How to get rid of cholesterol


Excess cholesterol in the body is very dangerous. Roughly speaking, cholesterol is fat that is in the blood vessels. Once this fat begins to stick to the walls of blood vessels, forming cholesterol plaques, and the blood begins to pass through the vessels with great difficulty. This situation can lead to heart attacks and heart attacks. How to get rid of cholesterol?

Cholesterol: risk factors

  1. Regular consumption of fat-containing products.
  2. Alcohol consumption.
  3. Smoking.
  4. Heredity.
  5. Low physical activity.
  6. Emotional overstrain.
  7. Obesity.
  8. Diabetes.
  9. Gallstone disease.
  10. Gout.

What can get rid of cholesterol?

  • First, you need to carefully watch your weight. If you are overweight, you need to make every effort to lose it, since overweight contributes to the formation of cholesterol plaques (how to do this, read in the section “Weight Loss”).
  • Reduce fat intake. It is best to abandon them altogether, or at least minimize their use.
  • Replace vegetable oil in your diet with olive oil. It contains less fat, moreover, olive oil is more useful.
  • Reduce the consumption of eggs in your diet. The maximum allowable number of pieces per week is no more than three!
  • Intense physical activity is a great way. get rid of cholesterol. It will be enough and daily hourly charging immediately after waking up.
  • Be sure to quit smoking, as smoking also contributes to the formation of cholesterol plaques.
  • Relax more often. It is best to allocate in the mode of your day an hour or two for the daytime sleep. If you are unable to do so, then at least, whatever you do, have a rest every ten minutes of every hour.
  • Vitamins and minerals substances that help get rid of cholesterol - vitamins C, E, calcium and nicotinic acid.

What foods can get rid of cholesterol?

  • Place beans on beans, peas and other legumes. Enough to eat one and a half cups of legumes a day to significantly reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood.
  • Eat more fruits, especially grapefruits. They help in the breakdown of fats in your body.
  • Good help in the fight against cholesterol oats and oat bran. Be sure to enter them in your daily diet.
  • Eat corn, little by little, but quite regularly.
  • Carrot is another useful product in the fight against cholesterol.
  • Despite the fact that beef is red meat, it can be consumed gradually within reasonable limits.
  • Skimmed milk is an excellent product that you can consume without fear of excess cholesterol.
  • Some time ago, doctors proved that garlic is an excellent tool in the fight against cholesterol. With its regular use, you can get rid of cholesterol quickly.
  • Reduce coffee consumption to the maximum, as it contributes to the formation of cholesterol plaques. At best, stop drinking coffee altogether.
  • Use as much lemongrass oil, tea (any), spirulina, rice bran, barley.
  • Try to eat as many foods as possible - blueberries, cherries, tea, artichokes, walnuts, beans. Thanks to them, cholesterol levels will noticeably decrease in a short time.

How to get rid of cholesterol folk remedies?

  • Activated carbon - excellent anti cholesterol. To do this, use 8 g of coal three times a day.
  • Squeeze out the red beet juice, and consume 40-50 g of juice three times a day half an hour before meals.
  • Take 6 large lemons, 6 garlic heads and ½ kg of honey. Mince garlic with honey and add honey to the mixture. Mix everything thoroughly and put in a refrigerator for ten days. After the specified time, take a mixture of 1 tsp. three times a day, half an hour before meals. The course of treatment is about three to four months, followed by a break of one month, then the treatment should be repeated.

  • Take 20 g of immortelle flowers, the same amount of buckthorn bark, rose hips and motherwort. Then take 10 g of hawthorn flowers and the same amount of kidney tea. All this is thoroughly chopped and mixed into a homogeneous mass. Then take 2 tbsp. mix and pour ½ liter of boiling water. Put the drenched mixture in a water bath for half an hour. When the specified time passes, cool the broth, strain and take 1/3 tbsp. three times a day immediately after a meal. The course of treatment is two to three months.
  • Take linden flowers (you can buy in a pharmacy, you can use the collected yourself), grind them on a coffee grinder, and take 1 tsp. thrice daily, daily for a month. Besides fighting cholesterol, this recipe will help you lose weight.

By following the guidelines and recommendations regarding lifestyle, as well as using traditional recipes, you can get rid of from cholesterol in a fairly short time! If you want to know about the complete cleansing of the body, you will be interested to read the article How to start cleansing the body ?.

Health to you!