How to identify the signs of diabetes in a 50-year-old woman

The disease is characterized by an increased glycemic index due to complete or partial insulin deficiency. The hormone is produced by the pancreas. Unstable secretion introduces instability in all metabolic processes. Also observed disorders of the nervous and vascular systems, a number of internal organs.

Pathology can be detected at any age in any person, both an adult and a child. Until the end of their lives, most patients are forced to observe a special regimen in the diet, lifestyle, be constantly monitored by the doctor and take medication. The life expectancy of these patients is reduced, and without proper care the risk of fatal outcomes increases. What are the causes of the disorder? What are the most characteristic signs, and also what are the signs of diabetes in women 50 years old? About this further.

What triggers a breakdown?

what are the signs of diabetes in women 50 years

To understand the nature of the disease, for the beginning it is necessary to consider its classification. There are 5 main types:

  • insulin-dependent diabetes type 1 (occurs more often in children and young people), due to the absolute lack of natural insulin production;
  • insulin-dependent type 2 diabetes (found in obese people over forty);
  • symptomatic (secondary);
  • in pregnant women;
  • developing on the background of malnutrition.

Factors that provoke a violation of type 1 include: genetic predisposition and some types of viral infection.

For type 2 - heredity and overweight, leading to obesity.

For type 3 diabetes, adverse factors are:

  • pancreatic pathology;
  • hormonal nature pathologies;
  • the negative impact of certain drugs and chemical compounds;
  • change insulin receptors.

With age, the risk of developing pathology increases. By about 50 years, the glycemic index gradually increases due to a decrease in the body's tolerance to glucose. The most common in the elderly is type 2 diabetes. Of the main reasons here are called:

  • change in insulin sensitivity;
  • reduced natural hormone production;
  • decrease in secretion and action of incretins (homones are produced in response to food, stimulate insulin production).

What are the signs of diabetes in women?

What are the signs of diabetes in women?

Modern women constantly experience excessive emotional and physical stress associated not only with the main work, but also household chores. The female body is quickly exhausted, often overworked, which can provoke a disease. The following signs can characterize the ailment:

  • weakness, lack of energy, reduced performance;
  • lethargy, drowsiness, feeling tired after eating;
  • feeling of thirst;
  • polyuria;
  • overweight or drastic weight loss;
  • increased hunger, a special craving for sweets;
  • hypertension;
  • headaches;
  • pustular dermatitis, pruritus in the groin.

Diabetes diabetes of the 1st and 2nd types differ in characteristic signs. Much of the above is observed in both cases. Some signs of type 1 diabetes in women aged around 50 are exceptional:

  • sharp weight loss;
  • dry mouth, metallic taste;
  • dry skin;
  • nervousness, irritability, unstable sleep, depressiveness;
  • furunculosis;
  • nausea and vomiting (infrequently);
  • visual dysfunction;
  • pain and cramps in the legs;
  • pain in the heart.

For type 2 exceptional signs:

  • decrease in pain sensitivity of the skin;
  • cramps and numbness of the lower limbs;
  • infectious dermatitis;
  • slow tissue regeneration;
  • weakening of the immunity, as a result, frequent viral infections;
  • a constant increase in body weight, leading to obesity;
  • masculine hair on the face, hair loss on the legs;
  • xanthomas

Diabetes mellitus also leads to disruption of the menstrual cycle, hormonal imbalance. Against this background, gynecological pathologies may also develop. The climacteric period, for which hormonal disorders of a woman are characteristic, can influence the development of endocrine disorders of the pancreas. Symptoms typical for this period are often not taken into account, as are possible signs of diabetes. Therefore, doctors recommend that women of 50-60 years of age must take a course of hormone therapy that supports the functionality of the pancreas.

Ways to solve the problem

signs of diabetes in women after 50 remain unattended

As a preventive measures recommended:

  • maintaining the body's normal water balance: be sure to drink 1 tbsp. table water without gas in the morning and before each meal; eliminate from the use of all types of soda, drink less natural juice, tea, coffee, beer;
  • proper balanced nutrition: fresh vegetables and fruits; less sweet and products with easily digestible carbohydrates; pay attention to the caloric content of food; split meals;
  • physical activity: at least half an hour on the day of active activities; at least an hour of daily walks in the fresh air;
  • monitor the state of the nervous system.

Often, the symptoms of diabetes in women after 50 are ignored, since many of them are similar to the characteristic manifestations of age-related changes in the body. Therefore, endocrine disease is detected late. Therapeutic measures are appointed based on the nature and stage of development of the pathology.

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