How to get rid of insomnia

Leave all problems before bed.

Often we are not allowed to fall asleep alarms that constantly spin in my head. In order to get rid of this, do not load your head with the problems of the past and do not dwell on your future, but let all your experiences remain in a lived day. Also, do not allow yourself to settle in such negative feelings as hurt, anger and envy. These feelings do not bring anything useful, but only destroy us from the inside; it’s not for nothing that in England we are sure that those who mentally did not let go of all offenses are sleeping badly. It is much more useful to dream about something for the night, and not to make insidious plans to crack down on the abuser. By the way, before going to bed, our brain enters a borderline phase of consciousness, in which clearly formulated desires tend to materialize.

Relaxing music and fan

An excellent remedy for insomnia is calm, relaxing music - it can be, as classical music, and the sounds of nature, birds singing or the sound of waves. Many psychologists advise to listen to the works of Mozart at night, they have a healing effect on the entire body. Also, Mozart's music soothes, normalizes pulse and blood pressure. Or you can simply turn on the fan before going to bed, its monotonous buzz will quickly induce you to sleepy state.

Get a dog

Yes, the dog will help to cope with insomnia. Communication with your pet will relieve stress perfectly, and in the evening you must walk your dog. It has been proven that half-hour walks before going to bed soothe and relax, which prepares the body for sleep. During the evening walk, try to tune in only to pleasant thoughts, and set aside all worries.

Do some sports

Include in your daily routine physical activity, and you will notice that by the end of the day you will only dream of how to get into the crib as soon as possible. But the load should be moderate, too intense training can, on the contrary, cause insomnia.

Do not overnight

Do not overload the stomach with food after 6 pm. This is useful not only to save the figure, but also affects sleep. It is also harmful to go to bed with a hungry stomach, for the night you can eat fruit or a glass of kefir.

Take a relaxing bath

Pour a warm, but not hot bath before bedtime and add a few drops of lavender essential oil, pine extract or sea salt. Lie in such a bath for about twenty minutes, and then immediately into a comfortable bed. There will be no trace of insomnia.

Keep to sleep

When you go to bed at the same time, you will accustom the body to falling asleep at the right time, and if you fall asleep all the time at different times, the biological rhythms get lost and the body does not know when it should tune into sleep.


Read a book or watch TV before bed.

Only a prerequisite, a book or a TV program must be uninteresting and boring. A proven fact, when we are engaged in some tedious business, absent-mindedness, relaxation, and yawning immediately arise. And of course you want to sleep! On the contrary, when we are interested in some interesting thing, then the dream takes off like a hand. Therefore, in case of sleep disorders, it is not recommended to work right before bedtime or watch interesting programs on TV.

Drink a glass of warm milk with honey

Milk and honey relaxes the whole body, relieves fatigue and prepares the body for sleep. Many say that after milk and honey they sleep very soundly.

Sleep better on the right side with slightly bent knees

This posture is most ideal for sleeping, as it repeats the position of the embryo in the womb. In this position, the muscles are not strained, and the internal organs are not compressed. Also, this position is suitable for snorers - the probability of "night noise" is much reduced.

Do not attach great importance to insomnia

Very often, fear of falling asleep is the main cause of insomnia. In this case, you should listen to Dale Carnegie, who argued that insomnia, of course, takes some of our strength and energy, but no one has died from it yet. The body is more depleting not the lack of sleep, but feelings about it. Do not worry about the topic: "Will I fall asleep today?" In the end, nothing terrible will happen if you sleep badly for a couple of nights. If you can’t sleep at all, then spend this time not in a nervous twisting from side to side, but with the benefit - read a fascinating book or watch an interesting movie.

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Usually, insomnia is easily treated and retreats after several agonizing nights. But what to do if you have already tried all the ways, but insomnia still follows you? Maybe you should not bother too much about this, the body itself knows how many hours to sleep. Many scientists suffered from insomnia, but this did not prevent them from gaining fame and making many outstanding discoveries.

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