How to germinate oats at home

A healthy lifestyle in the last place has become in some sense a trend, and more and more people are trying to optimize their daily routine and diet. For this reason, there are new nuances in the technology of cooking - for example, the preliminary germination of oats. If there is a pet in the apartment, the benefit will be double: the green shoots are ideal for cats, parrots and even fish, while experts themselves advise using germinated grain in the daily human diet.

howto germinateoatsforeating?

How to sprout oats for food?

  1. First, we must remember that oats for germination are different from what is acquired for the purpose of ordinary cooking. And it's not about oatmeal, but about whole grains: most often the desired product has the mark "for germination" or "unpeeled". Those. oats have not undergone serious processing, so there is little starch in it, whose value for the body is still disputed, and there is no chemical plaque, which increases the usefulness of the grains. You can buy such oats in stores with products for raw food. Holocaust oats are also suitable - it is more common for sale.
  2. How to germinate oats at home? You will need about 1/2 cup of grain, if you are doing this for the first time and do not know the exact amount of the required product. After a kind of preparation you will get 1-1.5 cups of germinated grain. Oats should be washed in cold water 2-3 times and pour into a large glass jar (1-2 liters).
  3. There is poured cold distilled water in an amount of 350 ml, the grains are mixed so that they are completely soaked (because of their lightness, they usually immediately float to the surface), then the uncovered can is transferred to a cool place devoid of direct sunlight. It is recommended to leave it that way for the night, so they start sprouting oats at home in the evening.
  4. After 8 hours, the water from the jar needs to be drained, the grains should be dropped into a colander, rinsed with cold water, spread out on a metal grid, so that the glass has excess water. When they dry out a bit, the grate should be removed to the same cool place where the bank previously stood. The grains will "rest" for 10-12 hours, while they should not be in a confined space, and the air temperature around them should be kept within the limits of 20-22 degrees.
  5. After the indicated period of time, the grains are again washed with cold water, they are transferred onto a metal grate and again transferred to a cool and shade place. The exposure time is again 12 hours, after which the procedure is repeated. It is necessary to alternate long rest and rinsing of the grains in cold water 3-4 times, after which the grains are dried in a warm (50 degrees) oven off for 3-4 hours.

How to germinate oats for a cat or a parrot?

Cookingoatsforcatsanda parrot

Pets are also purchased oats not processed, but it is not necessary to buy it in a special store - you can contact the departments with pet products. This will help you seriously save. The process itself will take a little more time, but the result here will look somewhat different, since pets do not need grains, but seedlings themselves. So, how to germinate oats for a parrot, rodent, or cat?

In addition to the unrefined grains, ordinary sawdust will be required, as well as any container with high walls, preferably metal. Sawdust crumbles along its bottom so that a thick (2-2.5 cm) layer forms - it should take about 1/2 of the total height of the container. Following the sawdust, oat grains are scattered, while it does not need to be washed. The remaining part of the tank height must also be covered with a layer of sawdust. They gently trample palm, then moistened with warm boiled water. It is better to do this by means of a spray gun so as not to wash away the sawdust and not to pull the oats to the surface.

Every day, water will be added to this tank so that it reaches the bottom layer of sawdust but does not overfill the container: Your task is to moisten the substrate well, but not pour it over. The waiting time will be 7-10 days, during which watering does not stop. When the green shoots reach 5-6 cm in height, they can be cut, giving the pet to use, and within a few days new shoots will appear in the container.

How to germinate oats for a cat or a parrot?

There is no difficulty in sprouting oats at home. As you can see from the above algorithms, the actions are quite simple, and the procedure almost does not require your intervention. And it is recommended to store oat grains sprouted for food in a carefully dried and ground form, adding to flour and cereals. Or leave the grains in a glass jar with a lid, but be sure to put them in the fridge - there their growth will continue.

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