How to eat a quince


Quince is an incredibly tasty, healthy, slightly tart and fragrant delicacy. In ancient Greece, the quince was considered a symbol of fertility and love, while it was popular due to its useful and healing properties. Quince is widely used as a powerful medicine for a variety of diseases.

This fruit can be used both raw and used to prepare compotes, stew and bake, make jam, and also serve in a fried form as a great side dish to any meat dish. Quince literally amazes with its vitamin and mineral composition. It consists of a minimum amount of fat, with no harmful cholesterol. That is why this fruit is an excellent and useful diet product. Quince contains fiber and copper, thereby greatly improving the process of digestion, as a result, excess completeness is quickly and gently eliminated.

100 g of the product contains only 48 kcal, so it is recommended to use the quince to people who want to lose weight. It also contains a large amount of valuable antioxidants, making it easier to transfer stresses and severe depression, prevents the process of premature aging, as well as the development of cancer cells. This fruit has powerful antiviral properties, therefore it helps with various colds and during the treatment of influenza.

How to eat a quince?


Many people simply do not know how tasty quince can be and, having tried it once raw, decide to completely eliminate it from their diet. But, if you know what delicious dishes are prepared from it, you can not only create real masterpieces of cooking, but also conduct a wonderful wellness course for the whole body.

One of the best ways to cook quince is roasting. First you need to wash the fruit well and cut into 2 approximately equal halves, completely clearing the seeds. Fruit slices are laid out on a clean baking sheet and sprinkled with a small amount of sugar on top. The baking tray is placed in a well heated oven. To slightly diversify the taste of the dish, you can add cinnamon or vanilla powder.

Very tasty with an interesting aroma is a quince cake. In this case, you can use almost any recipe for making this dessert with apples. However, unlike apples, you must first wash and then boil the quince, as this fruit is quite hard.

Quince can be added to a variety of recipes - for example, very tasty rice with this fruit is obtained, thanks to which the dish gets a more interesting and unusual taste. You can also use a quince for the filling while roasting poultry in the oven.

Useful and very tasty compote with quince. During cooking, you can use not only this fruit, but also other dried fruits, thereby obtaining a more interesting taste. This compote is rich in valuable vitamins and is useful for children.

Fresh quince or jam from this fruit can be used as an excellent filling for cakes and pies. For example, using puff pastry, in just 30 minutes, you can make a delicious dessert. For this you need to take fresh quince fruits or fruit jam. If fresh fruits are used, then they need to be cut into slices beforehand and stew for a few minutes with sugar. The finished dough is rolled out (can be formed in the form of small baskets), and a quince is placed inside. In a well heated oven, the dessert is baked for about 20 minutes, before serving it can be sprinkled with a small amount of powdered sugar.

Quince: how to eat raw and heat treated?

Quince: how to eat raw and heat treated?

In its raw form, this fruit is very hard and the matter is not only in its unusual taste, but also in the fact that the quince is very firm. During heat treatment, all the unpleasant tartness is removed, but beneficial substances are retained.

This fruit can be consumed not only raw, but also used to make a decoction, which also helps with various problems in the gastrointestinal tract, which are accompanied by diarrhea. Useful quince for various diseases of the biliary tract and liver, can be used as a natural anti-emetic drug.

Quince is truly a universal fruit, as it has practically no contraindications and is recommended for daily use. However, it is worth refusing this fruit in the presence of individual intolerance. With special care you need to eat quince with pleurisy, constipation and singers, as it can harm the larynx and ligaments.

Quince jam slices: recipe

Quince jam slices: recipe


  • Filtered drinking water - 3 tbsp.
  • Ripe quince - 1 kg
  • Granulated sugar - 1 kg
  • Vanillin - 2 pinches


  1. Fruits need to be washed thoroughly, then dried, laying out a quince on a paper towel or napkin.
  2. All fruits must be peeled and cut into quarters, then remove the seed pods.
  3. Then you need to cut the quince into slices.
  4. The next step is to prepare sugar syrup - water is brought to a boil, then sugar is added. After three minutes (the syrup must be constantly stirred, so that the sugar is completely dissolved, but it does not burn), quince slices must be added. Now you need to enter into the boiling syrup fruit slices.
  5. Now the pelvis with the jam is removed from the stove, covered with a newspaper on top and left for several hours.
  6. Once the jam is completely cooled, you need to re-put the pelvis on the stove and leave for a while until it starts to boil.
  7. These actions need to be performed approximately 3-4 times, due to which the syrup acquires a delicate amber color.
  8. As soon as 3-4 heat treatments will be carried out, you need to put the pelvis with the jam back on the stove and cook until the quince slices are soft.
  9. Approximately 5 minutes before the end of cooking, it is necessary to add vanillin and mix everything well.
  10. The finished jam can be laid out in pre-sterilized jars and rolled up with iron lids. Banks with jam should be left to cool completely, after which they are placed in storage in the cellar.

Quince - a product for the Russians is not quite familiar. Therefore, many do not know how to properly use this fruit in food. Some, faced with the rigidity of the fetus, permanently exclude it from the diet. Do not rush, properly cooked quince is not only very tasty, but also incredibly useful!