How to germinate wheat at home correctly


The concept of "live food" is becoming increasingly popular, and fermented products make their way even into popular food culture. In many restaurants of the world you can find salads and snacks with plant sprouts. Today, you will learn how to germinate wheat at home and become practically the chef of a trendy restaurant.

What goes around comes around

How to grow wheat at home

Wheat germination at home begins with the selection of suitable grains. To do this, go to the nearest supermarket, and better to the market, and buy some ordinary durum wheat. Where to buy a product is of great importance.

So, in the supermarket, you can not always touch, touch and, as it should be considered, the proposed grain to buy, but it is in the store that you can find special seeds for germination with the appropriate label. As for the market, here the product can be bought almost at a bargain price and at the same time choose exactly the grains that you like, that is, they will be whole, unharmed and covered with a natural casing.

The integrity of the grains, their heat treatment and the amount of impurities also play an important role. Typically, for planting wheat in the garden plots or for sowing fields, grain is treated with special chemicals. For home use such raw materials will be unsuitable and sprouts will not give.

Plant grains in a jar

So, the grains have been chosen, we turn to the consideration of the main issue - how to germinate wheat at home correctly. In fact, this process is simple, and most importantly, fast. The first shoots can be obtained already after 24 hours. To begin with, prepare some wheat, so that it is enough for one time, a glass jar and cheesecloth.

wheat germ

We begin the process of growing:

  1. First, sift the wheat in the wind, and then manually select from the total mass all the small mote, pebbles, seeds from other crops and tainted grains.
  2. Enumerated and prepared seeds are washed in a single solution of potassium permanganate, and then in several waters.
  3. Pour the grain into a glass jar, filling it with about a third of the volume, and pour distilled running or spring water there. The water level in the bank is important: it must cover wheat by 2 centimeters.
  4. Cover the jar with a lid with holes or gauze, folded in several layers, and leave at room temperature for about 10 hours.
  5. After the specified time, without removing the gauze, pour the first water and rinse the seeds again.
  6. Then turn the jar into a bowl at an angle equal to 45 degrees, while the neck of the container should stand at the bottom of the plate.
  7. Pour distilled or tap water in the plate itself, thus creating optimal conditions for wheat growth.
  8. After the seeds swell and the first small sprouts appear, we wash them again, replace the gauze with a lid, and place the jar in the fridge on the top shelf.
  9. Wheat sprouts can be stored for 3-5 days, and before each use of food grains should be washed.

The living energy of fresh wheatgrass stimulates the body to activate the processes of purification and self-healing. At the same time, the digestive system, which at this time gets rid of food that has undergone culinary processing, is of particular benefit.

If you pamper yourself every morning with wheat germ, by the way, you can add honey to it, after a while you will notice how your body rejuvenated: many cosmetic defects will disappear, it will be easier to breathe, flexibility and elasticity of the joints will appear. In addition, doctors say that such food helps to strengthen the immune system.

We grow vitamins on the window

wheat germination

Usually sprouted wheat grains are recommended to be eaten immediately, without waiting for the appearance of large shoots. It is believed that at the initial stage the seeds contain the highest concentration of beneficial substances. However, nutritionists say that the green shoots themselves will be no less suitable for food. You can make a salad from them or blend a vitamin cocktail in a blender, and some health food lovers add green seedlings to cold soups and cereals.

How to grow wheat to green shoots at home? Follow these guidelines:

  1. To begin with, we perform all the actions described above, with a can, only at the very end of the seedlings we do not put them in the refrigerator, but we transplant them into the soil.
  2. To do this, we prepare in advance a special container, preferably with a ventilated bottom.
  3. The bottom of the container is carpeted with paper napkins, and on top we cover it with a layer of earth, about 5 centimeters thick, and wet it.
  4. Now in turn, we press the wheat germ into the soil and spray it with water from a spray bottle.
  5. We cover all this with a napkin and leave the pot to languish in a warm room for about 4 days, periodically remembering to moisten the soil.
  6. After a while, we remove the top layer of napkins and move the container to the window, just not under the direct rays of the sun, and wait for the harvest.
  7. The first shoots can be cut off after 9-10 days, leaving a little space above the root, so that the wheat continues to grow.

Sprouts obtained in this way can be stored in the refrigerator for 7 days. Thus, you get almost continuous production.

To grow wheat, you do not need to have the special skills of an amateur gardener, it will be enough just to be patient. It is better to eat "live grains" in the morning on an empty stomach, while at the same time you need to chew them well. And the dish is tastier and healthier if you add honey or fresh fruit to wheat.