How to eat and not gain weight


Nowadays, due to improper lifestyle, unbalanced nutrition and poor ecology, very few people have the right metabolism. Of course, there are those who eat everything they want and at the same time do not get fat, they can only envy. But what about those who have every calorie on the weight?

The main recommendations, adhering to which you can eat is not fat.

Do not forget about breakfast

At night, the metabolism stops, as no food enters the body. Therefore, by depriving yourself of breakfast, you thereby make it clear to your body that it continues to sleep, and the body thinks that it is necessary to save energy until a new arrival of food. And if you have a full breakfast, then the metabolism, which begins to process excess calories, is included in the work.

Include green tea in your diet

Green tea contains a huge amount of nutrients. One of its most beneficial substances is polyphenols, which clean the liver, and thermogenics - these are substances that speed up body metabolism and help burn excess fat

Do not combine food with other occupations.

Remember one very important rule for the digestive process - you should not be focused on what you eat, but how you do it! In the digestive tract, the processes are started already from the moment when you saw the dish and felt its smell, that is why you should not eat in front of the TV screen or monitor, or lay out a fascinating magazine next to it. Try not to rush and chew every piece of food thoroughly, while feeling its taste.

Include a variety of foods in the diet

To the body received a sufficient amount of all substances, include in the diet of fruits, vegetables, dairy products, meat, grains. For breakfast, it is useful to eat semolina or oatmeal porridge with a slice of cheese, you will see, your body will thank you, if you will have breakfast like that for a month.

Fresh juice is also approved in the morning; if it is very sweet, you can dilute it a little with water.

Make it a rule to include a large amount of vegetables and greens in your diet, it’s better not to cut vegetables before serving, and also eat plenty of vegetable salads with vegetable oil, but not sour cream or mayonnaise.

Exclude from the diet all sweetened carbonated water, replacing it with juices and sour milk drinks.

Try to eat as little as possible fried, and include more boiled or stewed in the menu.

Eat one fruit an hour or half an hour before meals, but not after meals.

If you can’t eliminate sweets from the diet at all, then at least eat it in the morning, when calories are distributed more correctly.

Pay attention to your lifestyle in general, sleep around 8-9 hours and more often be in the fresh air.

More recently, scientists have found that they get fat from the excessive consumption of fat, but not carbohydrates, as previously thought.

Dietitians in the course of scientific experiments determined that the popular Atkins diet, which for some reason is underestimated by many, quite effectively allows you to keep weight normal. Scientists from the American Institute of Research, it was found that if for a long time to consume large amounts of fat, within reasonable limits, of course, and limit yourself to carbohydrates, the body weight will stay at the desired level for a long time. This information was revealed during many years of observation of the subjects, who, during this diet, dropped about 10 kg, and subsequently did not gain excess weight.

From 1995 to 2002, there were about 3 thousand people, most of whom were women, the average age of the subjects was 50 years old, they managed to lose an average of 30 kg before the survey. The diets that the subjects observed were observed were compared, and then the indicators in weight in a year were taken. The calories that were consumed per day were about 1,500 calories, but the figure for fats consumed increased from 25 to 29%, and the rate of carbohydrates decreased from 55 to 49%. Also during this period, the number of patients increased from 6 to 17% who were on a low-carb diet.

There have been cases when dieters included more carbohydrates and proteins in their diets, and as a result, they were overweight. Nevertheless, many experts are of the opinion that in order to maintain weight at the right level it is necessary to follow a diet with a restriction of the amount of fats and high consumption of carbohydrates. In recent years, the Atkins diet has lost its popularity and diets with a decrease in the number of carbohydrates are no longer relevant, and nutritionists advise to include more low-carb foods in the diet.

Now there are many diets, and the head is spinning when you think which one is better to choose. Doctors advise to listen to the needs of your body and adhere to some rules. You should simply reduce the amount of food, move more, sometimes arrange fasting days, and your weight will gradually return to normal.

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