How to drink borovoy uterus


What can advise a woman who has found infertility? Do not take it as a sentence for life, and be treated and use popular methods. The most famous herb that helps conceive a child is the pine womb, the savior of many women. How to drink boron womb to get pregnant? What plants enhance its effect?

Down with hormone therapy, or will the plant be able to replace harmful drugs?

how to drink boron womb to get pregnant

There are a lot of problems with conception, and it is not always possible to solve them only with medical methods. Best of all, ortilia has proven itself in the treatment of infertility. Women have long recognized her as "their" grass, because it helps with many gynecological problems and makes it possible to become a mother. What is there in her composition that helps her to compete with hormonal drugs, and how to drink the pine womb to get pregnant?

One of the main components of this plant is phytohormones. If a woman fails to find herself in an interesting position precisely because of the lack of progesterone, then in this case the uterus of the uterus can be very useful. Her reception normalizes the level of "pregnancy hormone", will increase the chances of conceiving, prevent toxicosis and reduce the risk of miscarriage.

If conception is not possible due to inflammatory diseases, then it is also worth drinking ortilia. It produces an antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, resolving effect, stimulates sexual desire and strengthens the immune system.

Unfortunately, if a woman is prevented from becoming a mother by the formation of antibodies in her body against the sperm of her partner, the boron uterus will not be able to cope with this. Another reason that often prevents a woman from experiencing the happiness of motherhood is endometriosis. In this case, she will be prescribed artificial hormones, so the use of herbal assistant will have to be abandoned.

How to take a boron womb for the treatment of infertility?

How to take a boron womb for the treatment of infertility

Borovaya uterus has a strong effect on the body - before you begin its reception, you need to consult a doctor. To feel a positive result of herbal medicine, you should use this plant for a long time (at least 3 months, the optimal period is six months). But, as soon as the pregnancy comes, you should immediately stop using it.

Now the main thing - how to drink a pine womb to get pregnant? It can be used in this form:

  • alcohol tincture. It is sold in a pharmacy, but you can prepare it yourself. To do this, you need 50 g of dry grass. It is poured 500 ml of 40% alcohol (it can be replaced with 0.5 liters of vodka) and insist 21 days in a dark place. From time to time the infusion should be shaken. Drink this composition should be three times a day, 20-30 drops before meals;
  • decoction. This is the best option. Buy a pack of dry grass or collect all parts of the plant and dry thoroughly (in a dark ventilated area). Take 1 tbsp. l raw materials, fill with uncool boiling water (water temperature should be no more than 80˚). Hold for 10 minutes. in a water bath. Let it stand for 4 hours. Take 5 p. per day 1 tbsp. l If you decide to use pharmaceutical grass, then study the instructions for its preparation;
  • tea bags. Convenient packaging, but not the best choice in terms of efficiency. Before getting into the bag, the herb goes through several stages of technological processing, which negatively affects its therapeutic abilities;
  • Gynekol tablets (contain a boron uterus in the composition, a dry extract of yarrow herb). This supplement, the purpose of which is to eliminate the inflammatory process that interferes with conception. The effectiveness of such a tool is a controversial issue.

This is important: not to make things worse instead of good.

Before you drink the uterus of the uterus for conception, you should definitely check the level of hormones. It is necessary to control their content in 2-3 months after eating the herb. If estrogen is reduced, then you can not drink it (especially in phase 1 of the menstrual cycle).

Reception ortilia also can not be combined with the use of hormones. It is forbidden to drink this herb during menstruation (until their complete cessation), as it can provoke uterine bleeding.

If obstruction of the fallopian tubes is diagnosed, then abandon the use of decoctions from this plant, as this will greatly increase the risk of ectopic pregnancy.

how to drink borovoy uterus for conception

Here are some more features of receiving boron uterus:

  • give up alcohol;
  • do not take the tincture overnight;
  • To reduce the load on the liver, drink milk thistle in parallel;
  • do not take sedatives;
  • After a 20-day course, take a week-long break (he will fall down for the time of menstruation), and only then continue the treatment. Remember that the uterus of the uterus can affect the duration of menstruation - to make them longer or shorter.

Contraindications to the use of ortilia are individual hypersensitivity, pregnancy, lactation, poor blood clotting. In the process of treatment possible side effects: allergic reactions, uterine bleeding, liver poisoning.

With what and how to combine the pine womb?

It is believed that in order to achieve the best result, Ortilia should be drunk with another “female” plant - a red brush. You can alternate their reception - 1 month to take a pine womb, 2 - a red brush (1 tablespoon. Herbs pour 1 tbsp. Water, boil 15 minutes. Drink 1 tsp. Every 2 hours). It is also useful to conduct a course of treatment with a boron uterus, and six months later with a cuff.

And how to drink sage and boron womb to get pregnant with a low level of estrogen? In the first phase of the cycle it is necessary to drink sage, and in the second - the pine womb. To make a solution of sage, you should take 1 tsp. crushed leaves of this plant, pour them with a glass of boiling water. Insist the composition of 20 minutes., Strain. Drink the infusion is necessary 3 times a day for 1/3 tbsp. half an hour before meals.

Borovaya uterus, when properly applied, helps to get pregnant even to those who have lost hope of having a baby. Of course, do not overlook the traditional medicine. After all, there are cases when only medical events can cope with pathologies that prevent conception. Take the test, trust your doctor and use all the methods that will help you become a mother!