How to eat fruit

The fruit and berry period in the life of our digestion should never end. And no matter what time of year outside the window. Need to understand: fruits are simply essential for vitamin balance in the body and for better well-being. A sufficient amount of fruits and their proper use is a harmonious weight loss without diets and a guarantee of good mood.

All the fruits you eat every day should be eaten at the right time., then problems with bloating, indigestion, and general discomfort can be avoided.

Rules for eating fruit

  1. In food it is better to use fresh, not frozen fruit. Even if the temperature in the yard is below zero, it is quite simple to find the "seasonal fruit" today. In the frozen products add more sugar and all sorts of additives, because of which the fruit loses all the benefits.
  2. Many fruits are best consumed in the morning. They will wake up your digestive system after sleep and charge you with energy, which is so necessary in the morning hours.
  3. Fruit is better to use as a snack or eat for half an hour before meals.
  4. Fruit should not be eaten on a full stomach. At your disposal any time of day, but not after the main meal. So you will be even harder.

Each fruit has its own time

Its morning is best to start with bright citrus. They will cheer up both color and taste. The most suitable option - Kiwi. This fruit has 5 times more vitaminim C than orange. So that 20 minutes before breakfast please yourself juicy shaggy fruit.

Before lunch and after it is best to eat apples. Apples cause an abundance of secretion of gastric juice, which helps to digest dinner food. And here the most important thing is to thoroughly chew the fruit.

As a dessert, it is better to use grapes or raisins.. Afternoon is a great time to do this. Of course, the dessert, here is not a piece of sponge cake with one grape on the "roof", but a small sprig and 3 hours after eating.

Fruits can be divided into light and heavy. Bananas and Avocados, for example, refer to the second type. Therefore, it is better to eat them in the afternoon, when the digestive tract is ready for heavy artillery. Therefore , banana snack - what you need.

But plums are good for 3 hours before bedtime. If you lead a sedentary lifestyle, this fruit is for you. Two plums as a "late dinner" and your stomach will thank you.

How to eat fruit out of season?

There is one principle of proper use of fruit is very simple, and everyone is familiar with it. Buy fruit is best in the season of their ripening. If you follow this rule, you can avoid many unpleasant moments associated with the chemical processing of non-native fruits. The loss of nutrients and vitamins in fruits begins almost immediately after they are picked. That is why it is better not to eat apples that went to us for two or more weeks. And yet, is there really no way to feast on your favorite fruit "not in his time"? There is.

The greatest amount of benefits in winter and post-winter time is found in citrus exotic - kiwi, oranges and lemons. You can live without pineapples, papaya and mango, so take the more familiar fruits. But more often among foreign fruits one can meet both a spoiled and immature product. Therefore, the first is a streamlined search. And the second way out of the situation is gardening. Lemon and Mandarin, for example, you can grow with us. The main thing is to aim. As soon as the harvest goes, it will be nice to eat your own lemon without pesticides.

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Summer and autumn - a fruit and vegetable paradise. Here you can do whatever your heart desires. In addition to the chaos, which previously did not give you a full life. Now Eat the fruit correctly and be surprised at the lightness and the amount of vitamins that the fruit gives you.

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