How to eat goji berries


Goji berries (or Chinese barberry) - a unique source of useful and nutrients. The homeland of these berries is China, Tibet. The fruits became known to people just recently, or rather, 10 years ago. In fresh or dried form, this product can be purchased at almost any supermarket. The taste of Chinese barberry reminds cranberries with a raspberry flavor.

Goji berry: beneficial properties

Due to its composition, which includes 18 amino acids, vitamins C, E and A, magnesium, iodine, zinc and other useful substances, goji berries are useful in many diseases. One spoon of Chinese barberry is able to satisfy the daily need of the body in almost all the necessary vitamins and trace elements.

goji berries: contraindications

Among the beneficial properties of these berries are the following:

  • Helps to overcome depression, improving mood. In autumn, this is especially true;
  • It contributes to weight loss, so they are recommended to apply to people who want to lose those extra pounds;
  • Due to its antioxidant properties, it prevents premature aging. Because of this, there are a lot of celebrity goji berry fans;
  • Improve skin condition;
  • Normalize sleep, helping to cope with insomnia;
  • Increases melatonin levels;
  • Increase stamina and restore strength. To maintain the tone, the fruit is recommended to athletes;
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  • Chinese barberry is useful for people with diabetes, because it lowers blood sugar levels;
  • Thanks to active ingredients, goji improves sperm quality, which solves the problem of male infertility;
  • The fruits have an antitumor effect, which allows to remove carcinogens and toxins from the liver. They are also a prophylactic agent for prostate cancer;
  • The active ingredients of the berries have a beneficial effect on germ cells;
  • Favorably affect the nervous system;
  • Increase sexual desire and restore regular sex life;
  • They have a tonic effect on the entire body, increasing endurance and resistance to stress;
  • Normalize hormonal imbalance;
  • Restores the function of the genitourinary system, reducing the dysuric symptoms of the strong half of humanity;
  • Contribute to the accumulation of myoglobin in muscle tissue.

There are still many things to list the beneficial properties of the Chinese barberry, the main thing is to assimilate well - goji berries are an indispensable product in the diet of any modern person.

Goji berry: how to take

Fruits can be used fresh, dried, as well as for soups, salads, compotes and tea. They are recommended to use 45 grams per day. By the way speaking, using the links below, you can order a large package for yourself with a good discount.

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There is a good recipe for making goji berries.

Brew 1 tbsp. fruit in a thermos, close it with a lid and leave for half an hour. Prepared tincture take 0.5 glass 3 times a day. Berries that remain after decanting can be eaten. For flavor, add lemon or lime. It is not recommended to use sugar, honey and other sweeteners.

The finished tincture can be stored no more than 2 days in a dry and cool place.

Goji berries: contraindications

Despite the huge number of useful properties, like any product, goji berries have contraindications, but not many of them:

  1. Chinese barberries are not recommended at elevated temperatures;
  2. People who are prone to allergic reactions also should not eat berries, because they can provoke an attack.

Goji berries for weight loss

To with the help of the Chinese barberry to get rid of extra pounds will have to work hard. The chemical composition of the fruit causes nutritionists to admire, but there are no active fat burning components in the Chinese barberry. But this does not mean that it is impossible to lose weight with it.

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Goji berries is a natural plant product that contains a large number of useful components that are beneficial to metabolic processes and overall health. A drink made from goji fruit increases metabolism and improves vitality. Against this background, it will be easier for you to endure a strict diet.

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It is best to drink a drink from the Chinese barberry before a fitness club or after a diet breakfast. With the help of Goji fruit, you can make a slimming cocktail.

For 1 liter of skimmed milk you will need 4 tbsp. berries Pour the berries in the milk at night, cover the container with a film and put in the refrigerator. In the morning, whip the cocktail with a blender. You can add a little cinnamon. It turns out tasty and nutritious.

If you follow the advice of Pierre Dukan, goji berries should be used in limited quantities:

  1. During the Attack and Protein Days Cruise, you can eat 1 tbsp. berries;
  2. During the protein-vegetable and days of the Cruise phase, you can eat 2 tablespoons of fodder;
  3. During the phase of consolidation, you can eat 3 tbsp. berries

Goji berries - a useful product, which consists of almost all the necessary vitamins and minerals. With Chinese barberry, you can prepare a variety of infusions, compotes and teas, as well as add to meat and fish dishes, salads. Eat berries regularly, and you will keep youth, health and beauty for a long time.