How to eat carbohydrates


Carbohydrates, not fats, as is commonly believed, are the main cause of excess weight. They can mainly be found in milk, bread, chocolate, cereals, potatoes. All carbohydrates received by the body are processed into sugar and in this form are absorbed into the blood. It is not hard to guess: the more carbohydrates in the diet, the greater the gained weight.

Carbohydrates - a source of energy for the activities of the muscles, heart, liver, nervous system. A certain role is assigned to carbohydrates in the process of metabolism. With a lack of carbohydrates the body consumes proteins. Plus, carbohydrates are necessary for the formation of fat. The lack of a sufficient amount of carbohydrates in food forces to use fats only partially. This can lead to disastrous consequences.

But excessive consumption of carbohydrates can lead to such troubles as obesity, diathesis, atherosclerosis, gallstone disease, impaired nervous system.

An adult needs up to 500 grams of carbohydrates per day., and during physical labor - 600 grams. If you consume more than 650 grams of carbohydrates per day - this is too much, you need to reduce this number.

The most favorite carbohydrates of humanity

Types of products determine the strength and speed of absorption of carbohydrates into the blood. The longest is the splitting and absorption of such a saccharide as starch, and least of all - the glucose contained in honey and grapes.

Per day is not recommended to take more than 100 grams of sugarand sugar products, such as confectioneries.Better enjoy sweets for dessert, it is then that the feeling of fullness comes. After all, it is not without reason that babies do not give sweets before eating - they interrupt the appetite.

Another insidious product that just seems to be non-calorie is alcohol. If you look at a long time drinking person, you will not notice a bust with carbohydrates. But for a healthy diet, alcohol is superfluous. No wonder many diets prohibit alcohol.

There is no nice drink in the pleasant company to have a glass of your favorite beer or champagne. The main thing is to remember that alcohol is Not onlyexcess calories, but also the threat of the development of a number of diseases with excessive use.

What carbohydrates are better to use at sports loads?

If you play sports, fitness and do it regularly, first of all pay attention to fiber and starch. Eat only healthy food that has not undergone industrial processing: whole-grain rice, whole-wheat flour pasta, potatoes, whole-grain bread. This food is rich in fiber, which is perfectly helps digestion. You can also artificially add fiber to food by buying it in pharmacies and dietary departments of the store.

How to determine the effect of various types of carbohydrates on your body?

For, To understand something about the effect of carbohydrates on the body, there is a glycemic index. This coefficient determines the dependence of blood sugar on a carbohydrate. This method is very helpful for people with diabetes to determine acceptable food.

In some diets you can find such recommendations: "Fats and proteins can not be mixed." Such a food system may cause glucose level jumps in some people, and they, in turn, will lead to severe hunger and dizziness. That's why, many diets based on the rejection of something only cause harm to the body. For nutrition and getting the organisms necessary substances, it is better to eat both fats and proteins and carbohydrates, but in small quantities. It is easier to follow your diet than to be treated for vitamin deficiencies and to storm the refrigerator at night.

Afraid of carbohydrates - harm the body

Have all your attempts to follow non-carbohydrate diets go down the drain? Did you score even more? Right. In order to remain healthy and beautiful, you must first be balanced and calm. And the feeling of hunger arising from the rejection of a particular product makes you more irritable and angrier.

All you need to do for the beauty of the body is to play sports from time to time and eat right. If you have the opportunity to eat more often, but less - great! Try it and see results very soon. Use everything, but in small quantities. Only in these cases, your insulin will not bounce, and you leave the poor refrigerator alone.

Everything you need to do for the beauty of the soul - do good deeds and think positively. Is always. You are what you do. And never forget the words of Helena Rubinstein, the greatest of women: "There are no ugly women, there are only lazy ones."