How to get rid of headache without pills with the help of


Probably, one can hardly meet a person who would not know what headaches are. They differ in location and intensity. Doctors recommend not to tolerate a headache, but to take action immediately. But what if there were no suitable medicines at hand? How to get rid of a headache without pills and get back to normal?

Types of pain that can be alleviated without drugs

The nature of the headache is varied.

The nature of the headache is varied. It can occur from simple physical or mental stress and stress, or it can be a symptom of a serious illness. Therefore, not all types of headaches are treated equally, and the meaning of treatment is not to relieve pain per se, but to eliminate the causes.

If your head hurts due to high blood pressure or you have a migraine, then you cannot do without pills. According to studies, more than 89% of headache cases are due to muscle contraction, that is, it arises from tension. The characteristic signs of such pain are the feeling of squeezing of the head, misting of consciousness. The reason is intense mental work and low mobility.

Another type of headache that can be won without drugs is pain caused by stressful situations, nervous overstrain, scandals, family quarrels, etc. However, even doctors are not always sure about the cause of the headache that bothers you.

How to get rid of headache without pills: general recommendations

In many ways, the treatment or prevention of headache depends on ourselves.

In many ways, the treatment or prevention of headache depends on ourselves. Try to follow these guidelines and you may not need to resort to medications:

  • Easy headache from tension will help to withdraw exercise. But with acute pain, exercise will only strengthen it.
  • Sleep helps a lot, but do not abuse it: pouring does not improve your condition either. And if you do not suffer from headaches, then sleep in the afternoon is not recommended.
  • Sometimes the strain of the neck muscles causes the pain - then you need to worry about your posture. Try sleeping on your back - it is relaxing.
  • One helps a cold compress on the forehead, while others prefer a warm and hot shower. In any case, you need to take relaxing measures.
  • The head can ache from the sharp, saturated smell, so before you use the new perfume or eau de cologne, properly smell.
  • Give up the chewing gum - nothing causes tension as frequent and prolonged chewing movements.
  • Salt, as they say, white killer. Excessive salt intake is a direct route to a migraine.
  • Severe headaches cause cigarettes, so you need to immediately get rid of this addiction.
  • When you sit at the computer for a long time, it is necessary to take breaks in work.
  • It is important to regular food and refusal of semi-finished products.
  • Avoid stressful situations, try to "go with the flow" - moderation in everything, including in work, has not hurt anyone.
  • Away gloom and gloom, more positive, leave a place in life for humor.

Headache massage

As we have already found out, the main source of headache is the contraction or tension of the muscles of the head or the so-called collar back. The best means, than massage, for removal of pressure did not think up yet:

  1. Put your palms on the temporal lobes of the head and, slightly pressing, turn them while lowering.
  2. Then, using the middle and middle fingers, gently knead the area around the temples and the muscles around the eye socket.
  3. We go down below and massage the jaw sections with all fingers.
  4. Go to the back of the head, in a circular motion, kneading the back of the head.
  5. Hands remain on the back of the head, and thumbs down with the thumbs to the base of the neck and stretch the muscles in small circular motions.
  6. Knead the ears and the area behind the ears with your thumb and forefinger.
  7. Trapezius muscle of the left shoulder squeeze the fingers of his right hand and knead with rotational movements. Do the same on the right side with your left hand.
  8. Opened palm of his left hand, capturing the neck, develop its muscles. Then change your hand.

Folk remedies

Popular wisdom says: to relieve a headache, you need to resort to the following methods

Popular wisdom says: to relieve a headache, you need to resort to the following methods:

  • put mustard plasters on the calf muscles and between the shoulder blades;
  • Cabbage leaf slightly remember before the appearance of the juice and tied with a bandage to the temples and forehead;
  • on an empty stomach in the morning and before bedtime in the evening, drink a glass of warm broth of peppermint drug (you should drink it in small sips);
  • balsam "Asterisk" for headaches will help, if you rub a small amount of it into the nose or whiskey, thus you still have a point massage.

Getting rid of migraines:

  • Beat an egg into a glass and mix. Then pour, stirring, hot milk before filling the glass. Drink the mixture before meals in the morning and evening.
  • The collection of medicinal herbs of lemon balm and oregano is boiled with boiling water and insisted. Broth drink with honey throughout the day instead of tea.

Remove headache during pregnancy:

  • first of all, full-fledged, not less than 8 hours, sound sleep - rest is important for the future mother;
  • airing the rooms and regular walks in the fresh air will help avoid headaches;
  • with headache you need to drink more, because dehydration only increases the pain. As a drink, decoctions of medicinal mint, chamomile, or hips are welcome.

As you can see, a lot of ways to get rid of headaches without pills. The main thing is to lead a healthy lifestyle, walk more in the open air and, of course, avoid stress and nervous shocks. Be healthy!