How to kill the smell of onion from the mouth

Onions and garlic plants are extremely useful, but have a very unpleasant nuance that makes their use rare. This is the smell. The characteristic pungent aroma, which remains for a long time on hands and wooden objects, mixes with breathing in the mouth and becomes ominous.

How, in conditions of limited time, to completely get rid of this problem, is it possible to do this without special means?

How to reliably get rid of the smell of onions?

How to kill the smell of onion from the mouth: proven methods

It should immediately be said that in some cases the persistence of the aroma is due to poor performance of the digestive tract - in this case, the methods discussed below may not work to the proper extent. However, they will remove most of the odor.

  • The easiest, but not always available option - use mint or menthol paste. With its help, you need to clean not only the teeth, where food debris accumulates, but also the tongue. It is for him that the smell is attached, so carefully walk over it with bristles, removing plaque. The procedure can be unpleasant. In the end does not hurt to resort to a refreshing rinse.
  • Chewing gum with mint or lemon flavor, or lozenges of the same nature - an option that can be used if you are away from home, and you need to urgently at least a little kill the smell of onions in your mouth.

All the tools that help to cope with this problem, have the ability to absorb, so with the same purpose, you can use some medications. For example, activated carbon, which should be chewed slowly and spit out. After that, the mouth must be rinsed well with warm water, as the coal is painted on everything it touches. Colorless alternative - white coal.

How to kill the smell of oncals without special tools?

Fresh breath: how to get rid of the smell of onions?

First of all, it is worthwhile to take care that the characteristic aroma of this product does not break through to the full. To do this, at the time of cooking, you should take into account that any greenery perfectly eliminates the unpleasant smell - from dill with parsley to basil and oregano. Of course, the latter must be fresh. Celery and cilantro work well. They do not have to be mixed with onions - you can chew a sprig after eating, but this should be done slowly. Although the smell completely removes such a move is not always. In addition, keep in mind that after the green, the tongue gets a dark shade, which will have to be brushed with toothpaste - regular rinsing will not help.

The dairy group dulls the smell of onions well, so if you make a creamy sauce in which the onions are stewed, you will hardly notice the aroma of the latter after its use.

  • A way for extreme lovers - after you eat an onion, drink a cup of kefir, or eat yogurt. However, conflict-free interaction between these products in the intestine cannot be guaranteed.
  • A safe option is to drink a cup of strong tea or coffee, but they should not be sugar and any additives. However, milk does not hurt for the reason discussed above. If you don’t feel like drinking coffee, you can simply put a coffee bean under the tongue and gnaw it in a few minutes.
  • How to remove the smell of onion mouth urgently? Nuts are recognized as the most reliable natural option: almonds, pine nuts, walnuts - rather slowly gnaw a few pieces in order to significantly smash the unpleasant flavor, or to get rid of it completely. Remnants will not be difficult to remove with a mouthwash or a full cleaning of the teeth, if time and place allow.
  • Express options for removing the smell of onion: cinnamon sticks, lemon or orange zest, or even directly a slice of citrus. You can also take a circle of pineapple, an apple.

In conclusion, it should be said that before preparing a dish with onions, it is important to pay attention to 2 points: first, shred the product as little as possible, if the recipe allows it. Secondly, scald the prepared onions with boiling water. These simple tips will help reduce the unpleasant smell of a healthy product, and then you will have to put less effort to eliminate it.

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