How to make an inhalation and choose a medicine for her


Nebulizer - aerosol inhaler of a new generation, designed to treat diseases of the broncho-pulmonary system. The technology of his work is such that the substances leaving it break up into very small particles, which, bypassing the entire respiratory system without loss, are deposited in the lungs, thereby starting the process of therapy. In addition, the nebulizers began to be used for inhalation with quinsy and other diseases of the throat.

Features of the procedure inhalation nebulizer with a cold

Nebulizer inhalation with a cold

Before turning to specific solutions of solutions, it is worth understanding that inhalation with a cold is not a panacea. They may temporarily ease breathing, relieve nasal congestion, but they are not a therapy by themselves. Why? Let us turn to the scheme of passing the medicinal solution, which is poured into the nebulizer: under certain influence of the substance they are sent through the nasal passages, but as much as possible they settle only in the lower respiratory tract - that is, bronchi and / or lungs. Consequently, the nasal mucosa, they simply do not have time to influence. For this reason, doctors insist that the treatment of sinusitis was performed by washing and using drops, and if inhalation is necessary, then the old steam inhaler was used, the particles from which just settle in the nasal passages.

Why in this case, resort to inhalation with a nebulizer during a cold? To moisturize the mucosa. You can also enter any solution that needs to be dripped, through a similar injection, for which a special nozzle is purchased. However, from the point of view of effectiveness, it is absolutely useless, and there is no difference whether the drug will be injected drip, or whether it will be delivered through a stream of "soul" from a nebulizer.

What to do with inhalation with a cold: recipes and recommendations

Essential oils for inhalation

As for the drugs for the inhaler, it is important to remember the following: solutions poured into the container should be safe for the bronchi and lungs: even if you carry out the procedure with a completely clogged nose, partly the substance will penetrate the lowest parts of the respiratory system.

  • The simplest solution for inhalation with a nebulizer is a simple saline solution. Its composition is close to that of ordinary sea air, i.e. it is saturated with salt, as a result of which the medicine does not harm either the nasal mucosa, the lungs, or the bronchi.
  • Herbal solutions are also generally considered safe for the broncho-pulmonary system, therefore they are often used for inhalation. In particular, good extracts from Althea and licorice root, horsetail, as well as infusions of calendula.
  • Some doctors recommend taking mineral water with a low degree of alkalization - it acts almost the same way as saline does not have a negative effect on the bronchi.
  • The bulk of the funds aimed at thinning the sputum is also good as a drug for inhalation: these drugs will contribute to the separation of mucus, resulting in easier breathing.
  • Drugs that are allowed to be used for inhalation in a nebulizer - Interferon, Tonsilgon, Chlorophyllipt, Furacilin.

And yet, most recipes are focused on steam inhalation, conducted in the traditional way. Alcoholic herbal extracts are already allowed here (it is not recommended to add them to the nebulizer), as well as various antibacterial preparations, essential oils.

How to make inhalation in case of a cold in children with a nebulizer?

How to make inhalation in case of a cold in children with a nebulizer?

First of all, it is important to remember that the temperature of the liquid that is poured into the nebulizer should not be higher than 20 degrees. It is prohibited to dilute it with ordinary water - for this purpose they use saline or pharmacy water.

  • The duration of inhalation for a small child is 5 minutes. for the first time, and 9-10 min. - for subsequent. Children over 6 years old can increase this figure to 15 minutes. If you need to do several procedures, they are carried out with a break of 15-30 minutes.
  • Inhale necessarily exercise the nose, exhale - mouth. After inhalation, it is advisable for the child not to talk for an hour or take anything by mouth. It is also worth noting that the procedure is carried out in 1.5-2 hours after a meal.

The main advantage of nebulizer inhalation is the possibility of its use even in newborns. The duration of the course is determined by the doctor and is usually within 5-10 sessions. It is also desirable that the composition of the solution poured into the inhaler (steam or nebulizer) is prescribed (up to the dosage) by an expert: you can even harm traditional medicine.