How to eat

From that do we eat right, in fact, much depends. And the general condition of the whole organism, and the work of the gastrointestinal tract, in particular. Besides, taking food wrong, we begin to gain weight, and, as a result, due to the increased weight, problems in the work of other organs begin. In short, everything is interconnected.

So how to eat? Are there any rules for eating?The rules, in fact, are. And if you try to follow them, then soon you will feel great!

Basic rules for eating

one. You can not start a mealright after you did manual work or some kind of stress. This should not be done immediately before playing sports. The minimum break that should be sustained is half an hour.

2. Every meal, regardless of the time of day, should start with fresh fruit and vegetables. They activate the process of digestion. Especially useful in this case are apples, carrots, cabbage, cucumbers and tomatoes.

3. You need to try so make up your diet so that you did not eat raw vegetables or fruits at the same time with the food that was heat treated. It is extremely harmful to the stomach. In addition, it is strictly prohibited thereafter. As you ate the main course, eat fruit. They should not go, as a dessert, in any case!

4. Any products, any consistency should be chewed well. Otherwise, for a long time after eating, you will feel feeling of heaviness and discomfort in the stomach.

5. When eating, do not rush. Between receptions of several different dishes take at least short breaks - five minutes each.

6. You can not drink any drinks that were immediately before, during or immediately after taking a meal. it greatly complicates and slows down the digestion process. In extreme cases, you can drink food, only when it is too dry. But drink should be taken in small sips.

7. The temperature of the food you are about to eat should be as close as possible to the body temperature. Do not eat very hot and very cold foods at the same time.. If there are such dishes in your menu, you should take a short break between them.

8. Immediately after eating it takes half an hour to rest. Just do not go on the couch, and even more so fall asleep. You can walk with a slow pace, or go to the balcony - get some air.

9. Start eating only then, when you really feel hungry. And not just because it is time for lunch or someone invited to the table.

10. Never need to overeat. From the table you should come out with a slight feeling of hunger. This is due to the fact that the saturation information slowly comes from the stomach to the brain. In about fifteen minutes. During this time, you have time to eat so that the belly is inflated like a drum. And if you leave the table with a feeling of light hunger, then in ten or fifteen minutes it will pass, and you will feel great.

11. At one meal, you need to eat no more food than it can hold in your two palms, folded in a handful. All that is greater than this volume - too much.

12. Fifteen to twenty minutes before eating, it is advisable to drink one glass of warm water. Water activates the work of the stomach, and prepare it for the digestive process.

13. Solid foods should be chewed to a liquid state. And if you eat something liquid (for example, the first dish), then all the same, you need to chew it several times.

14. During the meal it is very important not to think about anything bad. Set aside all unpleasant thoughts and problems for later. In the process of eating you need to think only about the good, or nothing at all to think about.

15. Half of the amount of food that makes up your daily diet must be of plant origin. And in the raw. Only then your body will receive all the necessary nutrients, and the stomach will begin to work like a clock!

Separately, I want to say about reading while eating or watching TV. Most people read or watch television during dinner, for example. But it is actually harmful. First, you do not see what you eat, going to the process of eating purely mechanically. And secondly, when your attention is distracted, you do not notice how you fill up. And as a result eat more than necessary.

For best results, of course, good follow all the rules, given here. But even if you try to follow at least some, then we can confidently say that you halfway to absolute health!

Health to you and your loved ones!

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