How to drink beet juice


Beets are rich in calcium and sodium. It is useful in diseases such as varicose veins, hardening of the veins. Beet juice perfectly cleans the liver, kidneys and gallbladder. Still Beets are rich in peptides that protect our body from heavy metals, proteins and amino acids, iron, iodine, copper, manganese, potassium, which has a positive effect on the blood, improves overall health, eyesight, reduces pressure, strengthens capillaries, helps with insomnia and stresses.

Beet juice: benefits and contraindications

Beetroot juice helps to escape from spring fatigue and loss of strength after illness. It has a wound-healing effect on ulcers and boils, cleanses the whole body of toxins, is effective in losing weight, rejuvenates, is useful for the thyroid gland. Read more about this in the article Useful properties of beet and beet juice.

Fresh Beet Juice

Contraindications to the use of beet juice:

  1. Urolithiasis disease,
  2. Gout,
  3. Kidney disease
  4. Diarrhea,
  5. Hypotension,
  6. Heartburn,
  7. Diabetes,
  8. Increased acidity.

How to properly drink beet juice?

Since the beets are well and for a long time stored, fresh beet juice is available to us year-round. For making juice, red beet varieties are best suited.

How to drink beet juice

Freshly prepared juice from beets should be held in the refrigerator, since it cannot be drunk immediately, and then mixed with carrot juice 1: 4.Beet juice is best to drink only with admixtures of other juices, since pure beet juice has a high concentration and can cause nausea.

If you decide to be treated with beet juice, then this juice should be drunk twice a day and 1 glass. Over time, your body will get used to such a cocktail and you can gradually drink pure beet juice. They drink juice for up to 2 weeks, then rest for the same amount and repeat the course again.

How to drink beet juice for diseases?

  • If you are worried about cardiovascular diseases, it is recommended to drink 1 glass of beet juice 20 minutes before meals.
  • After a heart attack, they drink beet juice with 2 tbsp of honey each. three times a day.
  • With hypertension, they drink beet juice with honey. This composition is consumed 4 days, 1 glass each time before eating.
  • In diseases of the liver it is not only very useful to drink beet juice, but the root vegetable itself is generally very useful. Each time before a meal, you need to eat 150 g of raw beets, and then immediately drink 1 glass of juice from beets, carrots and cucumber.

How to take beet juice?

The main feature of beet juice is its ability to enhance blood formation, in other words, to improve the formation of red blood cells. With that, boasting iron content, which is responsible for this process, beets can not. Exactly this ability of beets makes it simply indispensable for the treatment of anemia.

But so that the use of beet juice does not provoke side effects such as worsening of the general condition, dizziness or nausea, it is best to mix it with the equally useful carrot juice in the first days. It should be remembered that the volume of carrot juice should exceed beet several times.

Beetroot juice for health

As soon as the body begins to get used to the beet juice, the proportion should be changed, reducing the amount of carrot juice, eventually eliminating it. For medicinal purposes, beet juice is usually taken in a volume of 1.5 cups during the day 2 p. The number of doses and the duration is usually prescribed by the doctor.

Beet juice, among other things, is very useful for women suffering from menstrual disorders. In such cases, doctors recommend taking it at least 3 times a day, in small portions of at least 50 ml and not more than 100 ml at one time. Fine effect will be the reception of beet juice in the period of menopause. Acceptance of this juice has an effect no worse than modern hormonal drugs, but it does not have their side effects.

In the treatment of certain types of diseases of the cardiovascular system, which are directly related to the lack of potassium, as well as thrombophlebitis and varicose veins, beet juice will have a very effective healing effect. When cleaning the kidneys, liver and gallbladder, it is simply indispensable.

As with any treatment, first consult your doctor. He will tell you what's best for your body. Take care of your health, be attentive to yourself.

Do all the procedures in the form of prophylaxis to maintain and strengthen your health. Be healthy!

Especially for Alenka, Julia