How to eat figs - with or without peel

Residents of the planet have known about the value of figs for a long time. Fig (one of the names of the fruit) has a large number of varieties, differing in shape, color, taste and time of ripening. In this regard, many are interested in how to eat figs. Usually berries are eaten fresh or in the form of dried fruits, but with no less success they are frozen, baked, boiled compote, jam or used in baking.

In what form and how to eat figs?

Figs are green, yellow, brown or dark blue, resembling a plum.

Figs are green, yellow, brown or dark blue, resembling a plum. Dark berries are much sweeter than light ones. The taste of fresh figs is light, sweetish, without sourness, and it can be fully felt when consumed fresh. True, in stores and on the market stalls, it is difficult to find a “primeval” product. Ripe berry is soft and tender, which greatly complicates its transportation. But figs, far from maturity, are not worth buying: it is not able to “get to the standard” on its own, like other types of fruit.

People who recently discovered this delicacy, want to know how to eat figs with skin. Indeed, the whole fruit is edible. Do not just give the skin to small children and have a too coarse shell. In other cases, fresh fruit should be gently rinsed in warm water. It is recommended to keep it in a cool place for about an hour before cutting figs.

Fresh fruit at room temperature remains edible for about a day. It is best to put it in the refrigerator - there it will retain its original appearance and taste longer (up to 3 days).

In addition, the berry can be frozen and stored for about 12 months. For this purpose it is better to choose dark varieties. Frozen product is used for baking, jam, stewed fruit.

Dried figs before eating to kill germs can pour boiling water. Some varieties even in the "dehydrated" form are quite juicy, while others should be held over steam or soaked in boiling water. Such a product can be eaten without anything, sent to pies or muffins, stewed with fennel and aniseed. And if you add spices, dried apricots, apples and figs to water and cook them all for about 15 minutes, you will get a very tasty compote.

Figs: the benefits and harm to the body

Figs have great nutritional value.

Figs have great nutritional value. Protein, iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, potassium - this is not a complete list of all the useful components of the product. By the amount of iron, the fig is ahead of the apple, and by the potassium content it is inferior only to nuts. Fruits of figs contain quite a lot of copper, one of the main trace elements that is found in the human liver and muscles, which affects the production of elastin and collagen. It is no coincidence that figs are popular as an element of healthy, proper nutrition.

In folk medicine, he also found wide application. Fruits help to adjust the correct work of the stomach, beneficially affect the state of the whole blood system of a person. Figs for women is extremely useful. Folic acid, which it contains, is especially necessary for women of the weaker sex before conceiving and during the first 3 months of pregnancy. But, if a woman in this period gains weight too quickly, suffers from kidney disease or gestational diabetes, she should refuse the product.

Scientific studies show that figs are very important for women who go through menopause. Daily intake of the product prevents breast cancer. All this thanks to a significant level of antioxidants, which is another advantage of the use of figs.

Dried fruits are almost no different in value from fresh berries. The process of evaporation of water occurs naturally, which helps to maximize the use of figs. A huge range of positive properties have yellow-green berries. An important quality of the product is the possibility of rapid saturation, since dried figs contain a large amount of fiber.

However, sugar levels are high in dried figs, so people with different types of diabetes should refuse it. In addition, doctors do not advise to use it in large quantities with the problem of excess weight, as the fig is high in calories. Figs are forbidden to use in acute gastritis and people with kidney disease.

How to choose figs?

In order for the berries to be safely eaten in any form and to benefit, you need to buy a quality product.

In order for the berries to be safely eaten in any form and to benefit, you need to buy a quality product. Here are the characteristics of good fresh figs:

  • it should be slightly soft, but keep a steady shape and not creep in hands;
  • the skin should be smooth and without cracks, but small scratches are not considered a fault;
  • the smell of ripe fruit is pleasant and sweet; sour says about the beginning of the fermentation process;
  • A large number of seeds, as a rule, testifies to the excellent taste.

Top-grade dried figs have a nice light brown color. All berries are smooth, regular, slightly flattened and relatively soft to the touch. White bloom on fruits is an indicator of high sugar content. In order not to run into poor-quality figs, you need to touch it. In coarse and dry fruits, the shelf life is likely to have expired. In addition, these berries have an unpleasant sour taste.

Products with which figs go well

How to eat figs in combination with other products so that its taste will get a new sound? Here are some good ways.

  • First of all, the pieces of this berry serve as an additional ingredient of fruit and vegetable salads. Meals can be filled with sour cream, yogurt or lemon juice.
  • Ham, cheese, herbs and figs are a light and nutritious meal for every day.
  • Pieces of dried fruit are added to tea.
  • Nutritious breakfast will be a mix of cottage cheese, figs and honey.
  • Fans of oatmeal in the face of figs get a nice addition to it. Before using dried fruit for this dish should be soaked.
  • Despite the sweetness, figs go well with meat and poultry dishes. Before the end of roasting the meat, the dried berry is added in pieces, together it is drunk and served to the table.
  • Amazing taste is obtained with a combination of goat cheese and figs. From these ingredients you can make a light salad, bake them together in an oven or microwave.

Fruits of figs have a large number of useful qualities. They are rich in vitamins and microelements, are used in traditional medicine, can be the highlight of many dishes. But, like any product, berries have their own contraindications. Therefore, before their active use, you need to familiarize yourself with some limitations or consult a doctor.

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