How to learn to do flips

It's so beautiful - soar in the air, making flips! This acrobatic trick has several varieties. Each requires special training and skills. But for their performance it is not necessary to do gymnastics professionally. You can learn how to do flips by yourself.

How to learn to do forward flips?

To learn how to perform flips correctly and beautifully, it is better, of course, to enroll in the gym. Go where there are mats, trampoline, horizontal bars and rings. You can do at home, but then the presence of mats is necessary, and a trampoline is desirable.

It is necessary to learn somersaults only after mastering simpler exercises. Especially you need to pay attention to the technique of somersaults, seeking clarity in movement. In somersaults, follow the movements of your hands in an arc to grip the grouping, on the head tilted forward, on the efforts of the hands, tightening the legs with the heels to the buttocks. Strengthen the muscles and ligaments of the legs well beforehand, since they experience a special load when they are jerked and landed.

How to learn to do flips?

There are 3 ways to perform a front flip.

1st method

It is used when performing flips from the spot, as well as in the joints. Start learning this kind of somersault only by mastering the rotation in the grouping in somersaults and the skill of turning over. To learn the front backflip, use several exercises: standing on the 1st leg, bend others into a group, grab it with your hand and at the same time tilt your body forward; grouping, shoulder pressed to the knee, and the heel of the bent leg - to the body.

From the main stand, quickly rise on your toes and pull your hands up. Without stopping, sharply bend your hands behind your head, sit down a little spring and quickly jump up and forward, helping to lift upward by straightening up your arms. During the squat, do not fall on the entire foot. Another 1-metering exercise to perform a flip is a flip with a swoop from 2 legs to 2. Combine a jump with raising up your arms.

Major errors:

  • Weak push - not enough effort
  • Deflection of the torso with shoulder retraction before the start of repulsion,
  • Bad forward lean
  • Poor help with hands, their narrow movement,
  • Loose grouping.

2nd method

Here, the movement of the hands during repulsion is performed not because of the head, but from the bottom to the front and the bottom. So perform a protracted flip, jumping over obstacles.

3rd way

Here the main thing is to master a full swing with your hands back-up. It needs to be done so that the arms go up to the limit, and the shoulders almost do not lean forward. A good failing exercise is a flip with a backward swing with your hands. Watch for the simultaneous completion of swinging your arms and pushing your legs. It is more expedient to make a roll on an elevation (mats should be in 5 layers). After mastering the swing hands, perform a flip.

Major errors:

  • Untimely swing your arms back,
  • Torso forward
  • Loose grouping.

Features of execution salto back

How to learn to do flips?

To master the back somersault on the trampoline. This will protect against possible injury. Before starting these exercises, engage your neck and abdominal muscles.

Back flips are performed from 2 legs.

Stand up, raise your arms above your head, swing from position, with your hands below. Better keep your hands above your head.

Bend your knees. Strongly bending the legs is not necessary, bend them so that you can push off well. Hands down and slightly back, so there was more acceleration for swing hands.

Make a powerful push with your feet up and at the same time, swing your arms up. The main thing after the push is to lift your head and tilt it back as far as possible, the turn will come out faster.

To make a strong backflip, first go up on your socks.

After pushing with your legs and swinging your arms, stretch out as high as possible.

After departure, immediately take the grouping and turn back. During the flight, keep your head in the same position - tilting back. If you press your chin to your knees, the twist rate will be less and you can not twist.

Ungroup in time. This needs to be done after you see the floor.

Land softly.

Errors during repulsion:

  1. Weak kick
  2. Swing hands,
  3. Invalid completion of swing hands,
  4. Move your hands and kick with your feet do not complete at the same time,
  5. Very strong backward movement
  6. Loose grouping
  7. No backward head movement
  8. Incorrect landing after grouping.

What is Arab flip?

How to learn to do flips?

For this there is a special eyeliner exercises. Initially, approximately 7 mats are laid on the floor (stacked). Then they roll over sideways, while the PIs are on the floor near the mats, and the end point is on the floor behind the mats on the other side. Then run-up and push-off - sideways roll up. After part of the mats is removed, and the height at which the roll is performed, after repulsion is left the same as before. So there is a phase of flight. In the end you can do it from the spot.

Salto is an art to learn. But for this you need to make a lot of effort. What is important is general physical training, coordination, knowledge of technology and hard training. If you want to do the trick faster, sign up for a gym with a professional trainer.

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