How to get rid of caries


We all heard about this dental disease as tooth decay. Many commercials about toothpastes promise us complete protection against him, but this is not always true. Caries is a very unpleasant disease. It causes the destruction of the tooth enamel, which in advanced cases can lead to nerve exposure and, as a result, a strong toothache, which without the help of the dentist can no longer cope. There are several popular methods and means that will help protect your teeth from such a serious disease as tooth decay.

How to start getting rid of caries?

How to start getting rid of caries?

To get started, start looking at your teeth once a week. As soon as you notice any dark spots or even chips on them, contact your dentist. This will help you to deal with the beginning caries without serious consequences, while it has not yet strongly affected the inner part of the teeth. With the help of a drill, the doctor removes the affected part of the tooth and places a filling. In more complex cases, of course, you have to treat the nerve, and therefore you should not run, so as not to experience unnecessary pain. Usually, a dentist places a temporary filling if a nerve is damaged, after laying down the arsenic. A few days after this, the temporary seal is removed and a permanent seal is installed, the quality of which is selected depending on the financial possibilities. But saving on the cost of fillings is undesirable, in order not to go to doctors again.

Folk remedies for caries

In order to alleviate your condition in case of caries, especially if you for some reason cannot visit the dentist in the coming days, you can use some popular recipes.

  • Take 40 g of fresh leaves of peppermint and raspberry, 40 g of apple cider vinegar. Mix all the ingredients and place them in a dark glass container. Leave it for 3 days, then strain the tincture through cheesecloth, and rinse it with your mouth every 2 hours.
  • You can also take silver poplar leaves and squeeze juice out of them. Dilute it in warm water in a ratio of 1 to 3. Make lotions with it and apply it to the diseased tooth.

How to care for your teeth with caries?

If you already have caries, you should look after your teeth even more carefully than before. Damaged enamel will deteriorate even faster if food remains on it, so care for your teeth will have to be doubled. Brush your teeth very carefully for 5 minutes, in the morning and in the evening, massage the gums, use dental floss, carefully cleaning all the dental crevices. Do not forget about cleaning the tongue.

Toothpaste is best purchased at the pharmacy. It is quite expensive, but it will help stop further damage to the teeth and stop the spread of caries on other teeth. You can rinse your mouth every day with a salty solution made from 1 tsp of salt and 1 cup of warm water. It will be useful and weak garlic solution, which will help to disinfect the oral cavity and kill the bacteria.

How to get rid of caries with the help of products?

To keep your teeth strong enough and not so susceptible to the effects of bacteria causing caries, try to eat more foods containing magnesium and calcium. You can include in your diet vitamin complexes containing these trace elements. They will help you to strengthen the tooth enamel and protect your teeth, and at the initial stage of caries, even to stop its development. Pay attention to proper nutrition and increase in your diet of greens, fruits and dairy products. All of them contain nutrients and trace elements that help strengthen your teeth. Properly balanced diet at the initial stage of caries will help you stop its development in the bud.

How to prevent caries?

If you want to prevent the appearance of caries, then start by choosing the right toothpaste. It should not dry your gums and whiten your teeth too hard. This has a detrimental effect on the condition of the tooth enamel. Not always advertised toothpaste, suitable for protection against caries. And even not very expensive toothpaste can perfectly protect your teeth of its appearance. It will also be important not only to clean the teeth, but also the entire oral cavity, and especially the tongue, so that the remaining food particles do not fall on the teeth and do not cause their destruction. It will also need a dental floss, which will help brush your teeth in the most inaccessible places. And do not forget about special rinses used after brushing. After eating, try to chew the gum for 5 minutes or rinse your mouth with water if there is no special rinse aid on hand. All these measures will help prevent the development and occurrence of caries, and in some cases, even stop it at the initial stage.

Any disease, including caries, is always easier to prevent than to cure, which is why it is so important to take care of your teeth and prevent them from going to the dentist’s appointments. Be sure to monitor the condition of your teeth and do not start them. And no matter how scary and unpleasant, still visit your dentist 2 times a year. In the case of the appearance of the first signs of caries disease, immediately seek help from folk remedies. Observing the condition of your teeth, applying medicinal preparations, properly caring for the entire oral cavity and teeth, and you can save yourself from such terrible phenomena as tooth decay and toothache caused by the appearance of caries.