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How to eat kiwi

Kiwi is one of the most healthy fruits, which has a pleasant and unusual taste. Does it contain more vitamin C? than an orange. As part of kiwi there is a large amount of vitamins E and K, which are indispensable for our body. You can eat kiwi fresh, and make jelly, jam from it, add to salads, serve with meat. But in order to get all the benefits that are in it, you need to eat them correctly.

How to eat fresh kiwi?

  1. The most useful and correct use fresh kiwi. The most convenient way here is this. Take fresh kiwi fruit, wash it under warm water and then cut it into 2 pieces. Eat it with a teaspoon, taking out the core.
  2. Another way is when the kiwi can be peeled as an ordinary potato and is like an ordinary apple. The only "but" in this way is that all your fingers will be in the sweet juice from this fruit.
  3. Also, kiwi can be cut into slices along with the skin and eat like an orange or an apple.
  4. You can eat kiwi straight with the skin. By the way, in the skin of kiwi contains a lot of nutrients and even more vitamins than in the very core of kiwi. But before you eat kiwi with skin, first wash it thoroughly under running water, and after that you can eat like an ordinary peach. But do not abuse the use of kiwi together with the skin, so as not to cause irritation of the stomach.

How to eat kiwi in dry form?

Kiwi can be eaten dry. In this form, it is rarely sold, but it is still found in specialized stores. Such a kiwi does not require special manipulations and is immediately ready for use. If you do not like the very sour taste of kiwi, sprinkle kiwi with sugar. Do not forget that even such a useful product as kiwi, you need to use in moderation.

How to eat kiwi in cocktails?

Kiwi will be a great addition to juices and cocktails. When preparing the cocktail, peel the kiwi, but do not throw it away, but eat it. Kiwi goes well with mango, pineapple, melon, strawberry, banana, orange. Mixing these fruits, using a blender, you can make a wonderful juice. Kiwi can be added to vegetable smoothies, its core and seeds will give them a piquant flavor.

How to eat kiwi in main dishes?

Kiwi can be used in the preparation of main dishes. Kiwi has the properties to make meat softer. From 2 kiwi can be mashed and used in the marinade when cooking pork or beef. And if you rub them with pieces of meat, you can get a great kebab with a sweet and sour taste. Kiwi puree can also be added to sauces to give them the sweet and sour taste of this fruit and its beneficial properties. Kiwi goes well with garlic, sesame, lemon, ginger, soy sauce, celery, fennel and onions. Therefore, it will fit almost any dish where these seasonings and spices are present.

Kiwi entered our diet and is now present on the shelves of all grocery stores. It is a very useful fruit and will be indispensable if we care about our health. But even this is already familiar to us fruit, you need to be able to eat right. There are several ways to eat kiwi and each of you can choose the one that suits him best. Here it is up to you, but the most useful of them is still fresh kiwi.

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