How to measure the temperature of a mercury and electronic


Body temperature is an important indicator of the normal flow of biological processes in the body. Therefore, with the slightest symptoms of indisposition, it is necessary to measure this physiological constant. At the same time, we often miss important nuances of how to correctly measure body temperature with a mercury or electronic thermometer to an adult or child. Learn?

What and how?

How to measure the temperature with a mercury thermometer?

Temperature - the main parameter that determines the condition of the body. For its measurement are usually used thermometer mercury and electronic. With regard to measurement methods, you can get data on body temperature:

  • rectally (this option is considered the most objective, since the intestine is closed outside by the sphincter and is not in contact with the environment);
  • oral (doctors recommend this measurement to children over 5 years old);
  • axillary, that is, in the armpit (thus, the temperature is traditionally measured by a mercury thermometer).

All these methods give evidence of different levels of accuracy. Axillary measurement is considered the least correct. In addition, in different parts of the body temperature standards will differ:

  • when measuring rectally - from 37.3 to 37.7;
  • orally - from 37.1 to 37.7;
  • axillary - 36.6.

Mercury or electronic?

Mercury and electronic thermometer

One of the symbols of the childhood of the last century has not lost its relevance in the new century. This results from the fact that the measuring device with the tank filled with mercury:

  • shows accurate data;
  • inexpensive;
  • very simple and familiar to use.

Can a mercury thermometer show the wrong temperature? We hasten to reassure: the possibility of an error when the device is intact is excluded by 99%.

The advantages of electronic thermometers include:

  • the speed of obtaining the result;
  • universality of use (axillary, oral, rectal).

But sometimes mistakes happen because of failures in the internal program. In addition, if the thermometer is removed immediately after the beep, the value can be 1-1.5 degrees lower than the real one. That is why the doctors, answering the question of how to correctly measure the body temperature with an electronic thermometer, advise you to leave it for another 30-40 seconds after the device has finished working.

How to measure the temperature of an adult under his arm?

The process of obtaining data with a mercury thermometer requires only 6 steps.

  1. Examine the skin for inflammation or wounds, wipe dry with armpit.
  2. We wipe the thermometer with a damp cloth or napkin, soak it in a dry towel.
  3. We bring down the thermometer reading to 35 degrees, shaking and at the same time pointing the tank down. Place the tip of the thermometer with mercury in the armpit.
  4. Firmly press the forearm to the chest and mark 10 minutes.
  5. We take out the thermometer and give an assessment of the result.

When using an electronic device, we act as follows:

  1. Check the condition of the skin.
  2. Wipe the thermometer with a damp cloth.
  3. Press the power button and wait until the characters Lo and C appear on the screen.
  4. Place the device under the mouse.
  5. We press the thermometer by hand and hold it until the signal.
  6. We notice 40-50 seconds, we get a thermometer, we estimate indications.

Axillary method of measuring a child

How to measure the temperature of a mercury thermometer for an adult and a child?

This is a rather complicated way to get temperature readings, since the baby is unlikely to want to sit in an uncomfortable position for 5-6 minutes in mom’s arms.

  1. We lay karapuz on back or sit down on our knees.
  2. Raise his hand and move clothes away.
  3. We place a thermometer and firmly press the handle to the chest.
  4. Withstand mercury about 7-10 minutes, and electronic - another 1 minute after the signal.
  5. We get a thermometer, we estimate the result.

Measure rectally

Measure temperature rectally

To measure body temperature, it is necessary to take the correct body position rectally. For an adult, this will be a side pose with knees bent. Doctors recommend using an electronic device for such purposes.

  1. Lubricate the 1.5 cm tip of the thermometer with a fat baby cream or petroleum jelly.
  2. Slowly insert the thermometer into the anus.
  3. We hold to the signal, leave for another 1 minute - and you can evaluate the result.

And how to measure the temperature of infants? For a baby, the position should be on the back with legs slightly elevated and bent at the knee joints. Further, the procedure is identical.

We use oral method

Measure the temperature orally

If for some reason it is impossible to measure body temperature under the arm or rectally (for example, due to inflammation), the procedure is carried out orally. It does not matter what thermometer you use, mercury or electronic: the procedure will be the same. First you need to wait 20 minutes after a meal, and then follow this algorithm:

  1. Wipe the thermometer disinfectant (vodka can).
  2. We place the device far away in the lower sky under the tongue, tightly compressed lips.
  3. We breathe through the nose.
  4. After 5 minutes, you can evaluate the result. If we use an electronic thermometer, then the data can be considered objective 30-40 seconds later after the beep.

Alternative ways

forehead stripes for temperature measurementthermometer in the form of a pacifier

Infrared thermometer

Innovation in the methods of obtaining data on body temperature is associated with the desire to obtain the most accurate indicators in patients who cannot independently hold a thermometer (for example, in children). In this connection, alternative technologies and devices appeared:

  • infrared thermometer checks the temperature reading through the ear canal in just 3 seconds. But it is very expensive and can give a small error in the data;
  • The thermometer in the form of a pacifier is perfect for kids who use it. The rest will have to look for other ways;
  • special strips that are applied to the forehead. Very compact, but indications are approximate.

Now there is a fairly large selection of instruments that allow you to measure body temperature in the most convenient way. So you can easily get an objective picture of your and other people's physical condition. It is only important to take into account all the recommendations on how to correctly measure the temperature of a mercury or other thermometer to an adult and a child.