How to push up from the floor

Classical push-ups are known from school, where they were part of the compulsory physical training unit. At that time, very few people distinguished between male and female variants, and there was absolutely no separation of the types of exercises for the desired goals. In fact, the effect achieved can be varied, but for this you need to know how to properly push off from the floor.

How to push the girls?

How to push up from the floor?

There is no clear division between the male push up style and the female one. At school, girls were offered to do this from their knees, since it was assumed that their hands were less strong, so the degree of load decreased. For the same purpose, girls who do not have a relationship with sports are offered to start pushing up from the wall. It is suitable for recovery period and poor physical fitness. And with enough stamina, representatives of both sexes practice basic push ups from the floor, of which there are more than 10 varieties. How to choose a suitable option for a girl, and are there any special features?

Before you start your push up schedule, determine the tasks you want to accomplish with this exercise. Build muscle in your forearm? On the contrary, make your hands thinner? Strengthen your back or chest muscles? Or do you just need to increase the strength of the hands? When the answer to the main question is given, you can proceed to the choice of the program.

As already mentioned, for girls with poor sports training, it is advisable to start not from horizontal push-ups, but from vertical ones - for example, from the wall. Do not think that this is too simple: the number of repetitions increases. And if you wrung out from the floor 20 times, you will have to do 30-35 from the wall.

You need to face the wall at a distance of 1.5 times the length of your foot, then stretch your arms forward and hold your palms against the wall. Elbows pressed against the body to check the correctness of the palm, and then, without affecting the hands, slightly divorced. The algorithm of actions is standard: bend your elbows so that you can touch the wall with your chest and straighten it, returning the body to its original position. At the same time, heels cannot be torn off from the floor, which is often the main mistake of girls.

How to push up from the floor?

Basic version - with palms wider than shoulders. Usually this distance increases by 1-1.5 palms in each direction. This option of push-ups from the floor focuses on the pectoral muscles, and the wider the arm will be divorced, the stronger will increase its degree. Moreover, this variation of the exercise is suitable for girls who want to increase their breasts, and for those who want to reduce it.

What caused such a versatility? Due to the work on a specific zone, the reduction of the fat layer is activated in this particular area, and if the breast volume depends on it, they will begin to decrease. At the same time, there is a strengthening of the muscles that support the mammary glands, as a result of which they rise, and the breast seems more attractive. All changes occur within reasonable limits and do not change the parameters set by nature.

A modification aimed at the triceps requires placing the palms across the width of the shoulders or bringing them together as much as possible. The greatest degree of load on the triceps is achieved when the palms are in contact with each other on the inside, but this embodiment of the exercise implies a good physical form. Pushups of this kind can both form tightened arms (especially the inner zone of the forearm), and increase them in volume. Often, it is precisely thanks to the accumulation of muscle mass that triceps have the feeling of massive arms, which is not what all girls need.


Shift accents, without changing the position of the arms significantly, you can, if the elbows are separated to the side, while maintaining the parallelism of the palms. Triceps will also continue to work, but now the main load will be given to the biceps. With excessive zeal, such actions will affect the parameters of the shoulder in the place of its junction with the forearm and a little lower - this is where the biceps muscle is located. However, it is also necessary to pump her girls, but it is recommended to do it in a smaller amount, if we relate the amount of load to all the zones considered earlier.

We learn to push the fists

How to push up from the floor?

  • Fist pushups are almost not common among girls, and few people understand why they are needed at all. In fact, changing the state of the hands is not a complete new exercise, but only an additional parameter to any of the above. That is, pushing oneself up with fists is possible with both arms wide apart and elbows pressed to the body; and from the wall, and from the floor.
  • The load on the main muscle groups will be distributed in the same way as with open palms, except for raising it to the forearm area. However, training of the fingers, which also receives a lot of weight, will begin to take place, and the hand tendons will be strengthened. But it should be remembered that push-ups on the fists are not recommended for problems with the joints, since the illness can be aggravated.
  • Beginners should try push-ups on their fists, putting a gymnastic mat under their arms. The points of support are selected 2 fingers: near (index and middle) or far (ringless and pinky) pairs, the weight is transferred as close as possible to the knuckles. Thumb recommended to hug the rest of 4. The initial 5-6 workouts can be accompanied by pain in this area, so you need to increase the intensity carefully. You can start the cycle of push-ups on the fists with 7-8 repetitions, gradually bringing up to 20.
  • Sports girls who are bored with the previous variations of push-ups, can try to perform them, removing one hand behind his back. Because of this, the weight will shift and the body position will slightly change relative to the palm. Now it should be in the center, although the elbow can still go away when lowering the torso to the side. Hands always alternate to work them evenly. You can enter other edits: for example, after each lowering and lifting, squeeze and unclasp your fingers, push out with a pop or change the level of the palm rest - put one above, leave the 2nd one at the current level.

Video and recommendations

As the body begins to get used to push-ups from the wall, and the number of repetitions increases to 50, it will be possible to switch to a more usual option - push-ups from the floor. If there is no willingness to perform them with an emphasis on the toes, you can make a replacement for bent knees, and cross the ankles raised up. The hand and back equipment will remain classic regardless of the position of the legs.

It is very important to maintain the correct position of the body, since its violation will entail the absence of the desired result, and negative consequences for the spine. The back is held straight, it is advisable to eliminate the deflection in the lumbar region, as far as possible. The pelvis also remains on the spine line, the legs are its extension, even if the push-ups are carried out from the knees. The head should not be lowered - it will give a load to the cervical region. It is better to keep it straight, look at the floor in front of you. Shoulders should also not be pulled to the head: despite the actions performed, they tend towards the heels.

The muscles, accustomed to the load, still need to be trained, therefore classical push-ups from the floor start to change. In addition to the previously reviewed versions of popular and changing the position of the legs. Knees or fingertips may rest on a bench or sofa, as a result of which the horizontal line of the body will descend towards the head. The higher the pelvis and legs, the harder it will perform push-ups. However, this version is unacceptable with increased intracranial pressure and impaired vascular patency of the cervical region.

The schedule of push-ups, each girl builds on their own, focusing on personal needs and opportunities. For beginners, it is enough to break 12 repetitions into 3-4 approaches per session, with minimal physical form, 24 repetitions are divided into 3 approaches. As skills improve and muscles strengthen, the number of approaches stretches to 4-5, but the total amount of repetitions increases to 120.

It is advisable to include push-ups in training not daily, but 2-3 times a week, so as not to score muscles and give them time to recover, even if you are focused on the Olympic record. And your main task becomes a deliberate slow execution of each repetition, which will bring a more significant effect than a simple work on quantity without regard to quality.

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