Healing experts advise to churn the temperature, which exceeds 38.5-39 °. Be sure to contact your doctor for advice. It is necessary to eliminate not the accompanying symptom, but the cause of the temperature increase. In the clinic, you can pass the necessary tests, undergo a full-scale examination, and only after that the doctor will prescribe a comprehensive course of treatment.

How to quickly bring down the temperature at home?

It often happens that the temperature rises, and a person does not tolerate such a condition, for example, there are convulsions, vomiting, etc. In this case, the temperature must be brought down, and then it will be necessary for the treating specialist to appear.

To bring down the increased temperature in two ways:

  • pharmacological agents;
  • folk remedies.


How to quickly bring down the heat of pharmaceuticals?

If you need to quickly bring down the heat in an adult, be sure to read the annotation to the drug. The best effect will have a narrow spectrum pharmaceutical. Comprehensive drugs can be taken only in the case of diagnosing a cold (flu, SARS), or at least with the manifestation of associated symptoms.

The following medications are allowed:

  • Aspirin;
  • Panadol;
  • Paracetamol (in pure form);
  • Theraflu;
  • Coldrex;
  • Pharmacytron;
  • Coldflu, etc.

If the doctor has diagnosed an acute respiratory viral disease, then antiviral pharmaceutical preparations are prescribed, for example, Gripponon, Anaferon, Amizon, etc.

You can also quickly reduce the temperature in a child with the help of pharmacological preparations. Be sure to comply with the dosage in accordance with the age of your child, so as not to harm the children's body. To lower the temperature, doctors prescribe the following drugs:

  • Paracetamol;
  • Ibuprofen

Some doctors advise in combination with antipyretic drugs to give the child a vasodilator drug, for example, No-silo or Papaverine. Do not forget about respecting the proportions. Analgin is not allowed to give children up to 15 years of age, since the active substances can adversely affect blood formation and provoke an allergic reaction. To quickly reduce the temperature in an adult or a child, for example, before a visit to the doctor, you can resort to the means of traditional medicine.

Folk remedies

How to quickly bring down the heat with the help of folk remedies?

To quickly bring down the temperature in an adult or child, you can use the following techniques and tools of traditional medicine:

  1. The patient must be placed in a cool room with an air temperature not higher than 21 °.
  2. It is not recommended to create the so-called greenhouse effect. The patient does not need to be warmly dressed and covered with several blankets.
  3. Well helps in the fight against high temperature vinegar solution. Dissolve vinegar with cold water in a ratio of 1: 5 and thoroughly soak a towel. Wrap the patient with this towel.
  4. The patient should be given more to drink fluids: raspberries, linden decoction, rosehips, tea with lemon.
  5. As a folk remedy, many use hypertonic saline. For a child and an adult, different proportions are provided.
  6. To lower the temperature, you can prepare a decoction of the yarrow and make wraps.
  7. Enema should be put only on purpose of the treating specialist.

There are a dozen ways how to bring down the heat. Before taking pharmacological drugs or using traditional medicine, be sure to consult with your doctor and determine the cause of the temperature increase. The doctor will prescribe a comprehensive course of treatment. Do not self-medicate. Be healthy!

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